Liberation of Crossman Department

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Liberation of Crossman Department
LCD logo.jpg
Abbreviation: LCD
Group Numbers: <void>
Leadership: <void>
Goals: Protect our bases and expand the army
Recruitment Policy: Register on forum and place request in public part
Contact: LCD forum

Urgent Messages:

LCD shall not be forgotten.

A final message

It's been really a long time, and we guess every one of us is tired from this ongoing for years now onslaught. Some of us continue, some of us retire...

C: With all my heart I tell you that I really care for you guys and that I've never seen such dedicated soldiers fighting with such tenacity, you represent what LCD stood for in all these years and I shall never forget all the things we went through *together* ! It might sound foolish but tears are really coming in my eyes as I write, we've been together for more then two years and it pains me really much... All the best to everyone and good luck!

J: Like her I must say I've never seen so dedicated people and I thank you all for standing and fighting all these years together with us... LCD wouldn't have been LCD without every single one of you... I feel sad but I guess it's inevitable and the end was going to come as it is with everything. Wow... it's been pleasure and honour fighting alongside with you all... Take care!

S: Brothers and sisters, I swear in my heart I shall not forget LCD, everything we've been through all the troubles and efforts we overcame to build and make LCD. I care for you all and I wholeheartedly suggest you to join CDF our brothers and sisters in blood ! If not then I hope you achieve everything you want in your separate paths and that you find peace in this god forsaken land... it wasnt much but it was home nonetheless... Wish you good luck and good hunt, it was honor to serve with you all !

With love, Cortonna, Johnnie, Sev.


Darvall Heights. Check out Goodson Motel or Crossman Grove PD -- our homeland.



Radio Channel

Goooood afternoon Malton! The new LCD Radio channel is 26.43 MHz! Please find a radio and tune to this channel to help improve group comunication! They are located in malls, tech shops, PDs and Nerotech buildings. It's better to have a hand-held radio tuned on 26.43 in your bag so you'll always know what's going on. When broadcasting please end all your broadcasts with ~ name. For example ~Johnny Rico


By request of Johnny Rico, I made a LCD template for us to use on our user pages

just put


onto your user page, with your in-game name replacing "Whoever"

LCD logo.jpg LCD
This user is a proud member of the Liberation of Crossman Department.

Short History

LCD is one of the oldest movements created from a few survivors who managed to escape the destruction of Crossman Dept. and Tayler Dept. in Darvall Heights from the CotR around 2005 or three years ago. Cortonna, Lt. Johnny Rico, and Muh are the creators of the group and Cortonna, being the most experienced and strongest at the time, became the natural leader. The main goal of LCD is to assist the surviving part of humanity and end the misery in this god forsaken city. Liberation of Crossman Department operates in many places and we don't hold much in one place.


Often people have been asking us, what do you want to liberate and why? LCD was formed in order to free Crossman Department in Darvall Heights from an invasion of the Church zombies and to assist the other group residing in Crossman which is Crossman Defense Force. Later on we became completely independent and not operating in Darvall Heights but many people knew us with our LCD name thus we decided keeping Liberation of Crossman Department or LCD as our official name. Crossman Department and Darvall Heights is considered LCD birth place and Crossman Defense Force our brothers and sisters as we all share our origin.

Some terms have been developed in the war-torn Malton. The term of which I will speak most is - trenchcoatery. What is trenchcoatery - "Omg I got katanas and 30 pistols zombis freaks, I will cut you into pieces bla bla bla" - simple example. We LCD's believe in the concept of decadance - Waste, Decay, Elimination need not to be condemned: They are necessary consequences of life, of the growth of life. The phenomenon of decadence is as necessary as any increase and advance of life: one is in no position to abolish it. Reason demands, on the contrary, that we do justice to it. LCD do not conduct trenchcoatery, we despise trenchcoatery. Thus We respect you zambah friends and we know that without you there wouldnt be any fun :).



