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40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
40 Brownsell Plaza Railway Station Gaze Library the Gumm Building the Tapp Motel a junkyard the Neagle Building Bassett Way a junkyard Wyndham Auto Repair wasteland 40
41 a junkyard Trick Plaza Masey Auto Repair the Membery Arms Club Whitting Brendon Library Cazalet Library a carpark Hagerty Place the Furze Building 41
42 the Scorse Building Highmore Street St Philomena's Church a carpark Gilling Crescent a factory Bealey Towers Head Grove wasteland a junkyard 42
43 the Nix Building Mawdley Walk a cemetery Wheare Boulevard Willies Square Davies Alley Forshaw Towers Floyde Stadium Floyde Stadium Blackman Drive 43
44 a factory Twycrosse Place School Roe Crescent St Egbert's Church Moran Drive Olivey Library Peat Way Floyde Stadium Floyde Stadium Club Dibsdall 44
45 a factory Keane Boulevard Police Dept0 Strange Bank0 a carpark Kitting Alley wasteland the Radnedge Arms a junkyard Derryman Plaza Police Dept the Start Arms 45
46 Greenhow Alley St Wilfrid's Hospital0 Kebby Auto Repair the Eagan Building Burchall Way Brunt Row Elvins Road the Gaston Building St Agnes's Hospital Lavis Walk 46
47 wasteland Westropp Bank Baverstock Park Knill Road the Woolsett Building0 Reginaldus Plaza Fire Station Earlham Grove Dalwood Alley Sowler Boulevard Coombes Auto Repair 47
48 a warehouse Ranson Road a factory Tordoffe Way St Symmachus's Church0 Frederick Walk Voke Row Gerrish Place Police Department Zinnecker Boulevard Withyman Road Fire Station 48
49 the Pinney Hotel Deanesly Drive School a carpark a warehouse Patriarch General Hospital0 a cemetery a carpark the Chiles Monument Crossing Lane the Eyles Building 49
40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49