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The spoils and the plunder

Current Leadership


Past Leadership

Zoey Zarg (Founder)
Gus Thomas
DJ Deadbeat


Creeping Damage
Iblis Diabolica
Marian Hart
Oracle of Barhah
Sammie Davis Jr Jr
Valerie Harris

The ravenous dead have feasted upon their very souls.

The majority of the population has suffered the same fate, I fear,

They all, too… paid the highest of tolls...

About Us

Led by Irishmen, Team America (fuck yeah!) is a strike team within the DoHS that not only boasts some of the oldest zombies in all of Malton, but some of the newest and most eager to kill as well. It was created simply because there were no strike teams suitable for players in North American time-zones, and with the increasing numbers of babahz joining the DoHS, levelling them up was increasingly becoming a problem. It's fast, effective and deadly, and is a prominent presence on IRC, partially because its members have nothing better to do, but mostly because they're a sociable bunch who get on well. If you're a North American zambah player (or a European night owl/Australian looking for lunch), join us on the IRC channel (#rrf-ud on Nexuswar) to get a feel for what we do... it's the fastest way to level up and real-time strikes are a lot of fun! Veteran zambahs are also warmly welcomed!

If you're North American (or close enough), a babah zambah (or all growned up), need help to level up or are fully skilled, can be around at 10:35pm EDT/9:35pm CDT/8:35pm MDT/7:35pm PDT, and if no-one else can help, perhaps it's time that you called Team America. Fuck yeah!

Death was too definite an object to be wished for, or avoided.



Back in January 2008, the RRF made the decision to take a little trip otherwise known as Excursion III where it was decided the entire horde would get to come (including the Department of Homeland Security). Gus Thomas noticed that many DoHS members tended to strike at close to the same time and thus presented the idea of an American Strike Team to help some of the young zombies’ level up. The idea was welcomed with open arms and thus a new strike team was born! Under the leadership of Zoey Zarg and Gus Thomas (and with the help of auntie SomewhatDeceased and uncle Wisuguya) the team has grown at an incredible rate, level up babahz, and generally spread to harmanz the RRF’s beloved barricade policy.

TA held their first strike ever on January 14, 2008 at St. Ethelberts in Roftwood. Present were founding members Drugsanimudongs, Grimtimes, Gus Thomas, invidious, and Zoey Zarg. Breaking into a building filled to the brim with survivors, the team didn’t have much of a success, but then again everyone except for Grimtimes were babahz, so getting inside the building at all was quite the surprise. Over the next few days, Sergeant Hawk (aka Banana) joined the team and with the help of Bobs Aturd, TA began to accumulate more kills, quickly levelling up to the point where most of the team were capable, efficient killers.

After the first week it became evident that this rag tag band of Yankees may actually make it. With the additions of DDTNM, Disturbingly Cute, Johnny Decay, Cronus Magnus, and Omnicon the team really started to get off the ground. The first ruin caused by TA came a week and a half later at Joyner PD in Roftwood with the combined effort of DoHS and TA. From then on out, Team America became the steamroller; building after building fell to the might of Team America. 2 weeks from when TA started, another visit to St. Ethelbert’s was made, and this time the team had much success and many harmanz were slaughtered. With the success of St. E’s Team America was given the task of destroying Went NT, which they did. The first ruin made solely by TA and an NT- one of TA’s proudest moments. Then came the ruin of the ever so popular Nichols Mall, re-ruining of Went NT, and Lorenzo Hospital, Team America was here to stay, and stay it has.

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