The Siege of 'The Temple of Our Martyred Lady'

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The Siege Begins

Late in 005 M3, around the 23rd of December, the long awaited zombie assault on the suburb of Molebank began. The Church of the Resurrection finally arrived and began a swift and accurate campaign to attack all important buildings in the suburb. Due to the timing of the attack many of the suburb's players were busy with Christmas preparations and did not log on. The easy victory and resulting influx of feral auxiliaries to the churches numbers has made putting up a concerted resistance difficult. Consolidating their early gains by taking out strategically vital buildings with swiftly and efficient wave assaults has further tightened their grip.

  • From the Minions:

MotA had been hunting in Northern Molebank since the 19th, though without knowledge of the Church's holy pilgrimage. Details of our movements during that period can be found on this page: We salute the CotR for their successful evangelism, and acknowledge their total ownership of St. Jude's. Our reason for involvement? Unending hunger.

The Massacre of Molebank

The survivors that called Molebank home at the time the attacks began were caught almost entirely offguard by the swift attacks by both the CotR and the MotA. Reports had come from both the west and the north speaking of hordes that were bend on Molebank, but the lack of organization and communication between much of the population in the suburb prevented any real defense from being organized. When Burrell Way Police Department fell to the Minions on the 20th, much of the active population in the suburb was slaughtered. The Molebank Citizen Volunteers and the Knights of St. Jude were scattered about the suburb, many of their ranks among the dead. The CotR swept in from the north systematically eradicating the scientists that were so vital to the resurrection of the fallen. This "Perfect Storm" of sorts meant the entire suburb was overwhelmed in a tide of death in a few short days.

As of late Molebank and the surrounding area's are experiencing the fallout of the disbanding of the second Caiger siege. The Cathedral has been a bloody battle ground where it would be taken and lost within the same day. At the moment it does not appear to have a survivor group occupying it or defending it. Perhaps in time the Zombie activity will fade and it will be a safer suburb to live and play in. 05:00, 18 April 2006 (BST)

The Rising Resistance

The early zombie victory has discouraged most human forces, however The Redeemed have been seen operating in the area and it is known that other ZKer groups will sometimes follow their lead. The Significance of this on the continuing fight for the suburb is unclear.

Statements made yesterday by members of The Imperium Indicate that at least some survivors will not relinquish their hold on the area no matter how tenuous it may be. There are some indications that a few Adeptus Medicae doctors survived the initial assault and are systematically reviving their fallen comrades.

The few survivors of the Volunteers and the Knights have vowed to fight regardless of the hopelessness of their cause.

As of Jan 4 the CotR have been forced out of the Temple. This is a major victory.

Recently the Knights of St. Jude sent in a raiding party to retake the cathedral in the name of all survivors. All CoTR scum were killed and dumped outside, all corners were barricaded, power and lights were turned on, and some soap and brushes were used to clean up the graffiti inside. It should be noted that that the cathedral smelled really bad from the CoTR occupation and a lot of furniture was ruined. Local groups have agreed to setup a volunteer give back to community drive, where clothing and furniture will be donated to the cathedral. -- John Rhames 00:03, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)