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Rotter’s Relief = PKer’s Relief (RR=PKR) is a pro-survivor Vigilante group, based in Houldenbank and with branches in other parts of Malton. The group's activities focus on keeping the Greatorex NT closed to prevent the irresponsible revival of RG-listed PKers and known zergers by Rotter's Relief and by the zergers themselves.

Rotter’s Relief = PKer’s Relief
Put down the needle, rotter-lover.‎
Abbreviation: RR=PKR
Group Numbers: 6+
Leadership: We're coordinated anarchy, baby.
Goals: Reduction in PKing.
Recruitment Policy: After infiltration attempts by Rotter’s Relief alts, restricted.
Contact: User:Herr Gerdongerdorf

How we started our Crusade

Back in 2009, the Pegton - Vinetown - EdgecombeCrowbank suburbs were plagued by eight to ten rotter PKers , all run by the same two or three people. The survivor defenders of those ‘burbs were perplexed by the rapid return of the PKers after they were put down. It eventually became apparent that they were being rapidly revived by Rotter's Relief at the Greatorex NT in nearby Houldenbank.

The survivors politely asked Rotters Relief in-game to not revive the PKers, several of which were also zerg-listed. The revives continued; the survivors were ignored. One survivor then went on the Rotters Relief forum to ask for the revives of these RG and zerg listed individuals to stop. To get their attention, the generator in Greatorex was broken.

Rotters Relief’s response was “How dare you tell us who we can revive!”

In March, 2010, Rotter’s Relief gave us their criteria for a PKer or zerger to be added to their Do Not Revive list: “as long as the zergers don't PK Rotters Relief members or GK clinics, Rotter’s Relief is bound by principle to revive them. If they commit PKs elsewhere it isn't Rotter’s Relief’s problem.

Well, this was a surprise. Until then we had had a good impression of Rotter's Relief. So we started breaking the generator in Greatorex and cading the place to hinder the rotten PK zerg revives. That resulted in us being PKed by some people who had names very similar to Rotter's Relief members, but who did not carry the RR group ID.

We discussed it and decided that the operation of Greatorex as a rot revive clinic was counter to the safety of survivors in the nearby ‘burbs. A number of players decided to form a group dedicated to keeping Greatorex closed.

We put down most Rotter’s Relief members wherever found, but we don’t GK anywhere but Greatorex, and we never PK the innocent. After two years of warfare between ourselves and Rotter’s Relief PKer alts, they apparently gave up on the Greatorex clinic by mid-2012.

Zerg-listed Clinic Chief GauchoSD has PKed us with alts BoltsSD and LT21SD, even infiltrating a bounty hunter group to get them to fight us. We presented evidence of LT21SD’s identity; they confirmed he was also GauchoSD after which they expelled him from their group.

The best thing for us is that the rotter PKings in the four burbs have dropped off significantly. This helps groups like ENVY, M.E.R.C.Y.,41st DC, TSI, MDK, ELF, and Bureau B, not to mention several unaffiliated survivors targeted by the PKers.

If you PK us, as a policy we do not retaliate unless we have determined that you are a Rotter’s Relief alt, a “regular” PKer, a zerger, or a griefer. If you collect a bounty on us, we may track you down and explain what we do, but consider a bounty the price of business during a time of war.

We have been pleasantly surprised by most bounty hunters refusing to collect our bounties, since they resent zerging activities by Rotter’s Relief. We have several allies who share our goals even though they don’t go as far as to PK RR members. When Rotter’s Relief is not around, we actively support the survivor community and have been accepted by most pro-survivor groups in Houldenbank.

Expansion to clear out the rot

We have done so well in Houldenbank that we have gained allies also dedicated to stamping out the evil masquerade that is Rotter’s Relief. More recently, we expanded operations to the Wicksted Building in Wyke Hills and are successfully slowing down rot revives to a trickle in that area, although we are once again being PKed by people who equate a generator to a human life.

Update: In Wyke Hills only, we have reached an agreement with local Rotter's Relief members and with the Wulves to maintain Wickstead NT as either VSB and dark, or EHB and lit. When a rotter shows up outside, he is DNA scanned and if not zerg listed or a PKer he will be allowed in for a revive. If he is either, then the building stays EHB and dark until he leaves. So far the arrangement has workout out fairly well, though the demise of RG has made it difficult to weed out the PKers.


We are at WAR with Rotter's Relief including their PKer alts.

In Houldenbank, we are allied with the Defenders of the Gummer Bank and have good relations, though no formal ties, with the Black Berets.

In Wyke Hills, after a rocky start, we are allied with the Wulves.

The Evidence Before the Court incontrovertible, there's no need for the jury to decide! This screenshot was taken by an unknown user named RRZERG and has been seen sprayed about Malton with the .

Rotter's Relief sez "They are bad people and we never zerg! Any suggestion that we use alts to PK people is ridiculous, and we will defeat them with needles and shoes."

Rotter's Relief sez "We’ll start acting responsibly when…"

"You shouldn’t have revived that PKer."

The Executioners2.jpg Execution Count
RR=PKR has helped the city by killing 19 Rotter's Relief Alt Pkers!
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.