Woollacott Park

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Woollacott Park

Foulkes Village [9, 86]

a warehouse the Burdett Building the Hobby Building
wasteland Woollacott Park a carpark
a carpark a carpark Ralfe Towers

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Woollacott Park


Woollacott Park: zombies sometimes hide behind tree trunks.

Lightly wooded, and situated on the incline of a hill. Among the unkempt footpaths and overgrown bushes, it is still possible to find wild berries.


This park was named after its original purpose, as a resting and grazing place for flocks of sheep on their way to market in the southern part of the Village, hence 'Woolly Cot'. It originally extended further east, but the half on the other side of the River Ruddle was concreted over in the late 1970s and used as a carpark.

A popular picnic spot in the 1800s and early 1900s for local families, the Woollacott changed its character after the construction of the monolithic Burdett Building to the north. Instead of horse-drawn buggies and picnic blankets, the park became a lunchtime focal point for braying yuppies on Segways yapping into their mobile phone headsets, as if shouting at themselves.

This horrifying scene is replicated today by rag-suited zombies groaning at no-one in particular.