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Clock.png Inactive Group
South West Alliance are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 14:56, 16 October 2010 (BST) Not Inactive?

South West Alliance
Abbreviation: SWA
Group Numbers: Around 100 in our heyday
Leadership: None! We work on consensus!
Goals: To foster communication and collaboration between the groups of the South West area of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Groups who were interested in joining the Alliance were able to stop by our forum.
Contact: Visit our forum.

The South West Alliance was an alliance of groups hailing from the south west area of Malton (as the name suggests). The organisation was intended to allow faster reactions to zombie outbreaks and greater inter-group cooperation. The Alliance also provided intelligence on the status of all resources buildings in areas patrolled by their member groups.

After months of effectively being inactive, the alliance has been unofficially disbanded. While many of its member groups still play together, the SWA no longer functions as a hub for this interaction. Furthermore, there probably no longer exists a need for a massive multi-group alliance in this area of Malton at this stage of the game.
Finally, please do not place the SWA up for historical voting, as the alliance does not consider itself to be historical, and would best be remembered by its forums and group history page.

Member Groups

Based: Nixbank

Goals: Victory through technology.

Based: Foulkes Village

Goals: Peace, Justice, Donuts.

Based: Foulkes Village

Goals: Convert Malton to the OctoFaith.

Based: Old Arkham

Goals: Loud growling noises and a secure Old Arkham and Southwest Malton.

Based: Ruddlebank

Goals: Free mediocre medical care and cheezy poofs for all.

Based: Lockettside

Goals: To stem the unending tide of shoplifters.

Group Missions

For a complete listing of all SWA operations, refer to the Group Missions Page

Current Objective: Remember the good old days.
Status: Nostalgic

South West Alliance Information Center

The South West Alliance provides a centralised listing of all resource buildings in their home areas. The listings are provided on a suburb by suburb basis.

Simply click on the suburb name of your choice below to get the latest intelligence on all hospitals, necrotechs and police stations in your chosen area. The listings are sorted by building type. We welcome your help in updating the information.

Current Status:
Foulkes Information
Lockettside Information
Nixbank Information
Old Arkham Information
Ruddlebank Information