Michaud Walk Fire Station

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Michaud Walk Fire Station
--VVV RPMBG 06:32, 11 July 2024 (UTC)
Michaud Walk Fire Station

Havercroft [34,45]

Ackland Mall Huddy Drive Mallack Avenue
Ackland Mall Michaud Walk Fire Station Leigh Way
a junkyard the Herring Monument Maria General Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.



McZeds.png McZeds™
This location has a McZeds™ restaurant.
Now Open! Serving you 24 hours every day through the apocalypse.

Outside: You are standing outside Michaud Walk Fire Station, a fire-damaged grey-stone building riddled with bullet holes.

Barricading Policy

Entry point - VSB.

Tactical Resource Points

The nearest of each type of tactical resource point to this location:

Note: Ackland Mall Security transmits on 27.50 MHz.

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