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Sebastian Wiers


This user is not available for any sort of administrative promotion, and shall be considered to be withdrawn if so nominated for election to such positions.

If this user has been inactive for more than a week, its almost certain that he temporarily does not have internet access. His website(s) at http:www/ should continue to function without upkeep until June of 2009 (by which time the issue should be resolved) but certain services may not be available during time(s) when this user is not able to manually update the server. In this case-

  • for SIM registration, please use the passphrase "anonymous".
  • for basic use problems, please ask other site users for advice. Many of them can be found at or through
  • for major site malfunctions, do a whois search for and give me a phone call at the administration / ownership phone number.


Sweirs' Editing Favorites


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UD / Wiki History

  • Player since fall 2005
    8+ alts at this point
    6 alts donated for
    2 Brain Rotted alts (maxed out, or with XP to do so), 1 in MotA, 1 in brainROT RUM
    1 PKer alt with a bounty (Level 41), Gore Corps member
    1 DEM / MFU member
    2 "loner" survivors
    2 "feral" zombies
  • There are no character profile links here because I prefer to be known as myself. If any character of mine kills you, don't take it personally. Let me know about it, and maybe a different one can come revive you later!
  • Originator of the basic idea behind On Strike
  • Member on the Mall Tour 07 leadership board
  • Active (very) suggestions contributor and voter
  • Primary author of the NT Status Map
  • Originator of the X:00 zombie tactical concept
  • Founder and manager of the Christmas Tree Dead Pool
  • Author of the original iwitness article, and owner / implementor of the iwitness website.
  • Author of the original SIM, and owner / implementor of the SIM website.


Page History

This page is intentionally baren looking. My old page got to be quite a mess, to the point where readers didn't learn much about me. Hopefully the new page fixes that; it is certainly more useful TO ME.
When updating this page, I did all the work on this page and then used the {{SUBST:pagename_here}} tag to put all the code on this page. {{SUBST:}} is a very useful wiki feature, as is the use of normal braces to include a non-template page as a template. Both are quite under-documented; ask me about them if you think they might help you. It is of particular use when you are having trouble "nesting" one template inside another.

Just for Fun

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Whittenside .


Can I get a witness? Yes.


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This user is a Kevanist. They believe that the universe was created approximately 15 years ago by an intelligent designer.


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Survive. Revive. Thrive.