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Recently, some of the undead have begun to show signs of not only basic communication, but also are somehow able to communicate attack times and locations to each other. This phenomenon has been dubbed the 'hive mind' by many of the living in Malton. However, many of the undead in Malton operate completely independent of any particular group. These free-roaming zombies are called 'feral' by the survivors in Malton.

Excerpt from NecroTech Article "Undead Behavior," Section 5: "Communication"


Metagaming is probably the most common form of achieving a hive mind. A well organized zombie group can concentrate their efforts on a single area or building and information can be spread quickly throughout the group. One of the advantages of metagaming is that it does not use any AP or server hits, thus allowing zombies that much more AP to spend attacking barricades and the brains behind them. In addition, metagaming can be used to develop highly detailed plans for taking a suburb or even just a building. The disadvantage of metagaming is that the "hive mind" will only extend to players who use whatever method that the metagaming uses for communication.


While less prevalent, some strictly in-game hive mind tactics have emerged. X:00 tactics is one example of an in-game "hive mind." The advantage of an in-game hive mind is that it allows a player to gain access to the information even if they do not use the metagaming resources. Its primary disadvantage is that the group receiving the message will be less reliable and more sporadic.

Historical events

Virtually every major siege was organized through the "hive mind."