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Newer Policies on top please.

A policy that archives UDWiki's suggestions system.
A policy that aims to change the promotion guidelines to more accurately reflect the long-term activity of the contemporary UDWiki community.
A policy to change the frequency and timing of sysop re-evaluations and bureaucrat elections.
A policy to eliminate the policy that established Ghost Towns as a status.
A policy to reduce the minimum edits necessary to be eligible for Bureaucrat Promotion.
A policy to clarify the adjust the requirement of crat seat voting to match the reevaluations rate requirement for sysops.
A draft for creating a system to appeal permabanned users under certain circumstances.
An alteration to the guidelines for sysop promotion requests.
New policies now no longer require a minimum number of votes.
Another formal request for Kevan to update the wiki software.
Requires that groups be inactive for 4 months before being considered for Historical Groups.
Three proposed policies aimed at improving the handling of Vandal Data. Note: Only the first two policies are Passed.
A policy to prevent sysops from self-punishing for misconduct.
This policy requires Sysops to undergo a mandatory re-evaluation bid every 8 months.
A policy to ban blinking text from signatures.
A policy that would add an autoconfirmed group, allowing semi-protection of pages.
Reduce vandal escalations by removing 1-year and making escalation-perma subject to a sysop vote.
A proposal to demote sysops that are inactive users.
A policy to rework the way Vandal Escalations are struck.
A policy that simply erases speedy delete criterion 12 from existence.
This policy allows for historical events to be honored in the same way as historical groups.
A regular re-election process for the position of Bureaucrat.
An update of the speedy deletion Criterion 1 as well as the introduction of a Criterion 13.
In short, this policy wants to make the wiki more factual in relation to its offical documents.
A policy to ensure group pages aren't deleted without sufficient warning to avoid the loss of useful pages.
A move to be conformist, and avoid an unpleasant side effect of the current situation.
A policy to prohibit potentially misleading or damaging content.
A policy to formally request that Kevan update the MediaWiki software that runs the wiki.
Tired of seeing a page recreated dozens of times when it's been deleted once already? Me too.
A policy regarding entry to Historical Groups and Speedy Deletion of old group pages.
A policy to improve and update the suburb tag system by the inclusion of new and objective "color" of a suburb as to form a more accurate map; now edited to match actual purpose of the policy.
A policy that would ban the use of open proxies on the wiki
Revised policy to prevent malicious signatures.
A complete replacement of the moderation guidelines.