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Zombies Unlimited
Abbreviation: ZU
Group Numbers: new group / recruiting
Leadership: founded by Seb Wiers
Goals: create 4 large gatherings of "peaceful" zombies
Recruitment Policy: put "Zombies Unlimited" in zombie profile, proceed to nearest "pheromone depot"
Contact: use talk page

ZU in a Nutshell ("Out of Character" summary)

ZU maintains four zombie zones set up around the city in locations such that you are never more than 26 blocks from one of them. These locations exist so that survivors can find a place to hunt and scan zombies, and so that unused alts can be "parked" and used for target practice, assuming the owner logs in once a day to have them stand up.

About ZU ("in character" fiction)

History and Press Release

Zombies Unlimited was formed in April of 2007 to capitalize on technology newly developed by Necrotech, in the first ever attempts to manage zombie resources to the betterment of Malton and humanity.

Below is an except from a Necrotech press release describing this new technology:

As of April 1, 2007, Necrotech has initiated testing of a new "zombie socialization promoting pheromone". This scent attractant is particularly effective against the "young" zombies who have only been dead a short while. The pheromone causes those susceptible to gather in large, docile groups, where they are no danger to nearby survivors. The pheromone has a limited range (about as far as a zombie can travel in a day) and Necrotech has limited supplies and production capacity, though we are looking for ways to produce more.

As of May 1, 2007, Necrotech is proud to announce it's new partnership with Zombies Unlimited, initiated in an attempt to improve conditions for the survivors of the zombie outbreak in Malton. We will be providing this new technology free of charge to Zombies Unlimited, paying all production expenses out of our own pocket and forgoing any licensing fees. In exchange, Zombies Unlimited will (among other tasks) fly, land, and maintain drones planes, using them to emplace and maintain pheromone dispensers at certain key points in the city, in an effort to draw otherwise potentially dangerous predators to those areas and pacify them. The fact that this activity allows our employees (and hence the company and its properties) to benefit by studying a fairly "tame" mass of zombies is, of course, no sway on Necrotech's altruism. Designated target points for this effort are:

Observations and Updates, 09 June 2007

The pheromone formula seems to have a weak but observable effect, and so the project can tentatively be judged a success. Observational data from visiting survivors is so far quite sparse, but the number of fresh bullet casings present at the sites indicates survivor visits are quite common and relatively safe.
Each designated site now has a regular crowd of 5-8 dead bodies at it. These bodies seem prone to stand up (as zombies do), wander around a bit seeking flesh to consume, and then to return to the site without attacking local buildings, where they are most often killed by a survivor, or occasionally by another zombie that was drawn either by the crowd or the pheromones.

Zombies Unlimited's Vision & Mission

The vision of Zombies Unlimited is plentiful, pacified zombies, making Malton the premier destination for trans-mortal sciences and sports today, tomorrow and forever.

Singleness of Purpose - Our Mission

Zombies Unlimited husbands, herds,and manages the behavior of zombies and the habitat of Maltons's undead. These habitats and behaviors also benefit survivors of the zombie outbreak.

Core Values

The core values and guiding principles of Zombies Unlimited’s programs and personnel are:

  • Locations and Information: We mark and observe Malton's zombies and zombie habitats.
  • Ethics: We act to uphold the reputation of ZU, treating humans and zombies with respect.
  • Science-Based Decisions: We evaluate our programs to guide us and ensure credibility.
  • Team ZU: We work together as volunteers and staff.
  • Scanning and Headshotting: We value and enjoy the sport and heritage of zombie sciences and hunting.
  • Collaboration, not Confrontation: We partner with those who share common goals and values.
  • Wise Investments: We commit at least 80 percent of our resources to research.
  • Passion & Commitment: We celebrate the culture of ZU as we serve Malton and humanity.

Gameplay (meta-game) Information

OK, enough humo(u)r. The above fiction is fun, but doesn't really tell you what the group does or how to join it, right?

What it boils down to is simple. Zombies Unlimited encourages folks to take a new-ish zombie or a dead character with minimal zombie skills and play them in a fun manner that takes minimal effort and actually helps other players (mostly survivors) out a bit by creating an "xp farm" where survivors know they will always find a stock of zombies who don't have brain rot, flack jackets, body building, or scent trail.

Zombie Alts

So, pick (or create) a character you don't really have any other use for. You won't be using many IP hits to play them, but you'll have some fun. Enter "Zombies Unlimited" as their group name. Walk them to the nearest "research point" listed above, and stand there (more or less) peacefully with your new buddies, letting people scan you and shoot you for XP's. That's all there is to it- you just log in whenever you like (I find 2-3 times a day works well) and stand up. Even if you get revived, you don't need to go anywhere- your buddies will eat you. You can gradually earn XPs by eating other revived zombies and so on, and when you do, Ankle Grab is a fun buy. Since its mostly noobs who will shoot you, you can stand up for 1 AP!

In essence, a Zombies Unlimited research point is intended to be like a big revive point without the revives. Instead, people are encouraged to XP farm the place. In role play terms, it is Necrotech's early attempt to create a "zombie dude ranch" concept, in a (likely misguided) attempt to eventually recoup some of the losses they incurred in the zombie outbreak. Necrotech, you gotta love them...

Survivor Visitors

If you want to visit a "gathering point" as a survivor to play with the tame zombies (or even just their splattered brains), please make sure you don't have a zombie alt there; that would be zerging. Do please scan the zombies and post their profiles (on the talk page)- this will make it easy for others to contact list those zombies and scan them for XPs (viewing the profile first to be sure they do not have scent trail) or otherwise interact with them. Feel free to kill as many zombies there as you like, but do realize that if you sleep outside within a couple blocks of the park, the pheromone scent effect will NOT overcome the attraction of your body odor, and the zombies will likely come and munch on you.


All of the ZU gathering points should be tagged as such. For this purpose, here is a tinyurl link to this page (the ZU group page):

Again, those points are:

Here's some easy cut'n'paste tags:

  • ZU - pet the zombies! -
  • ZU gathering point -
  • ZU - hunters welcome -
  • ZU Scan n' Shoot here -
  • ZU - Beat our meat! -

Because Zombies Unlimited members sometimes get revived, it pays to try and scrounge up spraycans while alive. That way, ZU can tag its own gathering points, rather than depending on other alts / visituors to do it!

Character Descriptions

Each ZU member's description (as a zombie at least) should have something making it clear that they are mostly a peaceful subject. I tend to "tag" mine, not unlike ducks with bands on their legs or cows with bells on their necks.

People who scan your zombie should be encouraged to go to the Talk:Imagine/Zombies Unlimited page to leave info about the zombies they scan at ZU gathering points. This is both for fun, and because the info could prove useful to survivors visiting the site. Alternately, you can "register" your own zombie as a member of ZU this way.

Suggested Character Builds

You don't really need any skills, but Ankle grab is nice if you want to stand up more than 3 times a day (which is actually hard to do). I suggest NOT buying body building (you want to be easy to kill) and also NOT buying brain rot (you want to be easy to scan) or scent trail (we don't want to scare people off). Other than that, skills are pretty much wide open. Neck Lurch is the best way to earn XP if you aren;t gonna eat survivors, so that may be a good buy.



Gargoyle.jpg Profane Existence Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Profane Existence Policy & asserts that all Wastelands in the city of Malton are revive-free zombie zones.


ZU is exploring the synergistic potentials for a partnership with the BARBRAZ chain of zombie eateries. ZU zombies occasionally get revived, and its logical that they should act to benefit the zombie habitat by being eaten alive as a means of regaining necrotic balance.