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All news older than one month should be moved from the Colglough Building page to here.

Dr. Schwan Writeup

Facility rules

Outlined by Head of operations, Dr. Albert Schwan

Please respect the facility rules to expedite your treatment.

1-form an orderly queue.

2- If immediate aid is required, feel free to batter down the doors. In these cases, drop in appointments are available but those with more serious conditions are asked to come only during business hours when the lights are on.

3-those with less serious afflictions may wait at the door or in Wooley Grove and the next available doctor will assist you as soon as a syringe becomes available.

4-Those with more serious afflictions (i.e. brainrot) are asked to form a separate line in the car-park to the south-east, so as not to congest the main queue, and to batter down the doors during business hours to receive treatment.

5-in the event of a drop in visit, please refrain from damaging the generator or any of the staff.

6-failure to adhere to these rules as they are here outlined may result in precautionary measures including but not limited to attack with surgical implements or firearms, disciplinary strikes with newspapers, and/or headshots accompanied by forcible removal from the premises.

If you will all abide by these rules, the staff will do their best to make the revivification process as smooth and painless as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and for allowing us here at the Colglough Building to assist you with your revivification needs.

Site of Dr. Schwan's Essentials


Dr. Schwan’s Essentials is a new product line developed by Whittenside’s own Dr. Albert Schwan. The Essentials contains products for dashing danger seekers, radiant ransackers, and scientists in the know. Dr. Schwan is even rumored to be working on practical products for the walking dead. Based in Whittenside’s historic Colgluogh Building, Dr. Schwan launched his product line in February 2010 with the release of his patented Zombie Repellent Hair Tonic and plans to follow it up with more product releases later in the year.



The Colglough Building is a NecroTech facility located in the suburb of Whittenside. It is one of three such NecroTech buildings located in the suburb. Staff at this building commonly revive undead survivors found standing at nearby revive points. The building itself is at the center of Whittenside and is the most important NecroTech building in the suburb, along with the hospital and radio tower next door they make up the center piece of Whittenside and are therefore strategically important. The Colglough Building services the revive point at Woolley Grove.

The Colglough Building is reported to have been the headquarters of the Malton Forensics Unit in Whittenside, and primary base of operations for the SE-5 district.

Members of project NecroWatch renovated the facility some time ago, as they installed sensor eyes for A.L.I.C.E. throughout the building and uploaded NecroNet 2.0 into the facility's system terminals.

The Colglough Building Recreational Intoxication Sub-Facility for the Improvement of Morale Through Dispensation and Responsible Imbibement of Ethyl-Based Beverages


Following the St. Patrick’s day release of Dr. Schwan’s Single Malt Malton Premium unblended whiskey, Malton’s first and only in-house whiskey brew, the Colglough building became not just a site for revivification research, but a place where all of the residents of Malton could take the edge off in a reasonably safe and social setting. On March 20th 2010, Director Schwan and his staff, using pieces scavenged from science labs, malls, and museums throughout Malton, proudly opened “The Colglough Building recreational intoxication sub-facility for the improvement of morale through dispensation and responsible imbibement of ethyl-based beverages” Named by director Schwan with his flair for catchy titles, The Colglough Building recreational intoxication sub-facility for the improvement of morale through dispensation and responsible imbibement of ethyl-based beverages is tended by SamPublic and serves only the finest potent potables from all across Malton, including the in-house whiskey.

For the current drink list or to suggest drinks, please contact the bartender

Necrotech Mandate

NecroTech staff continue to follow directive 42-A, issued by the head office on January 19th 2006, with the activation and manufacture of MK-II revivification syringes. While the cost in time and effort are currently high the certainty provided by being able to manufacture a constant stream of syringes has mitigated early concerns.

The activation of NecroNet with all NecroTech buildings has also allowed scientists to apply the DNA tracking research they have gathered to date. The field research staff stationed at the Colglough Building feel certain that they can crack the mystery surrounding the spread of the virus as well as help monitor aberrant zombie activity within Whittenside.

Barricade Policy

This building should be Extremely Heavily barricaded at all times. This is in accordance with the mutually agreed-upon plan set forth in the Whittenside Barricade Plan, who routinely work together to monitor that the barricades for this building are at the aforementioned level. This building is meant to serve as a safehouse for Malton's veteran survivors.

NecroNet Reports

Zombie tracking reports are a free service provided by the NecroTech corporation to all its staff and local survivors in order to help facilitate quicker response times when managing zombie threats and to build a greater awareness of zombie migration patterns within the 9x9 block region around the Colglough Building. As a cautious reminder, only those zombies tagged with the DNA Extractor will appear on these scans, so actual numbers may vary when dealing with older zombies (i.e. Brain Rot).


The Colglough Building


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