Legion of the Octopope

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Legion of the Octopope
Abbreviation: OctoLegion
Group Numbers: 20+
Leadership: Nuabreed
Goals: Necrotech Defence
Motto: For the Octopope
Recruitment Policy: Add "Legion of the Octopope" to your profile and add yourself to our member list .
Contact: Drop by the Henley Necrotech. You can also drop by on the SWA forum.
Hail the Octopope

The tentacles that strike. The beak that bites. The ink that blinds. The Octopope protects.

Welcome to the Legion

Our Mission

The Legion of the Octopope spreads the news of the Octogod and his Glorious Tentacles throughout this world, and beyond. At the present, a small cohort of the Legion struggles to bring the zombie infested hamlet of Malton back into his many-appendaged embrace. Join us in this magnificent struggle and earn the favour of the Octopope.

We operate in Foulkes Village, Ruddlebank and New Arkham. Our members can generally be found defending or retaking Necrotechs in the region. We consider ourselves somewhat adept at defending against zombie sieges and generally consider these the most fun part of the game.

We prefer players with a focus on reviving and healing but all are welcome. We also believe in aiding new players to the greatest extent possible.

Join Us


Step 1) Place "Legion of the Octopope" in your profile.

Step 2) Notify us by by adding yourself to our roster.

Step 3) Make your way to the Henley Necrotech or pick a building from the list below.

Step 3a) (Optional) You can also drop by the SWA forum for up to the minute orders.

Step 4) Fight for the Octopope!

Our Territory

Our members can usually be found defending these buildings. Although the edd and flow of zombie attacks can change the situation, these are our traditional stomping grounds.

Necrotech Buildings

Octotemple Prime

Headquarters, Necrotech

Our headquarters are found in the Henley Necrotech in south-eastern Foulkes Village. Call in to pay homage to the Octopope and resupply.

Octotemple Secundus


The Octo-Legion monitors the Selway Necrotech in north-western Ruddlebank. Any attacks on this building will spark counter-action.

Octotemple Tertiarus


The Octo-Legion has repeatedly attempted to take and hold Mitchener Necrotech in western New Arkham. We'll get it. Someday.

Revive Points

Tomb of Fallen Heroes

Revive Point

We maintain a revive point at the cemetery in north-eastern New Arkham. Even during the worst zombie attacks, we keep our Legionnaires fighting.

Other Resource Buildings

The Octo-Armoury

Police Department

The Octo-Legion also protects Frye Alley Police Department in south-eastern Foulkes Village, due to its proximity to our headquarters.

Newbie Havens

OctoHaven One

Newbie Haven

We attempt to keep the Strange Alley Fire Station in Ruddlebank at VS+2 to benefit new players. OctoLegionnaires are also expected to provide medical assistance at this venue.