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Abbreviation: none
Group Numbers: around 20
Leadership: Mostly democratic with coordinators
Goals: Have fun and help survivors in need
Recruitment Policy: By invitation. Our primary recruitment has been Caiger Mall Survivors who are active on the Caiger Mall Forum Interested parties may contact us there.
Contact: Any CMS-Meta member or The Caiger Mall Forum

CMS-Meta History Archive

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Frequency: 27.72 MHz MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Lots of Places


The Caiger Mall Survivors are a loosely organized group. Without formal leadership, CMS is bound together by the common goal of protecting Caiger Mall and survivors in general. CMS-Meta is a small organized group of Caiger Mall Survivors who banded together as a strike-team at first. They found the teamwork so satisfying they decided to form a sub-group that was more involved in the meta-game. CMS-Meta owns and maintains the Caiger Mall Forum, hosting a subforum for any Caiger Mall Survivors interested in working together as well as a subforum for all allies in NW Malton to communicate.


A secondary reason that the CMS-Meta was formed was the massive outcry after the The January Siege of Giddings Mall, where promised reinforcement never arrived in large numbers, leading to major divisions within the groups at Giddings Mall.

As a result the Cult of Cockfucktus was formed. Luckily, diplomacy from several noted CMS-Meta members managed to avoid a full scale conflict. It was settled when it became clear a fair amount of CMS did come to aid at that time. But nevertheless, since this event, many groups in the South have a generally low esteem of the CMS group - the stigma of which the CMS-Meta is trying to escape.

Recent Activity

April 2007 - Our attempt to help the DHPD in Dunell Hills have failed when the Mall Tour decided to rampage through the area. The CMS, CMS-BHU and CMS-Meta are currently scattered with no malls in northwestern Malton standing. Most of us are zombified, the ones that remain work to regroup and rebuild.

March 2007 - Attempts to retake caiger continue. Notable attempts involving Meta include our working with Fortress to secure a nearby necrotech building which fell apart shortly afterwards as well. The final attempt of the meta to retake caiger was when some of us accompanied the Upper Left Corner to retake Latrobe, the operation fell apart within 12 hours of its' beginning.

February 2007 - Caiger fell again, CMS-Meta regrouped at ackland and early attempts to take the mall began.

December 24 - After almost a month of futile actions to reclaim Caiger, the people of Malton finally succeeded in this gruesome undertaking. Only powered by the spirit of Christmas and a hell of a lot ammo the coalition of surivor groups that have been waging a guerilla war in the suburbs around Caiger finally prevailed!

The CMS-Meta Christmas party coincided with the final push to reclaim Caiger Mall. See details here: Chistmas in Caiger!

December 06 - Early in the month, CMS-Meta moves into Havercroft with CMS members and other allies. A group effort is made to clear the revive points and occupy the mall. Despite the achieving these goals, the ensuing siege is lost due to insuffiecient survivor population to hold off a sieging horde that steadily grows to over 100 zombies. After nearly a week, Ackland Mall is occupied by zombies again and CMS-Meta moves out to regroup.

Current activity is focused on continued clean-up after the Caiger siege and planning for holiday festivities.

November 06 - The 3rd (or 4th) siege of Caiger ends early in the month. CMS-Meta and those CMS working with them flee the mall for western Chudleyton. They spend a week in Chudleyton working to revive casualties from the mall. At the end of the week, the zombies hordes reach the western edge of Chudleyton and the group moves to Dunell Hills, where they spend the rest of the month helping defend Dunell Hills and making inroads into West Becktown.

Early in the month, during the siege, the old CMS-Meta forum was opened to the public and restructured to include subforums for the Caiger Mall Survivors and ally communications. Renamed the Caiger Mall Forum, it has become the gathering place for CMS--Meta, a number of CMS, and aliied groups in NW malton.

October 06 - Confederation Ops slow down as the DHPD withdraw to defend their territory. Recruitment also levels off. Rumors of an approaching horde begin to generate excitement. Toward the end of the month Shacknews begins a siege on Caiger Mall. With the arrival of a serious threat to Caiger, visitors to the forum increase and more people join the cause.

September 06 - Recruitment efforts paid of with the formation of a core group joining Confederation efforts. Confederation operations reach a height with many victories throughout the month aided by the arrival of a large DHPD strike team and numerous strikes by The Sun Organization.

August 06 - After a heavy round of retirements, remaining members of CMS-Meta undergo discussions and begin a massive recruitment drive. Since the old CMS forum was dead, CMS-Meta invested heavily in recruiting new CMS and drawing old CMS back to the forum. CMS-Meta also joined the Eastonwood Confederation to provide a backdrop for local operations and build relationships with allies.


Our allies work with us at the Caiger Mall Forum to share information and plan operations.

Caiger Mall Survivors

Chi Vai Hunters

Creedy Defense Force

Department of Emergency Management

Dunell Hills Police Department

Malton Rangers

People's Liberation of East Becktown (PLEB)


Zombie Squad

Policies and other things CMS-Meta would like you to know

Uniform Barricading Policy

The Uniform Barricade Policy (UBP) is designed to provide as secure a barricade plan as possible that still leaves resource buildings and sufficient safe shelters accessible for less experienced survivors. It is also designed to provide a wide range of entryways for those with Free Running, so the population can spread throughout the suburb, reducing tempting targets crowded with survivors if located by zombie spies. The Free Running skill is strongly recommended as a very early skill choice for survivors.

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.

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Pics from and around Caiger Mall

Caiger Mall West Entrance in more quiet times

CMS-Meta's base of operations: Caiger Comics (2nd Floor), financers of Malton Comics Inc. ( known for Zombie World® )

Pagram Library,.. one of the Caiger entrance locations

The Latrobe Building, the nearest NecroTech office

Christmas in Caiger 2006!

Christmas in Caiger.jpg

As part of the push to retake Caiger Mall, CMS-Meta made plans to spread holiday cheer in desperate times. They made a list, checked it twice, and did some serious last minute shopping for the holiday party. At server reset on Christmas Eve, members of CMS-Meta moved into the mall with real fir trees, all kinds of lights, generators, and fuel. On the way in, they stopped and gave a brief fireworks display with all the extra flare guns looted from the hardware stores.

Once inside, they went to work and quickly set up the decorations in each corner of the mall in hopes that St. Nick wouldn't pass by Caiger. The mean old zombie grinches were waiting, though. Some tore down the trees and lights almost immediately after they were set up and took to biting the Metas as they passed out gifts. Other zombies joined in the holiday fun. Kevan himself was present as a zombie and was quick to point out what he wanted from Santa. The party coincided with a last push to reclaim the mall, and the zombies ended up getting hot lead wrapped in their shattered skulls while the survivors got the mall.

CMS-Meta 2006 Christmas Pary Highlights:

The party gets started
. . . and goes into the night. Kevan himself joined the fun. See the zombie that gestures to what he wants for Christmas?
A lucky friend got a shot of our decorations in the mere moments they were up.