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United Nations Intelligence Taskforce
U.N.I.T. headquarters logo
Abbreviation: U.N.I.T.
Number of members: 23
Leadership: John Taggart
Wiki page maintained by John Taggart, Atrophied1, and MasterCheese
Goals: 1. To protect all civilians and medical personnel to the best of our abilities.

2. To secure a series of buildings to be used for the co-ordination of U.N.I.T. activities.
3. To eliminate all hostile Zed units.
4. To assist in the revivification of those Zed units who desire it.

Recruitment policy: Open to all non-PKer survivors.
Contact: John Taggart (AIM/Email: fitzkreiner@aol.com, UD fora: John Taggart, John Taggart's Talk page, or the discussion page for this article)

In late October of 2005, the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce dispatched a squad of troops from a nearby base to investigate the events in Malton. Upon arrival, most of them were cut down by a particularly vicious swarm of zombies, and only Taggart was able to escape.

In the time since, Taggart was able to briefly establish contact with U.N.I.T. HQ in Geneva. His last orders from Geneva were as follows:

1) Enlist all possible military aid and secure uninfected civilians for evacuation if possible; if evacuation cannot be accomplished, enlist their aid with all following directives.
2) Determine the cause of the outbreak with civilian assistance.
3) Secure a network of structures for use as firebases and/or strongholds until reinforcements can be dispatched.
4) Eliminate all hostile Zed-class combatants.

If you wish to join U.N.I.T., contact John Taggart on the Urban Dead fora by Private Message, on AIM (or by email) as fitzkreiner@aol.com.

The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce is a proud member of the New Maltonian Dynasty tactical co-ordination network.


The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce has had many logos throughout the years since it was founded. The current logo, used to mark U.N.I.T. strongholds throught Malton, is identical to the one currently used at U.N.I.T. HQ in Geneva (callsign: Trap Zero Echo-Uniform). However, other versions of the U.N.I.T. logo are also in use:


This variant of the U.N.I.T. logo is the most common one for field operatives. Generally about the size of a set of pilot's wings, it is often seen just above the left breast pocket.

This is the original U.N.I.T. logo. Officially retired in 1982 when the current globe-and-laurel logo was adopted, this one still remains in use as a quick-and-dirty way of marking U.N.I.T. facilities in Malton.

Rules and Regulations

1. U.N.I.T. members are expected to assist other survivors when possible, unless that survivor is a known PKer.

2. PKers need not apply. Player-killing by any member of U.N.I.T. will not be tolerated, and any U.N.I.T. member found to have engaged in this act will be dismissed from U.N.I.T. ranks.

  • NOTE: This only applies to unprovoked attacks on other survivors. Bounty hunting, however, is acceptable.

3. U.N.I.T. members are requested to locate buildings suitable for use as bases of operation and secure/fortify them if possible, in accordance with the Uniform Barricading Policy.

4a. All U.N.I.T. structures are to be labeled as follows:

  • Someone has spraypainted the U.N.I.T. logo here.

4b. Buildings shared with allied forces are to be labeled as follows:

  • U.N.I.T. and one affiliated group: Someone has spraypainted the U.N.I.T. and (affiliate) logos here.
  • U.N.I.T. and two or more affiliated groups: Someone has spraypainted the U.N.I.T., (affiliate), and (affiliate) logos here.
  • Example: If U.N.I.T., the Allied Military Defence Force, and the Malton Red Cross were operating from Gotch Museum in West Becktown, the building should be tagged with Someone has spraypainted the U.N.I.T., AMDF, and MRC logos here.

5. All Scientist members of U.N.I.T. are asked to extract and analyze DNA from as many Zed-class combatants as possible and log the results in their journals.

U.N.I.T. Policies

Threat Policy

Command recognizes the need to defend survivor-occupied structures from all threats, including - but not limited to - the undead, PKers, GKers, and RKers.

However, certain other groups disagree with these policies, most notably those who utilize the Brainstock-managed Rogue's Gallery.

