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Lobby  Dispatch Centre  Captain's Office  Squad Room  Holding Cell  Break Room  Locker Room  Bulletin Board
Lobby of the Crew Avenue Police Department


You are standing in the lobby of the Crew Avenue Police Department. The glistening interior beckons. As your feet squeak against the meticulously polished floor, you notice that the directions to various rooms within the facility have been marked by pictorial signs. At the front desk there is a legend explaining the meaning of the icons.

Dispatch Centre
A Dispatch Center
Used to contact the CAPD. Here you may notify the Crew of any emergencies, make general inquiries, or ask to join.

Captain's Office
The Captain's Office
Open to the public. Here you can talk to the Captain to learn more about the Crew Avenue's core values and mission statement, and perhaps have a glimpse into their current objectives.

Squad Room
The Squad Room
This is where officers are briefed on their current assignments. A visit might also prove useful to potential recruits.

Holding Cell
The Holding Cell
This is where CAPD confines some of Malton's most notorious thugs, and maintains an updated list of any trouble-makers on their radar.

Break Room
The CAPD Break Room
Coffee and donuts. This is where the Crew goes to unwind.

Locker Room
The Locker Room
Traditionally a place to change into work gear, the Crew has transformed this into a kind of trophy room, where various officers can be acknowledged for their deeds. The showers are here too, so beware the dreaded wet-towel.

Bulletin Board
A Bulletin Board
Well, it's a bulletin board. You can find all kinds of stuff pinned here, including a list of allies and random notes.

You also notice a small, public toilet to your right. It is almost as though it has been hidden away...

After reading the legend, you feel a new sense of empowerment (and gain 3 experience points.)
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