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A zombie zone is in many ways the opposite of a revive point. No zombie standing in a zombie zone should be revived. Combat and killing are permitted (and expected) in zombie zones. The zombie zone exists so that zombies can have a place where they are "safe" from combat revives, but they can also serve other purposes.

Existing Zombie Zones

Zombies Unlimited

Zombies Unlimited Attempts to maintain four zombie zones located equidistantly around the city. Zombies Unlimited members all wear large tags that say "DO NOT REVIVE" and provide a link to information about ZU's efforts to maintain these zombie zones. ZU members do occasionally get revived, and when they do, they mostly commit suicide or seek out spray paint to maintain ZU tags. ZU maintains the following four zombie zones:

Profane Existence Policy

The PEP maintains that the dead have a right to continue their existence without being subjected to medical experimentation without their consent.

As such, PEP maintains that all wasteland locations should be considered zombie zones. This in direct symetry with the Sacred Ground Policy - zombies who wish to be revived can travel to a cemetery, and those who wish to remain dead can travel to a wasteland.