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Soldiers of Crossman - Resources.
Soldiers of Crossman
Soldiers of Crossman

For members and allies who want to show their support of the Soldiers of Crossman on their wiki pages, we've provided the following templates that you are welcome to include.

SoC star.png Soldiers of Crossman
YOURNAME is a proud member of the Soldiers of Crossman.
SoC logo.jpg Soldiers of Crossman
YOURGROUP is a friend to the Soldiers of Crossman.

To use the first, just copy {{SoC|YOURNAME}} to your page and replace YOURNAME with your name. For the second, same idea, but the code is {{SoCally|YOURGROUP}} and you should replace YOURGROUP with the name of your group.

Revive points

As always Nurten Avenue [25,21] (located one block south of Crossman PD) is our designated revive point. Some of our members also periodically patrol Salopia Row [21,29], located near Caiger Mall. Additional revive points may be created when necessary.

Radio frequency

The designated radio frequency for SoC is 26.43 MHz. Tune in to this channel and feel free to keep us entertained with your preferred music, jokes, or whatever else you feel like sharing with us. On missions, we ask that all members keep a radio for periodic in-game updates. Scouts are encouraged to broadcast intel on areas they survey. Keep the chatter alive and please end your broadcasts with your name.