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The Big Prick

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Current Operations:

Whittenside .

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The Big Prick
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Abbreviation: TBP
Group Numbers: Those who signed in and others
Leadership: some sucker
Recruitment Policy: just add yourself to the membership list
Contact: our forum, or wiki talk page


In order to revitalize the game, and survivor fun within it, the BP takes several fairly new ideas and pushes them past normal limits into an entirely new play style. The BP is an alliance of survivors but also aims to break out of the rut survivors (and the game itself) have fallen into. It is to be a roving party, an event, and an alliance.

The objectives are:

  • to have fun by creating an aggressive, offensive event that survivors can join in with minimal meta-gaming effort.
  • to create massive change in a small, tactical landscape very quickly.
  • to provide an attractive event to survivor players that introduces a new play style that breaks the mold of the essentially static Zombie-Survivor-PKer triad by introducing a "fourth class" - The Prick. Pricks are survivors, but they do not avoid death, do not hold territory, and eschew traditional survivor activities such as zombie killing, barricading, and healing. Instead, they focus only on two things- reviving as many zombies as possible (potentially even combat reviving and random reviving- it actually helps them, if not all survivors) and finding more needles. Really hard pricks don't even sleep inside- they just stand outside and revive, then get killed, stand up, and let another prick go to work!
  • to be as annoying to zombies as possible, while remembering to still have fun!

The Dream

The Big Prick invites all dedicated survivors, and especially revivers ,to contemplate this hard-fighting but somewhat carefree scenario: suppose you were a prick in a suburb with another 200 pricks. What could hurt you? Every zombie without brainrot would be revived. PKers would be wasting their time, because revives would be so easy to get. Barricades (and the AP it takes to build them) would be redundant. NT's might not be powered, but they almost certainly would not be ruined, and if the did get that way- well, it just takes a small mechanical aid for any Prick to bring five rotten zombies to life.

The Big Prick is not designed to merely increase individual survivor security. Instead, it is intended to ensure that conventional concepts of "security" are irrelevant, because LIFE is so easily available. By channeling all the energy that group members would normally use for defense against zombies and PKers (e.g. barricades, zombie hunting, bounty hunting, searching for ammunition, powering PDs, using radios to alert people to break-ins) into offense against the damage they do (e.g., revives and syringe procurement), The Big Prick aims to ensure that its not only easy to get revived in their area of operations, but that it in fact is hard to NOT be alive. Talk about "sticking it to the zombies"!


Players in the Big Prick are encouraged to abandon the complexities of conventional survivor game play in favor of a simpler play style that, while seeming to go against common sense, gains great power when practiced by a large group all operating in the same area, who have knowledge of each other. The strategy is exponentially more effective as more people practice it, but even a rather small group of pricks is essentially an unkillable group of survivors; a big one is simply an unstoppable wave of life that pushes away all the dead that stand before it!

So, how is this accomplished? What do individual members of the Big Prick need to do? More advanced discussion of this will appear in other articles and in the groups forums, but here's the basics:

  • Stock up on syringes. A Prick needs to be able to stick zombies in the neck, one after another, for days at a time, without stopping to search. You really don't need ANYTHING else, so grab as many of these as you can.
  • Move to the designated Big Prick location. Obviously. Don't worry if you die before getting there, or can't find shelter once you do. After all, there's a bunch of folks doing 4-5 revives a day in the area. Locations will be announced in our forums and on this page; we don't much care if a zombie horde comes along.
  • Revive as many zombies as you can. Aim for contacts-listed survivors first (especially other members of The Big Prick), and do scan to avoid wasting needles on rotters and obvious window divers, but don't worry too much about accidentally reviving PKers or death cultists or whatever. More revives is better than fewer, more careful revives.
  • If dead, make yourself easy to revive. If you do more than 4 revives a day, you're gonna be doing a Suicide-Revive. Good work! There probably isn't anywhere safe to sleep anyhow, and once we revive all the zombies, you won't really need to look for shelter, or even benefit from it. Stand up as soon as you can, and make it easy for other members of The Big Prick to add you to their contacts list by registering at the member page, joining the group forums, or simply calling attention to your freshly animated carcass by making some noise.