Due to the fact that Brainstock does not consider acts of sabotage - such as malicious destruction of communications equipment and electrical infrastructure - to be threats, U.N.I.T. Command no longer recognizes the Rogue's Gallery as a valid threat database due to its incomplete listings and the maintainer's refusal to recognize sabotage as a threat.

Command hereby gives the following notice: Any warrants executed based on Rogue's Gallery information are likewise considered invalid, and will remain so until such time as the Rogue's Gallery is amended to become a complete threat database.

Additionally, anyone who executes an invalid warrant against any member of U.N.I.T. will be considered a PKer and terminated as such.

Supported By U.N.I.T.

These are policies that, while not suggested by U.N.I.T. staff, are useful nonetheless. Thus we support them.

It can be extremely frustrating to search an entire suburb and not find a single building that's not above Very Strongly Barricaded. Thuse, we support the Uniform Barricading Policy, which provides safe havens for newcomers to Malton and experienced Zombie Hunters alike.
For new arrivals to the City of Malton, nothing is more frustrating than trying to find a revivification point so you can get back on your feet. Thus, U.N.I.T. Command is of the belief that all cemetaries should be considered permanent revive points, in accordance with this policy.


This section is for U.N.I.T. members to make, read, and vote on proposed changes to the group.

Valid votes are:

  • Aye - if you are in favor
  • Nay - if you are against
  • Abstain - if you are neither for nor against

Proposal #1: U.N.I.T.-PFM Merger

  • Proposed By: Byrant Dilstar, Liason, People's Federation of Malton

RESULT: 0 In Favor, 0 Against, 1 Abstention

U.N.I.T. and PFM will, for now, remain separate entities.

Communication Protocol


It is recommended that all U.N.I.T. members add each other to their contact lists, and acquire the following items in order to ensure proper communications:

  • Mobile Phone
  • GPS Unit
  • Flare Gun
  • Portable Radio (tune to 27.35 mHz)
  • Fuel Cans (for generators)

Any facilities secured by U.N.I.T. troops should contain the following equipment:

  • Portable Generator
  • Radio Transmitter (tune to 27.35 mHz)

Also, it is advised that all members of U.N.I.T. add the U.N.I.T. designation to their Group Affiliation, and acquire UDTool to help facilitate communications.


Preferred methods of out-of-game communication include, but are not limited to:

  • E-mail
  • MSN Messenger
  • AIM
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • TeamSpeak

    TeamSpeak connection info is available upon request.

We also now have an email group: U.N.I.T. Communications Network


U.N.I.T. Staff:

Command Personnel

Diplomatic Corps

  • Byrant Dilstar, Liason, People's Federation of Malton (PFM)
  • Phalanix, Liason, Allied Military Defence Force (AMDF)
  • A nameless, faceless person rumored to belong to the WCDZ

Combat Corps

Science Corps

  • MasterCheese, U.N.I.T. Science Corps
  • hawk uF, U.N.I.T. Science Corps (Awaiting Revivification)
  • Lanzer, U.N.I.T. Science Corps (Awaiting Revivification)
  • Gabriel Nox, U.N.I.T. Science Corps
  • The Doctor, U.N.I.T. Science Corps
  • Professor Whap, U.N.I.T. Science Corps

Medical Corps

Pending Evaluation

  • Takeru Takaishi (awaiting revivification)

U.N.I.T. Affiliates:

Unspoken Links With Evil Organizations

Rumors abound that certain members of U.N.I.T. have close ties to the World Conspiracy to Destroy Zombies and the Evil Army of H2G2. However, these allegations have not been proven as yet.

Additionally, the lack of evidence linking U.N.I.T. and these evil organizations is rumored to be due to the disappearance of those who attempt to investigate the supposed connection, usually under so-called "mysterious circumstances". there is, however, no proof that any such disappearances have occurred, or indeed that investigations which would require disappearances of this nature ever took place.

