Christmas Tree Dead Pool

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Z sad tree.jpg

The Carnage Continues

Check out this iwrecord of a tree being killed. I never knew you could drag trees out into the streets!

In other news, I'm actually working on those ornaments today. They should be really nice- full fre-standing zombie sculptures suitable for year round display if you so wish. My fiance also got into the project to, and made a couple, so the winners are gonna get like a full mini-set of humorous zombie themed ornaments. I'll get pictures up before sending them off. ... 20:57, 26 June 2007 (BST)

Please VOTE

CTDP has always been catagorized as a wiki group. Please vote "yes" on its historic group status, and make it the first historic wiki group!

CLOSED: we have our winners!

Drama club won the CTDPII, and Ashadoa is the winner of the original CTDP. I urge them both to contact me with the shipping addresses for their prizes, and thank all the friendly contestants for an event that drew WAY more interest than expected. --Seb_Wiers VeM 23:56, 7 May 2007 (BST)

Below are the prizes I made. The winners have not yet responded to indicate they would recieve them if mailed. Sorry for the late date, folks... SIM Core Map.png Swiers

Santa zombie.jpg

Elf zombie.jpg

The Countdown

Kevan was nice enough to provide an automatically updated page for this. Yay!

Christmas Tree Dead Pool II

Apparently I vastly underestimated both people's hatred of aging Christmas Trees, and their desire to give their mailing address to some weird stranger on the internet so that he can deliver gory hand crafted trinkets to their doorstep.

Due to the rapid flood of entries, the original Christmas Tree Dead Pool filled up very fast, and (due partly to complex rules) it was taking a lot of work to administer. The contest is still valid, but I've created a "sister" contest with the same prize but an easier to administer format that will allow more entrants and should also prove more fun.

To get in on this "revised version", go to Christmas Tree Dead Pool II. You can participate in both contests, but you may not take "overlapping" dates; I don't want one person winning both contests.

Christmas Tree Dead Pool I

The "original" Christmas Tree Dead Pool has been moved to Christmas Tree Dead Pool I - you are still free to enter, but most of the "good spots" are already taken. The new contest has better rules anyhow.