Yeatman Boulevard Fire Station

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Yeatman Boulevard Fire Station

West Boundwood [30, 1]

Baber Towers
Exell Cinema Wilkes Boulevard
the Haslock Building
Yeatman Boulevard Fire Station Cribb Cinema
Pulling Road
Jacquet Way the Lombard Monument

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.


Yeatman Boulevard Fire Station
Liam McFlear (talk) 22:33, 20 December 2020 (UTC)

Yeatman Boulevard Fire Station


Located on the edge of West Boundwood near Quarlesbank. It is highly reccommended survivors DO NOT use this facility as a safehouse, due to frequent break-ins. It is perhaps one of the most dangerous locations in West Boundwood, and is usually the congregation point for zombies in the area.


Contrary to popular belief, the fire station's name is from two of its previous chiefs: Jack Yeatman and Wallace Boulevard. The name is just written without the hyphen for simplicity.

Barricade Policy

Per the West Boundwood Barricade Plan this fire station should be kept at VSB

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