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Guides must be sent to Guides/Review before being placed on the guides page. This is to be certain that only guides of a high quality get added.

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The following guides have been compiled by the users of this wiki, and have generally been considered to be of genuine value by the community. The "Featured Guides" section represents the most valuable guides the wiki has to offer, and all of these are considered important reading material for new players and experienced players alike.

It is advised that these guides are usually not edited directly - any changes should be proposed to the author via their talk page or the talk page of the guide itself. However, some guides are collectively edited, and this is stated on the guide page.

Featured Guides

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External links

  • UrbanDead FAQ - Official FAQ on the main Urban Dead site.
  • FAQ at the Urban Dead Forums - Unofficial, player created FAQ on the Urban Dead forums.
  • The Map of Malton - Map of the entire Malton, created by the Laser Squad Nemesis community.
  • UrbanDead forums - Unofficial, though most popular forums for Urban Dead. These forums include a "Questions" forum, where players might search for already answered questions about the game. Players might also post questions to be answered by other members of the community.

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