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These are the player groups currently listed on the Wiki.

Read This First!

DO NOT edit this page if you want to create a new group page. See this Question and Answer on how to add your group to categories.

Group Page Guidelines

  1. Groups should be placed in the Zombie or Survivor category whenever possible.
  2. Use the Group Box (template at right) to summarize information about the group.
  3. Group pages are structured however you wish, but certain conventions apply:
    • The opening statement should be written from a neutral point of view, as if written from an outsider's viewpoint. This is to convey the basic information about the group to the reader, and so should be as easy to read and understand as possible.
    • Additional headlines may be added to explain the group's perspective. However, do not label anything as definite or truthful, as such things cannot be verified by external sources and therefore opens up the POV section to abuse. If you are documenting your group's actions, do not label anything as having happened for certain unless another group can verify it. (ie, the Many's assaults on human safehouses can be verified by the humans that were attacked.)
    • Slandering other groups in the NPOV section is not allowed. You cannot make baseless claims about their actions or their nature. Conflicts or treaties can be documented.
    • Please do not add [[Category:Human Groups]]. This category was deleted.
    • Coherence and complete sentences are highly appreciated. Extreme lack of coherence may cause the page to be subject to inaccurate editing in an attempt to clean it up, or possibly deletion in extreme circumstances.
  4. Groups that are very effective at taking controversial positions in the game often inspire strong feelings. However, vandalism of group pages will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will be punished with banning.
    • Adding unsubstantiated claims or "facts" to a group's page (such as "the group has recently disbanded" when they have not) is construed as vandalism and will be treated accordingly. If such information is genuinely believed to be true, it should include an appropriate disclaimer to avoid confusion.


The following are the types of groups in Urban Dead.

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