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Malton Safe Zone Security
Abbreviation MSZS
Group Numbers Currently (1)
Leadership Jerrack
Goals Safety and Protection
Recruitment Policy Submit your Membership Application straight to our Forum
Contact Direct Contact, IRC Chat #MSZS
Radio Channel Pending

Neutral Point of View

It has been known that Malton Safe Zone Security has always wanted peace, but they have shown hostility every time it is needed. For most, they are a small, low strengthened group of police officers, medics, and others. They don't start wars, they don't kill without reason, and the most they do is prepare a place for safety, not much roaming happens with them.

End of Neutral Point of View

About Malton Safe Zone Security

The MSZS is a mostly small manned group that is comprised of mostly Police Officers, but can be allied with several others. MSZS's job is to create a safe zone for many Survivors seeking refuge from the cruel zombies or even just cold nights. They operate in a single building and do not merge or leave from that building to make sure there is at least one building that is safe for all Survivors, PK'er or not. Now it is obvious that no where is safe forever, but MSZS just wants to make a friendly building that people can seek refuge in. MSZS hope to bring safety to several survivors for a very long time. That is basically Malton Safe Zone Security, easily explained. MSZS is not a PlayerKiller group. MSZS asks questions first, and shoots later. MSZS is for keeping others alive, and it also respects that zombies like to stay dead. MSZS does not give revives unless requested.

Malton Safe Zone Security was founded by Jerrack. In roleplay, he is a character of great standing, an ex-police officer due to the apocalypse. There is always blood somewhere on his uniform as he keeps trying to protect his survivors. In realistic terms... the man only wants to help, but there isn't much he can do. He knows a single haven can't be safe forever, he knows this consciously. But never did that mean he can not try, he only succeeds if he tries.

Recruitment Policy

The policy isn't strong, there are no definite requirements. The only thing you need is brains and/or brawn, and make sure you don't kill murderously and/or randomly. You're not required to save survivors, or stand by the door to watch out, the only real true requirement is to be kind, and help where it is needed.

Basic Member Guidelines:

  • We don't accept PKers, GKers, RKers, or Zergers. *Note, on some occasions we may hire/accept players that are anything but Zergers for their skills, as long as they use them for what's right.
  • You must play mostly as a survivor(except when killed). *Note, this is meant as a roleplay meaning, you should be playing as a Survivor.
  • You must be active. *Note, this is kind of obvious. The leader has faced extremely tough times with the community, but not yet has he decided to quit. Almost, but not quite.

Meet these guidelines? Then we'll be happy to have you join!


The Hindley Building is the official Headquarters for Malton Safe Zone Security with M.D.D. support.

Towner Lane Police Department is a forefront and base for Malton Safe Zone Security with M.D.D. support.


We have two(2) short urls you can use if you'd like to share us or graffiti us.

We have two(2) badges you can use

  • Small Badge
Maltonsafe.png Malton Safe Zone Security
This User or Group is a Supporter or Ally of Malton Safe Zone Security

To use this template, Type in {{MSZSsmall}}

  • Large Badge
Maltonsafe.png Malton Safe Zone Security
This user or group supports or allies the Malton Safe Zone Security in their attempts at making Malton safer.

To use this template, Type in {{MSZSlarge}}


Malton Safe Zone Security will often have goals, an example if the last safe zone was ravaged without mercy, there will be an aim for a new safe building.

The List of Current Goals can be found below.

Primary Goals

1. Prevent all zombies, Pkers, Gkers, and from killing innocent civilians and other friendly personnel.
2. Protect all survivors inside the safe zone.
3. Protect it's home and base of operations.
4. Administer heals, revives, and help to Malton citizens and other groups nearby.
5. Keep our alliance with M.D.D. strong and meaningful.

Secondary Goals

1. Obtain more allies to show it is not hostile.
2. Keep our home and base of operations powered.

Current News and Events

-April 18, 2012- Malton Safe Zone Security announces it's home and base of operations has been claimed, and is official, with support from MDD

-July 25, 2012- Very slow start, not currently active enough to aid in situations. Still active.

-July 14, 2014- M.S.Z.S. has been re-activated! Yes, I am alive.

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"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious."

-- Malton Safe Zone Security/Sun Tzu

Public Comms
A forum that is public and joint with M.D.D.

Policies supported by MSZS

Member ranking and information.

A list of all known threats to MSZS in Malton.

Friends, adversaries, and other remarkables.

Information on current and past operations.

All discussion should be kept on the discussion page of the main page or on the forum.

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. With that in mind, we wish to recognize three sources. This page design was greatly influenced by the designs of Sirens and of the Philosophe Knights and Spartans wiki pages. Thank you.