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Caution pages with Link Rot may link to content that is harmful

Link rot is the process were overtime hyperlinks cease to point to their original file, web page or server.

This may be due to the resource being relocated to a new address or it has because me unavailable.

The Urban Dead wiki has a number of pages that suffer from link rot, these can be for the following reasons:

  • Services no longer available.
    • A large number of Urban Dead group forums were run using the Invisionfree forum hosting software. In 2011 the softwares owners moved to a new application, Zetaboards. In 2018 all sites were then moved to Tapatalk. At this point if forums were not migrated they were lost. At this point a large number of group forums ceased to exist.
    • A number of tools for Urban Dead were created by community members. When these members ceased to play the game the tools were no longer supported and some ceased to exist when hosting contracts came to the end of their term.

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