LCD - Today, Tommorow, Forever
LCD - Keeping An Eye On You
LCD - With A Rebel Yell
LCD - A Matter Of Honour



Due to our rapid movement, We are setting up a few guidelines for becoming a member :

Member list

LCD Officer Tracker

MEMBERS SHOULD PUT THEIR NAMES AND PROFILES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS LIST. (people leaving the group please remove your name and profile from here so we can know about it)


The ranking system in the group is the following. Ranking is not made in accordance to level - it is made in accordance to what you have contributed to the group.

LEADERSHIP: Dictatorial Democratics:

  • Single operative has command of the whole LCD
  • Tactical command is delegated to next in hierarcy ladder during extended missions
  • Every soldier has right of voice when discussing plan


Platoon Leader

  • Commands the whole LCD
To be discussed


  • Right hand of the leader, 2nd in command - commands the group when the leader is down or unable to perform his/her duty
  • Tactical advisor, plans operations.
To be discussed, To be discussed, To be discussed

Provo Sergeant

  • Commands all Sergents and all Privates, but is one grade lower than Lieutenant
  • Act as the leader in the field, his job is to raise the moral, shout propaganda and put the boot into zombies
To be discussed


  • Controls a set number of assigned soldiers for a better maneuvre during battle.
  • Leads out and looks for the new members of LCD, provides help and information to the stranded LCDs.
  • Reports to the above officers on forum, takes active part in planning.
To be dicussed


  • While it may be the lowest rank, Privates are actually the most important people since any Leader is nothing without his/her army.
  • Main raw and fierce force of LCD, the zealots of light, those sacrificing their lifes for the glory and honour of LCD.
  • Each Private is assigned under his Sergent


  • Out of the main hierarchy
  • Oversees propaganda around the suburb, letting the folks around town know were here and and are doing a bang up job
  • May be acting regardless of other orders issued to the group in an effort to spread the word and keep the radiowaves alive with the sound of OUR music!
  • Recruit, spray the good word and do whatever it takes to get some more people with the LCD
To be discussed


  • Out of the main hierarchy
  • Oversees the relationship and the connection between LCD and it's allies
To be discussed

The hierarchy works like this :

Commisars are on their own, they are not under the commandment of anybody and they are allowed to do whatever is needed to raise our numbers. Legates like Commisars are on their own as they need to do whatever is needed to connect LCD with it's allies. Privates are under the Sergeants, each Sergeant has a set number of Privates reporting to him. All Sergeants and thus Privates report to the Provo Sergeant who reports in turn to the Leader. Lieutenants are generally normal soldiers and tactical advisors of the Leader only possesing direct power when the Leader is absent or unable to perform his duty. When such time occurs the three they have extreme power and the whole LCD reports to them and is under their direct commandment until the Leader returns. They act like a Tribunal each of them having equal power and unable to perform an action without the approval of others. The Leader possesses full absolute power on the LCD and everyone is under the direct commandment of him/her. If the Leader is weak and unable to perform his duty and 2/3 of LCD soldiers are unhappy with the Leader's duty there is a vote called in which a new Leader is democratically elected. The vote is passed through all LCD members and it doesnt regard rank position. Until a new Leader is elected 2nd in command possess control of the LCD.

Latest promotions

11 June 2007 - Duke Garland to Lieutenant

06 May 2007 - John Spiro to Commisar


Operation 1 : The Journey To Dulston

This is where our group was created. Some of the few survivors who managed to escape from Crossman destruction by the Church forces went to Gatcombeton to Lamport Walk Police Dept in order to find shelter. There they enlisted people in order to head to Dulston to find safety and experienced soldiers who can help them with the retake of Crossman. Cortonna was the first to arrive but unfortunately the area was totally infested. Suffering considerable amount of casulties the small group who survived went back to Earletown and later on in Lamport Hills. There they spread LCD ideals and managed to recruit new soldiers to their cause. Thus the group as we know it today was created. Unfortunately after the group was finally organised the neighbourhood suffered attacks from the Minions of the Apocalypse, and these attacks killed almost everyone. Some of our newly recruited soldiers managed to survive and revived our fallen leader. After issuing complete retreat from the forsaken wasteland invaded by the zombie abomination LCD returned to Gatcombeton in order to prepare for a direct strike against the Church.