The Big Prick is open to all survivor groups and individual characters. How much each group or individual participates and coordinates with the alliance will be up to them, but we aim provide one ‘master’ forum for the general running of the operation, which all players will have access to.

Where needed, groups within the BP can organize closely to perform special actions, but the "standard operations" of the Big Prick are such that any lone survivor can follow them and be not only highly effective, but almost entirely safe, even when venturing into "red zones" that conventional survivor groups can not reliably handle.

In this way, we will create a force with a newfound ability to brush aside the plague of undead, and put some LIFE back into UD.


Q: Aren't combat revives a bad idea?
A: This.. is.. MALTON!!! In other words, no, they are a often very good idea, if you use them alongside others as a unified force and anticipate the consequences. Anyhow, combat revives are NOT the primary goal of the Big Prick; although we encourage members to revive every zombie possible, because zombies holding ruins are major problem for survivor recovery, we encourage members to put a priority on reviving valued survivors.

Q: Aren't random revives a bad idea?
A: Sometimes, but not in this case. First, a lot of your revives won't be random. Using your scanner is still a good idea, as is contact listing local survivors, and team mates. And as reviving zombies is part of the overall strategy, even those revives aren't really "random". Secondly, the consequences of reviving "the wrong person" are minimal when the worst harm they can do (killing somebody or making it easier for a zombie to kill somebody) is literally being fixed faster (for fewer AP) than they can cause that harm.

Q: But how am I supposed to help survivors if I'm dead?
A: You will live again. Its true- members of The Big Prick are expected to die, often simply to give them a chance to do one extra revive and then soak up some zombie APs. They will spend a lot of time dead- the suburbs where they are working may LOOK like they are decimated. But being dead in itself does not matter in this game. What matters is whether you are alive for the (fairly brief) time each day during which you spend your accumulated APs. And the tactics of the Big Prick are aimed at not only increasing the chances of that, but making it a certainty. So in fact, you may die every day, and still spend more APs playing as a survivor than you would if you were in a green suburb! And by using those APs to do as many revives as possible, you greatly increase the chances that the area you are in will, in fact, turn into a green suburb.

Endorsements and Quotations

  • KeithMoon, grand poobah of MotA- Humans are insidious - you see one or two one day, and suddenly a whole swarm descends on your nice quiet mortuary of a Fort, like silverfish with Flak jackets...
  • Iscariot, There were only two actual survivor ideas this year that had/have promise and odds are that if this discourse is aimed at you then you weren't part of either. The first was The Big Prick. Brilliant idea, well thought out and with the potential to make a massive change to the landscape of Malton. But, no! You were all to be busy trying to hide from The Dead and then whining when you got eaten.
  • Iscariot, replying to Winman1, "A few players advocate combat reviving to use against zombies, hoping they will decide to play survivor for an extended period of time. Combat reviving is based around that core idea which rarely works." - This line proves how truly stupid you are, go talk to The Big Prick or 404 and ask them if they combat revive so that zombies 'rediscover their humanity and learn the error of their ways'. It's got nothing to do with it, people should be intelligent enough to understand this before they write guides to try and instruct other players.
  • AquariumReceptionist said "Personally, I look forward to the arrival of a big prick. I've grown tired of hearing the excuse it's that way because its cold!."

Propaganda for the Masses


Member players and groups are also urged to display this template on their user / group page, which will add them to this category, and will be updated with The Big Prick's location:
{{Prick}} gives

Skull n syringes.gif The Big Prick
Whittenside .

Radio Broadcasts

  • You broadcast "Want to drive an unstoppable path of LIFE through this city?" on 27.72 MHz.
  • You broadcast "Then join us! The Big Prick -" on 27.72 MHz.

  • You broadcast "Starting May 11 right here in South Blythville," on 27.72 MHz.
  • You broadcast "the Dead end!! --" on 27.72 MHz.