U.N.I.T. Operations



  1. Assemble at Firebase Charlie on the Chudleyton/Darvall Heights border
  2. Acquire supplies according to Corps assignment:
    • Combat Corps - Pistols (2-4), shotguns (2), ammunition, melee weapon (1), medical supplies (to full encumbrance)
    • Medical Corps - Medical supplies (at least 10), DNA extractor (1), revivification syringes (2-3), pistols (2), ammunition (to full encumbrance)
    • Science Corps - Revivification syringes (5-6), DNA extractor, medical supplies (at least 5), portable generator, fuel can, radio transmitter
  3. Assist with the defense of Firebase Charlie as noted below:
    • Combat Corps - Patrol Firebase Charlie and associated facilities (Holloms Fuel Depot, Science Facilities Herman and Latrobe, north and south Insertion Points). Maintain barricades as noted:
      • Insertion Points: VSB+2
      • Science Facilities, Fuel Depot, Main Firebase Structure: EHB
    • Science Corps - Maintain Science Facility equipment and assist in revivification efforts when possible.
    • Medical Corps - Patrol Firebase and adjoining facilities, tend to wounded personnel.


Operation: Divine Intervention

Phase One: COMPLETE - West Becktown secure as of 12.17.2005
Phase Two: COMPLETE - Dunell Hills secure as of 12.24.2005
Special Message: Merry Christmas to the Dunell Hills Police Department from UNIT and the AMDF!

Special Message: " Thanks UNIT and the AMDF For your help, let us know if you need anything. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR" *Jeff Oneil-Dunell Hills Police Department

Operation: Mall Security

  • Location: Caiger Mall and environs

  • Objectives:
  • Maintain barricades at all four corners of the mall - ACCOMPLISHED
  • Terminate any hostile units inside the mall - ACCOMPLISHED
  • Remove terminated hostiles from the mall - ACCOMPLISHED
  • Provide medical assistance as needed:
  • Heal the living - ACCOMPLISHED
  • Revive the dead - ACCOMPLISHED


Operation: Big Can Of Raid - POSTPONED

  • Location: Roachtown
  • 1) Secure a beachhead in Roachtown - ABORTED
  • 2) Reinforce beachhead with combat/medical personnel - ABORTED
  • 3) Retake Cyril General Hospital - ABORTED

  • Operation: Big Can Of Raid is classified as HIGH-RISK due to the nature of the surrounding area. Adjacent suburbs include Ridleybank (confirmed home of the Ridleybank Resistance Front horde) and Shearbank (suspected home of the Sons of DARIS). Hostile activity in Roachtown is reported as high.
  • Reason for Postponement - Operation: Big Can Of RAID has been postponed due to a major zombie incursion in Roachtown. A running gun battle was fought between the allied survivor forces and the Grey. Many casualties were inflicted by both sides, but the survivor leaders were eventually forced to order a tactical withdrawal to Alpha Base Chudleyton, where the survivor forces will regroup and resupply.

  • AMDF operation Into the Fryer has recently been successfully completed. All objectives of Big Can of Raid were met in this mission.

Operation: Blue Touch Paper - ABORTED

  • Location: East Boundwood
  1. All U.N.I.T. forces to rendezvous at St. Matthew's Hospital in East Boundwood (co-ordinates: 44,09) - ABORTED
  2. Establish lines of communication with other survivor groups in the area - ABORTED
  3. Attempt to re-secure Bale Mall as a base of operations - ABORTED



For archived information, visit the archives.

Current Events

January-August 2006

01.03.2006 - Any U.N.I.T. members in Roachtown are asked to reinforce the Malton Red Cross emergency medical facility north of Cyril General Hospital, co-ordinates 54, 33.

01.09.2006 - Operation: Big Can Of Raid has been postponed. Any U.N.I.T. members still operational are asked to regroup with allied forces at Cuthbert General Hopsital in Chudleyton. Any devivified U.N.I.T. members are to report to St. Swithun's Church in Yagoton or St. Isidore's in Darvall Heights for revivification, and then to regroup at Cuthbert General Hospital.

