Galbraith Hills Barricade Plan

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This is the Barricade Plan for the suburb of Galbraith Hills.

This diagram shows what levels buildings should ideally be barricaded to in order to provide protection in the form of Extremely Heavily Barricaded buildings, whilst designating entry points in the form of Very Strongly Barricaded buildings. Please note this plan indicates the preferred levels of barricades, and not the current levels.

If you wish to discuss alterations to this plan, please use the talk page.

If you need to edit the barricade plan, go to Template:Galbraith Hills Barricade Plan. If changes are made, please be sure to also edit the Barricade Policy section of the page for any buildings affected.

To include the barricade plan on a page use:

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Ubpicon1.gif UBP Unreviewed Barricade Plan
This barricade plan is under review for compliance with the Uniform Barricading Policy. Comments on this plan may be left here.

40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
50 Sainsbury Road
Cummins Avenue
Moran Alley
Summerhayes Row
Philip General Hospital
the Hume Arms
Mattravers Way Railway Station
Wasson Square Police Department
Croft Lane
Luckraft Bank
51 the Ponsonby Motel
Adney Towers
the Rhoden Museum
Speke Boulevard
Bornard Walk
Timewell Way
Burredg Row School
a warehouse
the Jacquet Building
Pittard Plaza
52 a carpark
Style Boulevard
the Hiscock Arms
Beele Auto Repair
Silcock Auto Repair
a factory
Priddice Road
Gaffney Lane
a warehouse
the Kellett Building
53 a warehouse
the Beachem Hotel
Beach Place
Fritz Cinema
Beckey Street
the Smart Arms
Thomas General Hospital
the Bares Building
Holmshaw Bank
Club Colkes
54 Burdekin Alley Police Department
Clearey Drive
the Gillings Building
Conybear Road
Club Chappell
Larcombe Plaza
Grace Grove
Tulk Grove
Beauchamp Bank
Firminger Walk
55 Gass Lane
Aires Crescent Fire Station
Club Creeber
Spiers Place
the Gush Monument
the Singer Building
Gorham Place Railway Station
Finchley Lane
the Pers Arms
Estens Alley
56 Ore Drive
the Vimpany Building
English Drive School
a junkyard
a factory
Donne Library
a factory
Henning Place
Rippon Library
57 Gillam Street
Hollester Boulevard Fire Station
Kingslake Walk Fire Station
Pigitt Square Fire Station
Kerswill Square
Dustan Avenue
Whitehorn Street
Budgell Walk
Munford Cinema
58 Haggett Place
Stedham Crescent
St. Herman's Church
a carpark
Deem Drive
Burch Walk
Crowly Way
a junkyard
Abarough Park
59 Hiblett Alley
Cread Towers
the Latchem Hotel
a cemetery
Moffat Grove
Club Record
Deed Library
the Sulley Monument
the Butland Arms
Cornick Way
40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

Extremely Heavily Barricaded Very Strongly Barricaded No Barricades
Auto Repair Shops Hospitals Other (non-TRP)
Factories and
Power Stations
NecroTech Buildings Unbarricadable
Forts and Malls Police Departments
MPM: Mobile Phone Masts RP: Revive Points


This is the barricade plan for Galbraith Hills, sponsored by the Black Berets. It is intended to be UBP-compliant, with the following exceptions:

  • Kingslake Firestation is in a cluster of 4 fire stations, and is thus designated EHB.
  • One of the two adjacent auto repair shops, Beele Auto Repair, is designated EHB.

Additionally, as a mnemonic, all libraries are designated VSB.

Feedback is welcome, particularly from individuals and groups active in the area. Please post comments on the wiki talk page or on the brainstock discussion page, and spray the tinyurl ( up around town for reference. We will do our best to accommodate all reasonable suggestions.