Vimes Controversy

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On September 12th, 2005, Capt. Sam Vimes stated on the Unofficial UD Forums that the Council of Leaders was planning to use large numbers of "test zombies" to attack rival organisation DARIS [1], and that several of his zombie characters were working in concert, gathering information in preparation for the attack [2]. This practice is known as zerging, which is widely considered a form of cheating.

DARIS immediately issued outraged protests and a threat of reprisals of overwhelming force. Vimes responded by claiming that his statements had not been true, but were merely an attempt at psychological warfare. However, representatives of DARIS have claimed that his original post correctly identified previously existing graffiti inside a DARIS-controlled building, and that several high-level zombies with Brain Rot had been found inside by DARIS Necrotechs earlier in the day. The thread degenerated into outright hostility, and was subsequently deleted in an attempt to cool tempers on both sides. Later, Vimes made the claim that the graffiti was discovered during a raid against the high-level zombies in the building in question.

Neither side's claim as to the truth behind this episode has been able to be independently verified, and tensions remained until DARIS apparently broke up.