Our operations to date have been as follows:

  • South Blythville -- our initial target -- successful, though rather easy due to an unexpected lack of targets
  • Buttonville -- our first full-fledged success
  • Penny Heights -- successful in clearing out an entire suburb and 2 malls.
  • Houldenbank -- successful with just a small attack team, but encountered our mortal enemies Lick The Prick for the first time
  • Roftwood -- initially successful, but attracted large numbers of rotters, Lick The Prick, RRF, and LUE. We eventually ran out of pricks and had to retreat.
  • Pitneybank -- sad to say that although we dropped a few hundred needles here, we just couldn't make any headway on the queues. We've withdrawn to Fort Perryn.
  • Fort Perryn -- We'll call this battle a "draw" -- we've cleared out most of the zeds, but the ones that are left are hard-core rotters.
  • Quick Whittenside -- It was quick, alright. We dropped a few needles here and secured the hospital, but what this 'burb really needs is guns to deal with all the rotters.
  • Crowbank -- Rotters and stupid noobs shooting at RPs, and totally no concept of a barricade plan. Not very interesting or fun at all.
  • Judgewood -- More or less a complete success until locals started complaining about GKers. Ungrateful little SOBs can't tell the difference between a dead 'burb and a live one, I guess.
  • Roftwood, part 2 -- QSG credits us with a win here, but repairs were already started when we arrived. We helped more than we hurt.
  • Dulston -- We tried for awhile, got a couple of buildings cleared, but were never able to secure the NT or the mall.
  • Penny Heights 2 -- A total failure, as we mis-estimated the time it would take for MoB to clear out of the area.
  • Santlerville -- We stayed awhile, but some folks got bored so we voted to move on.
  • Dakerstown -- Extinction took it to us here. Everybody we revived decided to move out instead of stay and fight. It is amazing how many needles you can drop in 6 weeks.
  • Darvall Heights -- We reloaded here and (hopefully) left the central part of the suburb in good shape for the upcoming fall of Caiger Mall.
  • Shuttlebank -- We based here for awhile, cleaning up after the fall of Caiger Mall.
  • Darvall Heights, again -- We came back to fix up Caiger yet again. And according to the Resurrection of Caiger Mall page, somebody else took credit for it.
  • Shore Hills -- We made a good effort against several largish armies of rotters. And we acquired at least 3 new members.
  • Pegton/Pitneybank 2 -- Got more new members, and was a large success in the area.
  • Operation Four Corners (Southwest) -- War canceled due to lack of enemy combatants. We're headed north.
  • Nixbank -- Just turned the area green. We're continuing our march north.
  • Crooketon -- Again just turned the area green. We're continuing our march north.
  • Grigg Heights -- Too many rotters to turn the place green, but otherwise under control. We're headed to an actual "red" zone next.
  • Chudleyton -- Again, too many rotters but otherwise under control.
  • Owsleybank -- We bring the generators, FAKs, and pricks -- the locals bring the complaints. Overall, not a fair trade.
  • Dunell Hills -- TBP, DHPD and others got our butts kicked here. Retreating to Judgewood.
  • Judgewood -- Did a quick sweep and helped turn the place ultra-green. It'll stay that way until Extinction comes back. Only a very small number of rotters left.
  • Peddlesden Village -- Cleared most of the area, but the newly revived seem to have left the area. The remaining rotters are just too strong for the defenders. We've retreated again to Judgewood.
  • Havercroft and Ackland Mall -- We decided that these small suburbs just didn't work for us, so we have decided to do our own Mall Tour. We arrived at Ackland Mall just as a small influx of survivors brought up a single safehouse. Working together, we brought this place back to life fairly quickly. We got kind of lucky that there were a LOT of Dual Natured Zs around.
  • Caiger Mall -- Same condition on our arrival as Ackland was -- just enough humans around to give us a base of operations. And we were just as successful.
  • Yagoton -- We have decided to visit a safe burb for a bit and do a little partying recruiting, restocking, and discussing tactics.
  • Caiger Mall, yet again! -- Had some fun working with the Soldiers of Crossman.
