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Zombie Juice
Abbreviation: ZJ
Group Numbers: 7?
Leadership: ripper47 & YQS
Goals: Pulverize zombies to make juice from them!
Recruitment Policy: Anyone
Contact: el_crobat@hotmail.com

Our team

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.15 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Mostly random-located

Zombie Juice® (NOT a zombie group) is a survivor group located on Krinks Power Station, in Williamsville. Founded one clear night of June by ripper47 and YQS, our group has established on Williamsville after running cowarldy of our original location, the terrible Edgecombe!


Recently we have installed a industrial-sized mixer on the abandoned Krinks Power Station, and used its generators to power our machinary. The zombies (and other living or un-living things) killed by our group are thrown to the giant mixer, that process the rotten flesh, bones and other materials efficiently to make, with a little add of water, the (in)famous Zombie Juice®!

Our marketing departmet is developing stategies for the launching of the brand, including flyers, street posters and radio jingles.

By now, you can get a free-brick of Zombie Juice® by joining NOW the group. Join usss, join us NOWWW...!!!

Short-term Objectives (also called "the real ones")

  • Make a complete members list: the majority of the Zombie Juice® members are living in the same city (including some annoying relatives). Adding all of us, the group have 9 members. But in the official Stats page we appear to have 11 members, mmhhh...

If you are a member (or want to be), please, send a mail at el_crobat@hotmail.com, contact YQS in-game (usually he is around Krinks area) or stay at Krinks Power Station.

  • Develop the launching jingle: we are looking for creative minds to create original ideas for radio jingles and graffitti to promote the global (?) launching of the brand Zombie Juice®. so, join usss!! JOIN US NOWWWWW!!!!

Member List (finally, yay!)

(all of them are in strict aphabetical order, to not diminish anybody =P)


  • ripper47
  • YQS

Standar Members:

  • Aishwayra Rai (MIA)
  • Cachito2
  • izirael
  • Jessico
  • Kurobi
  • perdicas (MIA)
  • testlab
  • tricolor (MIA)
  • wathevaaa (MIA)
  • Zombie Juicer (representative of Monroeville)

expect in the future a more complete detail of all of our members, like favourite flavor, etc. =P

Revive policy

We mantain a revive point on a carpark [36,94], shared with 3 other groups. So, if we don't revive you, someone else will do it =D

Barricading policy

You still have those 10 AP and there isn`t a zombie in the entire suburb? Make those points worthy! Keep this buildings at the desired barricade level, and let all the survivors joy!

  • Krinks Power Station (all corners): EHB
  • Condon Boulevard Fire Station [38,93]: VSB
  • The Budgen Building [37,91]: VSB
  • The Clayton Building [35,93]: EHB

Heads wanted

This people have killed members and/or generators of Zombie Juice®. KILL THEM ON SIGHT! DO NOT REVIVE THEM!

Our scientists need their heads to develop a new mango-flavoured juice. Yay!


All this people have won a lifetime-supply of Zombie Juice®


All this people have winned the privilege of being part of a new shipment of Zombie Juice®

The zombie group/human group Dilemma

We are a HUMAN GROUP. Period. Zombie Juice® is NOT to BECOME A ZOMBIE. Period. What? You have seen some of our members shambling around, with green skin and blood-soaked clothes? Well, after a few rounds of a 2-year-old beer found in power station, anyone would be like that. What? You say that a Zombie Juice® member has been hitting random barricades and bit you for 4 damage? Well, at least is better than puking on you...


14-Jul-07: Zombie Juice® founded by YQS and ripper47, on Edgecombe.

05-Aug-07: Zombie Juice® flee cowardly from Edgecombe, due the multiplication of Zombie Hordes in the area.

12-Aug-07: Zombie Juice® choses Williamsville as their home.

17-Aug-07: Zombie Juice® officialy founded, setting its Headquarters in Krinks Power Station

07-Oct-07: The WHOZ have attacked Krinks, and ruined one corner. Repaired within 6 hours.

12-Oct-07: Krinks Power Station under a little siege, of about 6 zeds, and one spy inside. Controled within 2 hours.

24-Oct-07: Zombie Juice® officialy inagures its Wiki page. A free round of Juice for everyone!!

03-Nov-07: 3/4 of the known members of Zombie Juice® are DEAD. If you see a shambling drunk with a green brick of juice, please revive him.

10-Nov-07: NE Williamsville fully rebuilded, thanks of the brave actions of one of our masters, Ripper47.

24-Dic-07: ehhhmmm... kinda like we have dissapeared for a while... but, we are back on the run!! (well, at least 5 or 6 of us... damn Big Bash...). ah, by the way, happy christmas! =D

01-Feb-08: Kurobi (current supplent leader) recives the Secruss Head from Adrewzz (Wasteland of Fiend Leader) as a sign of friendship, and to make their approval to the new Mango-flavoured shipment of our delicious Zombie Juice®. yay!

17-Feb-08: Crod_Leone came along and fixed some spelling around this page, you're welcome.

25-Feb-08: one of our great leaders, YQS, just found the New City, and started to do what he always wanted... be useful to the Wiki community! He, with his brand character "Zombie Juicer", has started the mapping of Central Monroeville.

Other bits

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

WilliamsvilleDefenseCoalitionFlag.jpg Coordination for once!
This user/group supports the The Williamsville Defense Coalition and hopes that they might have at least some success against the hordes.

MiniNT.gif NT Mappers
This user helps to maintain or update the NT Status Map.
Spain.jpg Spanish
This user or group speaks spanish
Soda.PNG Me veras volver...
This user or group are REALLY joyfull for the return of Soda Stereo