With Blackjack and Hookers

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With Blackjack & Hookers

Who are we?

We are not pro-survivor. We are not pro-zombie. We come from all walks of life and unlife, players new and old, with backgrounds as varied as our number. We play The Game, and turn a jaded eye towards those who would try to subvert it. With them, we play our own sorts of games, and follow our own set of rules. We follow only one proscription: we will never zerg, nor suffer a zerg to live.

Haters n' Imitators

We have a few misguided groupies that, despite their claims to the contrary, don't carry the official WBJAH seal of approval. In fact, you might say they're just about the last people we'd sit down for a friendly game of cards with. If you run into the following, be aware they're not quite kosher, and definitely don't lend them any money.
Marcus Felby* Saint Giambi* Sainte Gambi* Saint' Gambi SaintGambi Sant Gambi
* Have a care not to follow the links in the profiles of these poor souls; they have some kind of social disease going on, and we'd hate to see it spread. We keep our hookers clean, dig?
Shoeonhead.gif I'm a pancake?
This user or group isn't sure if they're a pancake in disguise.