Zedball Rally

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Welcome to ZedBall Rally 2006

Grab the nearest chunk of flesh and set off on this wild ride around the outskirts of Malton.
A test of speed, endurance and just how well you skin holds your flesh together - The Zedball Rally stands brains and limbs above the crowd.
This Rally is being held to spite the vastly out-numbering plague of survivors that torment our every day lives with their flying lead, shiny axes and long needles.

Stand out from the Horde - Zedball Rally 2006

The Route

The Rally will kick off in Miltown and hit Brain&Beer houses in each of the other corners of Malton before the final race to the finish.
Official ZedBall Marshalls will be present at each checkpoint to be stamped...errr...stamp your route card and send you off for the next leg - we are hoping that refreshments will be freely available for those who feel the need to stock up on grey juices.


Any interested folk of the dead should apply directly to po_box_thecoalition@yahoo.co.uk for their joining instructions.

Other Information

As well as each entrant being allowed to wear the red rag denoting their status as a Zedballer, prizes will be awarded to the overall winner and runner-up (based on finishing place and exp gained en-route), hungriest entrant (exp gained), fastest deadhead (first finisher), best fancy dress, and hardiest survivor (least deaths).

Booby prizes are claimable for The Target (most deaths), and Shambler Extraordinaire(slowest).