01.17.1006 - It is reported that a major horde of zombies has been attacking a series of large survivor outposts, such as Tynte Mall and Lumber Mall. Intelligence also reports that the attackers appear to be heading in the general direction of Caiger Mall. All U.N.I.T. members are advised to report to Alpha Base Chudleyton and acquire ammunition and medical supplies to assist in the defence of Caiger Mall.

02.01.2006 - Operation: Mall Security initiated. Combat, Medical, and Science Corps members arrive at Caiger to assist in the defence of the mall.

02.14.2006 - Caiger Mall still stands. Medical and Science personnel are tending to the injured as best they can, while the Combat Corps remains on the front lines, reinforcing the barricades and terminating incursions.

03.07.2006 - Multiple breaches in Caiger defences have occurred. However, due to the manpower available, the breaches have been quickly sealed and all incursions terminated. CAIGER MALL STILL STANDS!

03.24.2006 - VICTORY AT CAIGER MALL! Mike-Tango Zero-Six has admitted defeat. The survivors at Caiger Mall have withstood the second major zombie attack in six months.

August-December 2006

11.18.2006 - The Day That Will Live In Infamy!: On this day, a massive assault by the horde codenamed Sierra November breached Caiger Mall. Hundreds of zombies swarmed in through the breached perimeter, ransacking the building and killing any who dared oppose them (and many did). Those who survived the onslaught dispersed to various fallback positions. Some of these include:

  • The Blackmore Building in Ridleybank (headquarters of the Blackmore Bastard Brigade and main co-ordination nexus for the defense of the Greater Blackmore region).
  • Marven Mall in South Blythville.
  • Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village (the main supply depot for the Greater Blackmore defense effort).


This is Private Jack Merriweather reporting. I am requesting the location and status of all U.N.I.T. members. I'm going to be making rounds over the next few months to revive you all.

If any of you are still active, please respond. I am currently in Yagotan, Bale mall. I will not be there for long. Yagotan is next on the list of suburbs to be sacked by Shacknews, or so it would seem.

November 17th, 2006.

  • November 21, 2006: This is Sgt. Taggart, responding from Marven Mall in South Blythville. I fell back here to rearm after a running gun battle with a couple of tenacious Shacknewsers. I intend to continue gathering supplies for the next two days, as I was forced to discard my more powerful armament after depleting the requisite ammunition. Once resupply is complete, I will move towards the Blackmore Building (provided it still stands).
  • November 22, 2006: Pri. Merriweather, I'm in Fort Creedy now. The repair guys did a bang up job here, this place is solid as a rock. I'm emptying my clips here and restocking. I have the supplies to set up a base anywhere we need to, including a radio transmitter. Throw my cell a text if you can. Oh, and the Blackmore Building is history...again. Over and out.


I have a plan. I got this idea shortly after I got the news that the two forts in Malton are no longer useless. I'm currently sitting in Fort Creedy...and...well...it would seem nearly impossible for any amount of zombies to take it. There is only one possible entrance, and I believe the complex has everything but a necrotech facility. If we can keep necrotech facilities in the area running...a Fort could hold any attack. The only weakness is it takes a bit more AP to move around in and the gatehouse can only be VS, or nobody can get in. The era of the mall defense is coming to and end. I predict that the forts are where the major battles will take place next.

So my plan is this, we split ourselves in two and set up a presences in each fort. They are close together so we may even be able to talk with radios. From the forts we can stage any kind of action we want.

What we need to do now is get everyone going again. I'll stock up on ammo, syringes, and FAKS and try to get everyone up and moving. We need somebody to check if the other fort is in human hands.

Well, what do you all think?

Jack Merriweather, November 22th, 2006.

11/5 WCDZ TJ! 20:26, 22 November 2006 (UTC)

Never mind that. The fort has fallen. I just managed to make it out, but all the buildings are over caded. We may have to wait on the fort idea till we can dump bodies more effectively. That, and till the people inside the fort realize that the gatehouse is more important then the armour.