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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.
C.R.A.P.tall med.gif
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What is C.R.A.P.?

C.R.A.P. is an effort to unite everyone in Urban Dead to carry out mass revivification through the use of the following viral message:

Copy this to your profile. Spread the word in game and out. - COMBAT REVIVE ANY PERSON - Take a giant C.R.A.P. on Malton. beerhah.com

As with any effective virus it contains within itself the information to be replicated by the host, "Copy this to your profile. Spread the word in game and out". The plug for beerhah.com is meant to further coordinate C.R.A.P. tactics.

Why Should I C.R.A.P.?

A Harman Scientist examines a revive syringe

Scientists at the Malton Institute of Greater Learning have discovered that the revive syringe is the most powerful weapon in the game, both in terms of its AP efficiency and in its ability to increase the number of survivors in the game.

In fact, it costs less AP on average for someone to suddenly C.R.A.P. than it does for a combat maxed zambah to "kill" a survivor with only 35HP.

Please examine the following mathematical mathyness, where 8AP is the average for finding a revive syringe in the dark, 10AP is the cost of using it and 20 AP is the average for a zombie to kill a 35HP survivor using optimal tactics.

20AP - [8AP + 10AP] = 2AP = Suck it.

The AP disparagy that exists between reviving a zombie and killing a 35HP survivor is even greater for PKers, who must eventually search for ammo and reload.

What's the Big Deal with the Viral Message?

The message is everything. Without it the level of revives will stay the same. Zambahs will contine to destroy everything in their path and Mrh? cows will wander aimlessly, unaware of the greater glory that awaits them. The point of repeating the message in-game and out is to rally more people to the cause. C.R.A.P. is not a single group or a limited tactic, it is a large, long over-due movement. It can be adopted by any player or group regardless of politics or meta-game coordination. All it requires is that the message be passed on.

Yeah but do I have to repeat the whole thing?

With any virus a certain amount of mutation is expected. Groups who wish to adopt and foster their own version of C.R.A.P. can feel free to swap out the beerhah.com tag with a link to their own forums. In fact the acronym C.R.A.P. itself might change or the words represented by the acronym might mutate as individual players come up with more catchy phrases. This will ultimately help to spread the core of the viral message and is not harmful to the health of the underlying movement.

The main aspect which must be preserved is the command to copy the message and pass it along, AND the basic premise of mass reviving Malton. Without those two components the viral message and the movement itself will languish.

Why Will it Work?

Most Players Prefer to Play as Survivors

Here we see a typical mmorpger. He's probably human in RL and would prefer to play as a survivor

Because Combat Reviving has been seen as a "taboo" for much of UD history, generally people play as survivors willingly, rather than by force. New players identify with survivors as a result of movies and the fact that they are most likely humans to begin with. They are turned into zombies against their will, and then seek to become survivors again.

Over the long history of harman prominence, the ratio has favored survivors by as much as 65% of all players. Therefore, the strong majority of players prefer to be survivors. When mass reviving all of Malton, the majority of revived targets will continue to aide our cause actively.

If we spread our viral message whilst reviving, then more players will begin to C.R.A.P. all over the place, and the "human virus" will spread as efficiently and obnoxiously as our message, converting all of Malton into smelly humanity.

Some players Don't

Screw 'em. Eventually the "true balance" between die-hard zambahs and everyone else will be found, at which point it will no longer be AP efficient to C.R.A.P. In the mean time there is plenty of room for improvement.

How Can I Help?

Helping as a survivor

Spread the viral message

Put it in BOTH of your profiles, zombie and human. Always speak the message before making a revive. This is especially effective in front of large-crowds, whether living or dead. Broadcast it over the radio. Spray paint a teaser with the following link http://tinyurl.com/4w7uj4 If you are a member of a group, promote the idea on your group message boards. Add C.R.A.P. graphics to your wiki page or use them as an icon in your favorite forum.

In short time the idea will spread throughout Malton and revives will become the default motivation for all of its citizens.


