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Abbreviation: S.R.R. B-WH
Group Numbers: Undisclosed
Leadership: Undisclosed
Current Goal: Capturing Buckley Mall.
Recruitment: Currently recruiting. Open to all. Register on Necroconnect
Contact: DSS Sat Phone # 899-9402

General Information

Group name: Society for the Restoration and Reclamation of Buttonville and Wyke Hills

Current Goals: Capturing Buckley Mall, establishing a perimeter of safe-houses

Prospective Goals: Establishing an independent PKer realm and haven surrounding Buckley Mall

Synopsis: The S.R.R. B-WH is a PKer group operating out of several suburbs, but mostly concentrated around Buckley Mall in Buttonville and Wyke Hills. Composed of both old and new players, the people of this group know that a strong PKer presence makes Malton and indeed UrbanDead more exciting. For this reason, they have declared their intention to seize Buckley Mall under the despised and loathed 'PKer' banner. We encourage survivors to contact us to learn about our philosophy and intentions and join us. Be a part of Malton's restoration.

Current Activities

BUCKLEY MUST FALL ~ PKers of all stripes are heading towards Buttonville and Wyke Hills to take part in the capture of the quiet mall from misguided survivors. Bored with the survivor/zombie experience? Looking for easy prey? There's blood in the water...

Recruitment ~ S.R.R. B-WH is always looking for new and prospective members, membership requires visiting Necroconnect



July, 2016 - ongoing ~ The S.R.R. B-WH begins their assault on Buckley Mall, which changes hands several times.