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BARBRAZ are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 06:17, 31 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Abbreviation: BABZ (also BBZ)
Group Numbers: Recruiting and marketing prior to establishing franchise locations.
Leadership: Franchise locations under individual manager responsibility.

Fuster (acting marketing executive).

Goals: Unhurried harmanbargarz
Recruitment Policy: Open recruitment for employees and managers.

Start your own franchise today!

Contact: Register via wiki page

BARBRAZ: Na rahz man

Currently looking for staff and a first franchise location, BARBRAZ will be Malton's premier slowfood joint and hang-out for both zombies and humans. All franchise premises are to be kept unbarricaded to allow free entry. The franchise will facilitate consensual zombie-human feeding (zombies must ask to feed using Mhr? and may not feed below 10HP) and will provide med care for humans. There will be a strictly enforced 'no kills, no revives' policy on franchise premises and any customer violating these rules will be barred and a bounty issued. By regulating and supervising zombie feeding we will foster improved relations between the zombie and human communities and will usher in a new era of zombie-human harmony.

Popular side orders

Types of staff needed


Ideally: healthy (60HP), well presented (no flak jacket), sunny disposition, good pain threshold.

Role: you will get bitten - a lot - try to be nice about it!


Ideally: skilled doctors and nurses (diagnosis & surgery). Strong stomachs a bonus.

Role: you put our catering staff back together and deal with any unfortunate accidents.


Ideally: vigilant and determined to enforce policy on and off premises. Trenchcoats optional.

Role: keep the barricades down, scan zombies, identify barred patrons and warn/eject them.


Ideally: experience with a spray can, radio skills, good communication skills (death rattle, flailing gesture).

Role: develop marketing materials, recruit more staff, raise BARBRAZ profile.


Ideally: experience working for a franchise organisation, good organisational and wiki skills.

Note on equal opportunity hiring

BARBRAZ is a committed equal opportunity employer and judges staff on merit not odor. As such, zombies are welcome at all levels of responsibility and particularly within our marketing team. Zombies with tracking skills may find that they are particularly well suited to employment as security staff.

Company policy

Staff roster

All staff will add their names (profile links) to a roster on the BARBRAZ wiki page. Only registered staff may vote on new and amended company policies.

Franchise locations

Preferred locations are hotels (swankier and tall enough to allow a decent view) but bars or clubs can also be appropriate locations. The premises should be clearly sprayed outside with the word BARBRAZ and sprayed inside with links to BARBRAZ wiki pages. Established franchises should create their own wiki sub pages (editing the relevant wiki location page and using franchise branding). All franchises are bound by basic company policy but managers of established franchises are allowed greater freedom in running their outlet. Managers are expected to ensure that franchises are advertised locally using radio adverts, tagging, wiki development and word of mouth campaigns.

DNA door policy

It is a condition of dining at BARBRAZ that customers must submit to random DNA scans and tagging. This is to enforce door policy and identify barred customers. We regret that this has become necessary due to abuse of hospitality facilities. We regret also that owing to the current citywide crisis we are unable to guarantee that your scanned DNA and associated information will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Your entry onto BARBRAZ premises constitutes your irrevocable consent to be scanned on those premises.

No kills, no revives

We at BARBRAZ respect life and unlife. The only kills allowed on BARBRAZ premises will be by BARBRAZ staff enforcing door policy and house rules. We have a zero tolerance policy for revives on premises. We operate surveillance in our franchise locations and evidence of rule violation will be retained. A list of banned patrons will be maintained and we will actively pursue persistent rule breakers. Where we feel such action is necessary, we will not hesitate to contact local authorities to request assistance - whether legal or otherwise.

Infection policy

The basic policy is that no infectious bites are allowed, however promotional offers and Happy Hours/concessions may be offered at established franchises (via their individual wiki pages) at the manager's discretion and may relax this rule. Such offers will be clearly marked on the wiki page and advertised by wiki links within the franchise premises.

Leave a mouthful for Mr Manners

Customers are reminded that the freshest ingredients require respect and care. For this reason, we require that all dining must be consensual and must cease when catering staff drop to 10HP or below. If you do not respect this rule you will be barred and a bounty will be issued.

Corpse removal policy

BARBRAZ is committed to the highest standards of hygiene. As such, any corpses on franchise premises must be immediately removed to the street.

Rules for staff

Staff will wear the BARBRAZ badge (group affiliation in their profile) and will respect and enforce company policy at all times, whether on or off duty.

Please also see the staff area for further information.

Staff roster

We are currently registering staff with a view to opening our first franchise. To register, employees should add a game profile link below. If you want a specific role, claim the title and appoint yourself (unless someone beat you to it - in which case, tough!). You can change your title at any time so long as all the titles on the roster remain unique.

EOE.jpg Equal Opportunity Supporter
Come as you are.