The whole point of the message is to get people to start reviving freely. Of course every player will adopt this to their own preferences. Some may choose to grief lower level zombies with combat revives, while others may opt to selectively scan and revive only players who would appear to be helpful survivors.

In the end, it is not necessarily incorrect to revive randomly, enraging certain blow-hards and delighting others. The idea is to spread humanity like a virus, infecting all of Malton with those pesky revive syringes which can be obtained and used faster than any other strategy to convert a player either living or dead to the other side, willingly or not.

Get zombie skills

You should have lurching gait and ankle grab as a minimum. If you C.R.A.P. everywhere, you will find yourself playing as a zombie from time to time. No big deal. Make it easy for yourself to stand up and carry on, there's still plenty to do from the other side of the grave.

Helping as a zambah

Spread the viral message

Put it in your profile. Go up to crowds of other zombies, or survivors and say "Grrh." They will check your profile and see the message.

Be a pain in the ass

Bring your brethren down to 4HP and shamble off. This serves two purposes:

1) It is annoying

2) It causes other zambahs to waste AP hunting you down, or to look for a corpse to digest. It also promotes a general atmosphere of "every zambah for him/her self", while trained C.R.A.P. artists concentrate on gathering syringes.

Get survivor skills

If you've never played as a survivor before and you'd like to help, start farming XP now and set aside enough points to buy Lab Experience. There are other skills you may enjoy, but that's all you really need to take a huge C.R.A.P.

Crying Foul.jpg

Wait, isn't this reviving against other people's wishes?

In some cases, yes. But who cares? Many zombies think nothing of clogging up revive points. Just as death/life-cultists think nothing of flaunting any unwritten rules. It is the opinion of this author that any game mechanic should be exploited, regardless of hurt feelings. Anyone wishing to C.R.A.P. should feel liberated from the concerns of politeness or "fair-play." Have fun!

Tactical Concerns

Start at the NT buildings

Clear them out with revive syringes and keep searching. Read the rest of this article to see how to deal with Player Killing. Don't worry about powering the building, just search in the dark and your odds will be sufficient. Powering a building uses AP and creates another target for you to defend. Survivors need to stop thinking about defending and start thinking about taking a C.R.A.P.

Work in Groups

The group doesn't have to be organized, they just need to share the same understanding as you - concentrate on revives. Don't worry about angering any potential targets. Remember that a good number of the targets you revive will want to play as survivors and will join your cause. A well planted viral message will not only let them know you are friendly, but it will get them on the same page, ensuring that everyone plays to win, rather than sitting around in a dingy old building for months at a time waiting for the next horde.

Understanding PKers

A piping-hot bowl of C.R.A.P. More than enough for everyone

While a PKer can go on a killing spree unlike any other kind of player in Urban Dead, it is important to remember that the spree itself is the result of many days worth of searching and loading weapons. Therefore if you C.R.A.P. on someone and they unload a shotgun on you or a member of a group, you should ignore them as you would a parachuter. For an average of 18AP you or your friends can be back on your feet serving up another piping hot bowl of C.R.A.P. (see image, left)

Another aspect of a zombie-turned-PKer is that after they burn off their ammo they are essentially impotent whilst in human form. If they choose to spend AP powering buildings, cading those buildings to protect themselves from zombie attacks, searching for ammo and then returning for retribution, then the 18AP spent to set them on that course was a wise investment indeed.

Showing Your Support

If you would like to show your support for this project, let people know you give a C.R.A.P. by copying this nifty template to your group page. Wear it with pride, wear it with pleasure.

Malton recycle.GIF Combat Revive Any Person
Oh, C.R.A.P.!

Yet another proud supporter of the Malton Zombie Recycling Program

Complementary Tactics and Groups

The Following Groups and Guides are kindred spirits of C.R.A.P. in that they share a strong focus on revives. Since C.R.A.P. is an amorphous, decentralized strategy, many different groups and approaches can contribute to the overall movement, whether purposefully or not. Anyone looking to up their street IQ might also be interested in:

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