Allied Travellers Organisation

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2007, 2014

Kersley Mansion in Stanbury Village, but we mostly travel.

FATCHICK and DanceDanceRevolution.

The Allied Travellers Organisation is a nomadic group that travels across Malton in search of adventure and excitement. Mostly survivors, they were formed in 2007 after the disbandment of the Beatbox Kids and went onto briefly joining the Dulston Alliance, participating in the Battle of Pitneybank and winning the first ever team-based Malton Manhunt. They disbanded in 2008 and came back in 2010 as Every Villain is Lemons and eventually participating in Blackmore 404 before disbanding.

Kersley Mansion has been the official HQ of the ATO since 2007. The ATO routinely held parties and celebrations there, including the infamous Housewarming Party of 2007, which almost resulted in the deaths of many Nichols Mall dwellers, including Ron Burgundy, who had politely declined an invite to the party days before.

If you meet a member of the ATO, be sure to say hi!

The ATO has met the following Malton celebrities:
  • Pathetic Bill
  • Johnny Bass
  • Ron Burgundy
  • Goolina
  • Sexy Rexy Grossman
  • Zombie Slay3r
  • Nallan
  • Bub (Kevan)
  • Zombie Mistress
  • Target Zombie
  • sillylillypilly
  • linkthewindow
  • janus abernathy
  • asheets
  • lord moloch
  • Duke Garland
  • Misanthropy
  • akule
  • Drawde
  • Orangegaf
  • Albert Schwan
  • Aichon
  • Mistergame
  • calista griffin
  • yonnua koponen
  • Fiffy
  • Axe Hack
  • Blanemcc
  • Wanyao