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Xoclock.jpg Punch In
This user or group supports X:00 tactics.

The 18:00 timeslot is one of the recommended four principle shifts that follow X:00 tactics for feral organization.

X:00 is a method of feral zombie organization aimed at coordination through the use of the Scent Death and Death Rattle skills. The 18:00 timeslot is one of multiple groups all using the same set of tactics.

Unique to 18:00

  • Death Rattle Callsign - ahnahn ar grag = (afternoon o'clock)
  • Basic Groan Callsign - Brnhr.

Active Worksites

18:00 groups are currently working in the following suburbs:

Recent News

Known 18:00 Shift Members

18:00 members - Add these zombies to your contacts for easier worksite coordination.

Timezone Calibrations

X:00 uses GMT times for coordination purposes. Use this table to see if the 6:00 timeslot works for you.

GMT: 18:00