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Hey, anybody who cares, i'm just retiring from Urban Dead. 

Nothing in paticular, just got boring, and keeping up with the wiki suggestions has become more of a chore then a joy. But i had fun, and met alot of fun nice people with brains in their heads. Its just a shame that the zombies (both in game and the wiki ones) want to eat them. See ya--Spellbinder 23:13, 27 Dec 2005 (GMT)

Heh. You said "choir" instead of chore. I'll correct it for you. For old times' sakes. Still correcting you even after you're gone --TheTeeHeeMonster 02:25, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)


You are logged in as "Spellbinder". Your internal ID number is 777.

Note: i am having more fun then should be allowed with a Peer rejected skill

Information about my characters. all of them start with a zero (0) followed by whatever name i gave them. I'm a roll player, so if you do meet any of them in game, they will greet or bite you in character, depending on their current outlook on life (or unlife). Right now this is more of an info booth, current location, heading, level and such and such.

===0Bryce=== Currently in: Pimbank, Acreman Road Fire Station. Heading for Whetcombe Park.

Info: Currently: Zombie, 19th level 0Bryce's profile I have HEADSHOT! i'm so happy i could weep.

my best character to date, more of a hunter then anything else, went with shotgun as best weapon, but didn't neglect the pistol and its more abundent ammo supplys either. Will now select skills such as free running and mall usefull skills. Doctor skills will be last on his list. Rather then creating a lukewarm character, i will now hoard XP after getting bodybuilding, and when/if he ever crosses over, nab a bunch of zombie skills. I'm now positive that on your first try sence the new generator's came into being, that you WILL have a 100% chance of getting one, as all 4 of my characters have gotten one on their first try.

Acts of heroism

  • Came to the triple flare that was fired from St Seraphim's Hospital. Killed 2 zombies, wounded another, infected and yee haaawed his defiance when he was bitten, and then scurred into the building for treatment. Went to the nearest mall to reload his weapons, then returned to the hospital the next day to find that the zombie hoard had moved on. 01:19, 29 Nov 2005 (GMT)
  • Heading for the protest grounds, and will sing off key for "give brains a chance (to be splattered)" 00:28, 22 Dec 2005 (GMT)


Goddamnit! i only got got four zombies before it changed.

You fire at the zombie for 5 damage. Their flak jacket absorbs 1 point of that damage. They take a Headshot for 58 XP, and die.

You fire at the zombie for 10 damage. Their flak jacket absorbs 2 points of that damage. They take a Headshot for 30 XP, and die.

You fire at the zombie for 5 damage. They take a Headshot for 16 XP, and die.

You fire at the zombie for 10 damage. They take a Headshot for 5 XP, and die.

You fire at the zombie for 5 damage. Your Headshot dents their hollow skull, and they die.

You fire at the zombie for 10 damage. They take a Headshot and die.

You fire at the zombie for 10 damage. Your Headshot dents their hollow skull, and they die.

===0Bonehead=== Currently: West Greyside. Inactive Info: Currently: Inactive, 7th level. 0Bonehead's Profile

Second best character, with him i'm learning how much XP can be had thru the magic of DNA loging. Just got construction and free running, so hopefully he'll stay alive a little bit longer. Due to time factors, he's gone inactive.

===0Braindead=== Currently in: Wyke Hills. One of the two factorys that he uses as "base camps." He stops off after finding genrators and fuel, and usualy carrys 4-6 medkits to heal random people for XP. Info: Currently: Zombie, 4th level. 0Braindead's Profile

My second jack in the box zombie, but he's alive right now. Usualy he's biting his way to free brains and equality between ravaging hoards, but right now he's been set him up as a perfectly senial old loony, who drops generators off at different important locations, and heals. Costs him an extra AP for each action, as he spouts off each time he does it.


  • You attack fastwarriorl for 4 damage. They drop to 32 HP. They become infected.

Crazy things he's said:

  • Look what i have made, does it not hum like a stripper giving head behind a bench in the park?
  • Look what i have brought you children, te he te he hehehe!
  • In the begining was the word, and the word was..... buttertits.
  • Mary marry quite contray, ate a pie and spat out a blackbird that sniped off her duffet.
  • oh dear, there seems to be a dapper gent here too. well, carry on then, i suppost gentleman must do what gentlemen must do. cheero
  • *after finding a length of pipe* YES, i've found it, my Wand of Defiance!
  • *shits into his own hand and begins flinging it at the wall*
  • You spray a large target and thrown poo here.
-->Somebody has spraypainted a large target and thrown poo onto a wall.

===0Alice=== Currently in: East Greyside. Searching for the tower, with fuel and generator in hand. Info: Currently: Inactive, 5th level. 0Alice's Profile

Worst character, cannot seems to gain any xp at all with her. but she is loaded with ammo and guns that she can now use, so hopefully she'll gain levels a little faster now. Mostly used her to drop off energy to hospitals, but quickly became disatisfyed with that. Will reactive her once i get a bit more time on my hands. Least she has a good profile

Most Wanted List

In game Confirmed Pkers that i've met personaly, and that i can vouch for.

Bill Nyesteinn [1]
Mordecai [2]
Chad Vengabean [3]
Clooney Vengabean [4]