Blight Park (Crowbank)

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Blight Park

Crowbank [73, 64]

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Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
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Blight Park is a Park in the suburb of Crowbank. It is currently used as a revive point.


The remains of the rides rise eerily through the parks trees.

Originally called Thompson street, the site was purchased by Artemis Lamb in 1912, soon after the area was devastated by a huge inferno. Within days, huge screens had been constructed and the sound of sawing and hammering continued day and night. Great mystery surrounded the project, but no one had any idea of the grand vision Artemis was constructing.

Grand Opening

Finally on the 28th of July 1914 the screens came down and a hugely elaborate religious ceremony began. Priests from St. Emelia's Church, St. Eugene's Church, St. Piran's Church, St. Birinus's Church and St. Lorenzo's Church performed a blessing on the site, now rechristened Lamb Light Park.

The proceedings were slightly overshadowed by the outbreak of World War 1, but everyone questioned concluded they had "a very jolly time."

Lamb Light Park

A hugely religious man Artemis Lamb wanted his new business venture to have the blessing of God. His new Park of Amusements was his life's work and Artemis' research had concluded that 80% of all Amusement parks had to shut down within the first 3 years because of ghostly hauntings.

The Glory Years

Blinky, in all his deformed child grabbing glory.

For over 50 years Lamb's was a hugely popular attraction throughout the South East thanks mainly to Lamb's cunning marketing and his parks mascot, Blinky's habit of dragging children into the park in a humorous manner.

God's Wrath

The area of roller-coaster struck by the lightning.

When Artemis finally left this good earth in nineteen hundred and eighty two. The park was left to his two sons, Adam and Steve who fought for several years over the future of the park. In 1991 Steve finally triumphed and the park was offered to a group of Japanese investors.

Things did not go well. 3 days later 7 people were struck by lightning on the roller-coaster. Shortly afterwards the entire refreshment stand was consumed by locusts. The parks elaborate fountains ran red and the dodgems vanished.

All interest in the area land disappeared and Steve found himself bankrupt. In desperation he set alight to the area but was sadly consumed by the resulting flames.

The dodgems, after their reappearance.

Blight Park

After the flames subsided, all that was left of the elaborate park were charred ashes and empty and cracked rides. The once proud sign now only said b Light Park, a name that seemed somehow fitting.

Adam Lamb donated the land to Crowbank's 5 local churches, who being baffled at what to do with a sacred fair had left the area undisturbed.