Operation 2 : Liberation of Crossman Department

Preparing for a full scale invasion LCD forces proceeded towards Crossman only to find it inhabited with new survivors. Unknown for us those new survivors were CDF members leading to a misunderstanding between LCD and CDF which almost led to a bloody war between allies. After finding that our lost home was already free from enemy forces and coming with the preconception to fight, we weren't prepared for seeing again people and that confused us. After conversations with CDF members everything was settle without force and LCD and CDF started close co-operation and peaceful co-existence.


See the complete journal of LCD operations in the archive

Relations with other groups

Groups and organisations allied with LCD:


Crossman Defence Force

Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps

Yagoton Revivification Clinic

The New Maltonian Dynasty

The Abandoned

VGCats Survivalist Union




Groups of Zone Alliance


Zone Defenders

F for Freedom

Enemies of LCD:

Church of the Resurrection

The Undying Scourge

MOB and RRF (by default)


People or persons that have got in our way at some point.

Senor Fuego - for PKing Mich Fuchs in Nichols Mall and slandering.

Hall of Fame

Those who fell while defending humanity never to rise again loyal till the end to the LCD.

Duke Garland - from joining group in times of Jorge Bermudez' disappearence he contributed a lot to it. Being active and enthusiastic he helped his brothers and sisters in LCD to find their way again and strengthen the rows. He made a lot of effort for the honour of the group, bringing it to glory in multible operations. On the peak of his career, soon after being promoted to Lieutenant de jure and leading LCD de facto he suddenly left the operated area, without giving reasons, but not negating return either.

Status: retired, location unknown.

Cortonna - the woman behind the whole LCD. Best friend of Johnny and Sev the three of them being friends from birth, she created LCD and lead it for around a year. Without her LCD wouldnt have existed. Later on though she disapperead and some scouts have reported seeing her in Ridleybank. There were also rumors she is dead. We found out that she is alive and she rejoined us. During the terror of the Tour, she fought bravely on the frontline along with Johnny and Sev when a major zombie force infested the area. Teammates haven't found corpses afterwards, so the sad admission was made... Cortonna, the flame you burned in our hearts will never stop burning.

Status: Nowadays back in action.

Arthur Silly - Corporal Arthur (real name unknown), the best reviver LCD ever had and a great advisor, who fell while protecting fellow LCD brothers during the assault of the Shining Ones. Truly an LCD.

Status: MIA possibly KIA (unknown for sure)

Sir Awesome - A good soldier from the early days of the LCD. Extremely good at slaughtering the zeds, he fell while trying to save a woman unable to escape a building sieged and overrun by zombies, indeed a noble act though it costed him his life. We found out that he managed to escape through a ventilation shaft with the woman reaching safety, he searched for us and now that he found us he is back for more, back in his family.

Status: Nowadays back in action.

Ivan Tzar - One of the first to join LCD and his presences has many times helped LCD in critical moments, good with both reviving and killing zombies, Ivan loss was hard to accept.

Status: KIA

Caldwell - A soldier who joined LCD when LCD future was nebulous and help LCD to establish itself. Indeed a trusted one, his disappereance is still a mystery. After the battle for Roywood, he was not seen again nor his body.

Status: MIA

Omar Bradley - One of the original members of the LCD and its second-in-command for weeks, he was a very contraversial figure in LCD - however he was valuable soldier and member of our family. In the chaos of the battle for Roywood when LCD fought against three hordes whilst fighting a zombie a flayer accidentaly fired blowing both him and the zombie into oblivion. His ashes are still carried by the wind in the dark, deserted Roywood.

Status: KIA

SSZlogo2.jpg Survivor Security Zone
Liberation of Crossman Department helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.
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All glory to the Hypnotoad!