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Each item of clothing has a character code that identifies it. These codes are present in the HTML source of the Urban Dead "Edit your profile and settings" page, and may be viewed by opening this page and using the browser's "View Source" option.

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The structure of these codes for clean clothes is as follows:


?? identifies colour or other adjective item has, ** - item.

For example, ntjt is a NecroTech jacket (nt = NecroTech; jt = jacket)


Standard color adjectives are:

red orange yellow green blue purple brown black grey white
mr mo my mg mb mp mw bk gy wt

First character m is for mean/medium tone. Instead of m light tone (pale) is marked with p and dark - with d.

Some of adjusted tones have different names, for example dy - dark yellow - is mustard yellow

Code xx is for the case of no adjectives


When clothing is covered with blood or/and damaged and extra adjectives appear in description - more characters are added to the beginning of the code.

For example, xxsg is for a pair of sunglasses and pxxsg is for a scratched and blood-smeared pair of sunglasses

Code Hard/Brittle jewellery Fabric Hard/Strong
a blood-flecked blood-flecked blood-flecked blood-flecked
b blood-smeared ? bloodstained bloodstained
c blood-smeared ? blood-soaked blood-soaked
d scratched chipped ripped scuffed
e ? ? torn scraped
f broken broken(?) tattered battered(?)
k ? scratched and blood-flecked torn and blood-flecked scraped and blood-flecked
l ? broken and blood-flecked tattered and blood-flecked ?
m scratched and blood-smeared ? ripped and bloodstained scuffed and bloodstained
n cracked and blood-smeared ? torn and bloodstained ?
o ? broken and blood-smeared tattered and bloodstained battered and bloodstained(?)
p scratched and blood-smeared ? ripped and blood-soaked scuffed and blood-soaked
q cracked and blood-smeared ? torn and blood-soaked scraped and blood-soaked
r broken and blood-smeared broken and blood-smeared tattered and blood-soaked battered and blood-soaked
s fuel-soaked
w charred and tattered
? cracked and blood-flecked ? ? ?

Raw data examples

<option value="xxpf">some fuel stains
<option value="bxxpf">some fuel stains
<option value="nxxpf">some fuel stains

<option value="axxgm">a blood-flecked  gas mask
<option value="bsygg">a blood-smeared pair of safety goggles
<option value="csygg">a blood-smeared pair of safety goggles
<option value="dxxgm">a scratched  gas mask
<option value="dxxmn">a scratched monocle
<option value="fnvgg">a broken pair of night-vision goggles
<option value="mxxgm">a scratched and blood-smeared  gas mask
<option value="nxxhb">a cracked and blood-smeared doctor's headband mirror
<option value="qsygg">a cracked and blood-smeared pair of safety goggles
<option value="rxxgm">a broken and blood-smeared  gas mask

<option value="dptnk">a chipped pendant necklace
<option value="kbdnk">a scratched and blood-flecked bead necklace
<option value="lsenk">a broken and blood-flecked silver medallion of Saint Luke
<option value="rbdnk">a broken and blood-smeared bead necklace
<option value="osenk">a broken and blood-smeared silver medallion of Saint Luke

<option value="antjt">a blood-flecked NecroTech jacket
<option value="bbkba">a bloodstained black bandanna
<option value="cgylt">a blood-soaked grey long-sleeved shirt
<option value="cppha">a blood-soaked  paper party hat
<option value="ddgbw">a ripped dark green bow-tie
<option value="emwba">a torn brown bandanna
<option value="kmwts">a torn and blood-flecked pair of brown trousers
<option value="ldrwc">a tattered and blood-flecked dark red waistcoat
<option value="mbkba">a ripped and bloodstained black bandanna
<option value="nbksf">a torn and bloodstained black scarf
<option value="nnljt">a torn and bloodstained brown leather jacket
<option value="ntprc">a torn and bloodstained clear plastic raincoat
<option value="omwts">a tattered and bloodstained pair of brown trousers
<option value="opwss">a tattered and bloodstained pair of tan shorts
<option value="pbkba">a ripped and blood-soaked black bandanna
<option value="qnljt">a torn and blood-soaked brown leather jacket
<option value="rmwts">a tattered and blood-soaked pair of brown trousers
<option value="rmbjt">a tattered and blood-soaked blue jacket 
<option value="rcmr6">a camouflage rag
<option value="rmwtv">a brown rag     (Thanks Swiers! Originally white overalls, IIRC.)

<option value="ablsh">a blood-flecked pair of black leather shoes 
<option value="bgybt">a bloodstained pair of grey boots
<option value="cblsh">a blood-soaked pair of black leather shoes
<option value="dblsh">a scuffed pair of black leather shoes
<option value="ebksh">a scraped pair of black shoes
<option value="kgybt">a scraped and blood-flecked pair of grey boots
<option value="mblsh">a scuffed and bloodstained pair of black leather shoes
<option value="pblsh">a scuffed and blood-soaked pair of black leather shoes
<option value="qblbt">a scraped and blood-soaked pair of black leather boots
<option value="rblbt">a battered and blood-soaked pair of black leather boots
<option value="rbksh">a battered and blood-soaked pair of black shoes

from May 29 update:
<option value="sbkst">a fuel-soaked black short-sleeved shirt (thanks Dragon fang!)
<option value="wbkst">a charred and tattered black short-sleeved shirt 
(Dragon fang: Got hit by a flare and lord that hurt like hell. 30 damage if ya don't have a flak, 24 if ya do)

(seen)a crumpled and blood-soaked toe tag

<option value="ghmk">a ghost mask</option>
<option value="glmk">a ghoul mask</option>
<option value="wmmk">a wolfman mask</option>
<option value="slmk">a skeletal mask</option>
<option value="ehmk">an executioner's hood</option>
<option value="rbmk">a robot mask</option>
<option value="clmk">a clown mask</option>
<option value="wtmk">a white facemask</option>
<option value="hfmk">a white half-face mask</option>
<option value="bkmk">a black facemask</option>

<option value="fwtdm">a tattered white medical facemask