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The zamgrh word Barhah is a concept which does not share a ready cognate in English, but can roughly be explained as a "spirit of zombie warriors in brotherhood." It also connotes the longed-for Zombie State in which the undead feast on human flesh unmolested by torture or vivisection. Barhah is considered the dream of zombie hive mind, and the rallying cry of many lumbering corpses.

Controversy and Fundamentalism

"Barhah is anti-life. Life is anti-barhah. The rot is barhah. The needle is anti-barhah."
-- Jorm, The "Prophet of True [Fundamentalist] Barhah"

Though it is difficult in the extreme to pin down a singular meaning, there is a strong core of what can be deemed 'barhah fundamentalism', typically espoused by larger hordes - seemingly tying the notion of barhah and hive mind together. Though sharing a mutual abhorrence for survivors and the trappings of life, the individual notions of how to practice this anti-life mentality differ. However, the predominant custom revolves around a sense of ever-moving nomadism, rejecting the notion of 'settlement' as a survivor folly. This line of fundamentalist thought completely rejects the possibility that Barhah can be understood, or partaken in, by the living, or even those practicing death cult practices. The logical conclusion of barhah fundamentalism is the embracing of Brain Rot as a rite of passage.

Some believe that living humans are not excluded from sharing in the vision of Barhah. Though such mutual understanding is rare, it is possible for a man and a zombie to experience a taste of Barhah in unison. These non-fundamentalists consider the killing of survivors to be more important than being dead oneself. See the festival of Stanstock '05 at Whetcombe Park.

Special Events


Zombikah is a zombie holy day that centers around sharing the spirit of Barhah, as is BARHAHmas. BARHAHmaddan is an entire month dedicated to the spirit of Barhah, at least, during the day. At night, the survivor better find a hole and drag it in after them.


BARHAHmas is a zombie holy day occurring on the 25th of December, the day before Zombikah. Celebrated by Humans and Zombies alike, The Gingerbread Men have been known to give zombies in Ridleybank, including the RRF, presents (though as zombies don't like candy, the nature of the presents is a little more gruesome).


Some Zombies believe they will go ValhBARHAH if they die heroically in combat. There they celebrate their heroic deeds and wait for their next battle (the next time they Stand Up). Such a zombie is known as "BARHAHerjar", "Zombie who died in glorious way", and are held in great respect by some followers of BARHAH.

Most Heroic Zombie Deaths include getting destroyed by a Headshot while performing a feat such as:

  • Killing and Infecting multiple humans (more than 5)
  • Killing many humans inside a Mall
  • Killing many Zombie Hunters
  • Facing a High-Level Zombie Hunter in Real-Time Combat (Preferably during an important battle)
  • Dying while attacking a Mall during a Siege