  • Pole Mall -- A smashing success. The whole suburb is clear.
  • Blesley Mall and Gulsonside -- Well, it isn't a ghost town anymore. That's good, right? Seriously, though... everything but the mall and a couple of support buildings are back online.
  • Pitneybank and Giddings Mall -- Lots of zeds waiting at 2 revive points, and lots of targets of opportunity. We thought we might be getting in over our heads, but "Mission Accomplished" -- mall and fort recovered. Oh, and we picked up two new members!
  • Pimbank and Tynte Mall -- We thought we were headed for a ghost 'burb and an infected mall, but early recons showed things are were getting to be in decent shape. A few pricks, and everything became solid.
  • Penny Heights -- 2 malls and lots of z-on-z combat can't be a bad thing for us, right? Well, actually it was. But the 'burb is better off for the experience.
  • West Dulston and Central Rhodenbank -- There are two things we like -- malls, and suicide revives. We did a lot of both here. And we've managed to develop a new strategy for dealing with squatting rotters, too!
  • Lukinswood -- We have a request to visit the area from a nice lady named user:Lady Clitoria. Can't turn down a request like that, can we? All buildings repaired and all Z's except for the 6 rotters attacking Coram have been pricked. And recruiting is getting even better.
  • Darvall Heights -- We thought we'd pay our friends at Caiger Mall another visit. Rotters galore, but the mall is back in human hands!
  • Operation Northwest Corner -- Extinction Beware! What was once ours has become ours again!
  • GREAT_EASTSIDE_RP_CLEANUP -- We finished with a 60/40 human/zed ratio (not bad, since we started off sub-50.) Stay tuned for the GREAT_WESTSIDE_RP_CLEANUP!
  • Grigg Heights -- A quick operation to start off our westside activities.
  • Mornington -- Another quick westside warmup.
  • North Blythville -- by invitation of user:Rosslessness. We're not ashamed to admit that we really got our butts kicked in this 'burb, sorry to say. What we are ashamed of, of course, is being accused of being boring by the local horde. Take heed -- we will be back to avenge that insult, one of these days.
  • Operation South Fork -- We went MoB-chasing through the SW part of Malton, only to get stuck in Whittenside. The Heathers were absolute hotties, but not really worth sticking around for.
  • Operation Escape? -- Since we're fully loaded and bored silly with Whittenside, we decided to head up north to see what kind of mess we can get into up there. We're not trying to leave the game -- just prick a bunch of Z's, since they all seem to be in the same place. Come 3 June, we'll still be here.
  • Operation The Grey Spot -- Crooketon, Reganbank, and Nixbank -- We've decided to clean up some ghost towns.
  • Operation Red Chasing, part 1 -- Somebody told us that a bunch of ferals in Shuttlebank are up to no good. Not anymore.
  • Operation Red Chasing, part 2 -- Again with the MOB-chasing. We'll be going through nearby red zones and turning them some other color. Starting with Lamport Hills.
  • POLNGOAK -- What the heck, DEM is showing up, at least... . We managed to survive 2 weeks before the z's finally implemented a decent X:00 tactic.
  • Operation The Grey Spot, part 2 -- It has been awhile since I updated our history report. Basically, for Williamsville and Wray Heights, Kermit's theme song applies ("It isn't easy, being green").
  • Operation The Grey Spot, part 3 -- Continuing our sweep east through Gulsonside, Osmondville, Vinetown, and Houldenbank.
  • Operation The Grey Spot, part 4 -- Headed towards central Malton, with Pimbank in contention.
  • MALL TOUR -- And, this one starts off badly with some of us going to the wrong mall.
  • Operation:STD -- Cleaning up more grey spots and generally annoying z's while waiting for Oktoberfest '11 to begin.
  • Ackland Mall -- Took us awhile to reload, but with the help of Reddit_Survivors, the task was completed.
  • LEADERSHIP ELECTIONS -- Only one sucker applicant so I guess that settles it.
  • Whittenside -- With a bunch of green suburbs and not much in the way of survivor events to crash, what's a Prick to do. Settle in one of the only hotbeds left and keep on prickin while Malton hopefully picks itself up.

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