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Lois Millard - level 42 - Scientist - Commander of 10 Minutes from Hell-Molebank Division.

Lois was a medical student when the outbreak began. She soon realized that the medical skills she had been taught were helpful to the living, but she had no idea what to do for the zombies. In her mind, the zombies are humans who have a disease that must be cured. They cannot help but be violent towards humans in this diseased state as it is the nature of their condition.
One day, she discovered a Necro-tech facility near the hospital she was stationed. She met a Necro-tech employee and began a course of study on reviving zombies to turn them back into humans.
Today, Lois not only heals humans, but she is able to revive a zombie. Since this work often takes her into dangerous areas, she has begun to learn how to defend herself. Although she considers herself non-violent, she reasons that she can do more good if she stays alive, than if she has to be revived herself. She does not, however, justify committing acts of violence unless one is actually in danger.
Lois has become a proud member of 10 Minutes from Hell and feels that her work is more effective now that she is the member of a like-minded team.

Mere Bystander - level 42 - Civilian - Member of Malton College of Medicine

Mere doesn't remember anything from before the outbreak - not even her name. She hung around a library for a while and was so quiet that they dubbed her "the bystander". She decided she liked it so she tweaked it to "Mere bystander."
Mere must have had some military training in her past because she is an excellent shot. Her axe, however, is her favorite weapon.
Mere is currently the Head of the Revivificationology Department of Malton College of Medicine.
Professor Bystander is about 5'2" with long medium-brown wavy hair (which she wears loose) and gray eyes. She can generally be seen in jeans and a t-shirt as opposed to more professional attire. She simply finds it more practical.
Mere had a terrific time working with the Big Prick at one time, but she enjoys instructing students at MCM.
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Malton College of Medicine.

Lucy Rutter - level 42 - Military - Member of The Saints

Lucy has short red hair and green eyes. Once a nurse with FANNY, she has given up that life to take up bounty hunting. She finds her life more exciting as a BHer, but misses her friends from FANNY.
Lucy once made a guest appearance with the Four Corners Circus! She had hopes of joining them again sometime for another performance but has since heard that they've disbanded.


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