Whetcombe Park (Stanbury Village)

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Whetcombe Park

Stanbury Village [53,50]

the Allsop Arms
Evill Avenue
Gunningham Walk
the Heard Building Whetcombe Park the Christie Monument
Axworthy Square Pound Place School Hillier Walk

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


The knoll, from which the vote to strike was made.

Whetcombe Park at [53,50] is a broad, grassy knoll in northwest Stanbury Village, overlooking zombie-infested areas of Ridleybank to the north, such as St Luke's Hospital and St Theodore's Church across the aptly-named Evill Avenue.


Whetcombe Park is situated at an ancient pagan ritual site. It is thought that virgins were sacrificed in the grove of trees on the knoll, to appease the pagan blood god, Brnhr. The hillock was commonly known as Brownhair Hill, presumably either a corruption of Brnhr or a reference to the comely brunettes whose blood was spilt on this spot.

By the Georgian era, local clerics were anxious to divest the area of its pagan associations. The wilderness was transformed into a landscaped park, subsequently named Whetcombe Park after 'Incapability' Whetcombe, the chief landscape gardener. He earned his nickname when he proved incapable of removing the knoll and replacing it with an ornamental duckpond, as he went mad overnight after ordering the grove of trees to be cut down. The trees and the knoll are there to this day, and Brnhr's name is still sometimes heard.

The Strike

The Strike was held at this location, 19th-23rd December 2005. More than a thousand attended, mostly zombies, but a couple of hundred survivors also attended. Some chose to idle, most others threw a party, and somebody spraypainted Barhah, harman hranz. Harmanz an zambah arrh hranz onto a tree.

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