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The Eastonwood Confederation is a loose alliance of survivor groups in the suburb of Eastonwood, focused on making our burb a safe place for survivors. Ammong the tasks are fighting the Eastonwood Ferals, an organized zombie group.


Confirmed members:

Invited, not confirmed, but participating anyway:


The early beginnings of the confederation was the longstanding cooperation between operatives of the DEM and FANNY in Eastonwood. It was followed by close talks between the DEM and The Sun Organization in August 2006, which culminated in these two organizations becomming formal allies. After this, support from the Warseers and MRBMB was gathered informally. Representatives of CMS-Meta joined the fray in September. After failed peace negotiations with the Warseers, Gangsta Business officially showed interest in joining the confederation, but with bad blood still held between them and the Warseers, a decision has yet to be made...

An awful lot has happened since mid October in Eastonwood. The Eastonwood Confederation, for so long, had the EF pinned down due to sheer organization and co-operation, but towards the end of October, the EF made considerable ground in reclaiming their suburb. For a month and a half, Eastonwood changed hands from survivor to zombie and vice versa, yet it was clear that the EC had control over the 'Wood more so than their adversaries, although somehow, the EF managed to keep a hold of their HQ; Pooll Crescent Police Department, for the majority of the war. Despite this, Pooll Crescent PD was captured by humans just as much as any other building in Eastonwood, though it was always taken back by the defiant EF swiftly and professionally. The longest time the EC held the EF's own HQ was 28 hours, a feat that was only matched when the EF left Eastonwood to persue other goals.

At the end of October, different groups that made up the EC left for what was thought to be greener pastures. The Sun Organization left for Ridleybank due to their commitments to the 5th of November movement. The D.E.M and CMS/CMS-Meta left to defend Caiger Mall that the Shacknews horde and friends eventually obliterated and the DHPD moved back to the Hills as they'd come under attack themselves. Despite this, it does not change the fact that Eastonwood belonged to the EC for the majority of the duration of whilst they were there, even if the majority may have only been a 10% difference. The groups that made up the EC didn't leave due the Eastonwood Ferals' attacks or retalliations, they left because of commitments that meant more to them than holding a neighbouring suburb. Due to all the information on hand, and after reflecting back on what had happened through the Eastonwood war; Victory was declared on the part of the EC, though it also been claimed by the EF! Realistically, had the EF been able to force the EC out of Eastonwood, then the undead could have claimed a magnificent win, but the superior numbers and equal organization skills (to that of the EF) of the Eastonwood Confederation eventually resulted in a victory for survivors. Unfortunately though, the 5th of November movement and the seige against Caiger both resulted in Barhar for the undead...

Now, in the new year, human spirit is high and eyes have turned back to Eastonwood... Private talks were held and after ideas were exchanged, the Eastonwood Cofederation decided to raise their head once again. With big plans for Eastonwood and the organization to allow them to happen, the EC will slowly yet steadilly slip into the 'Wood once more. There'll be blood... And lot's of it. Wether the bulk of it will belong to humans or zombies is unknown, but both sides will give it their all.

Edit: Some parts of this section have been altered for a more precise description of the war that once raged in Eastowood.

The inevitable progress of the EC

  • Caiger mall has been captured, much thanks to the work of the CMS-Meta and the MCDU. With this bastion again safe for survivors, the EC focus their attention on Eastonwood. The permanent DEM crews in the surbub has returned and have been consolidated. Members of The Sun Organization are likewise hard at work. The results are undeniable: Most of the suburb is barricaded and secured for survivors and a survivor presence is flourishing. But the EC will not rest on their laurels. The Eastonwood Ferals have come back to town, and the confederation prepares for yet another prolonged fight. For d 16:41, 7 January 2007 (UTC)
  • Despite Zombah' claims, at this moment in time there are only eight buildings in all Eastonwood that are not barricaded. This is, and has been for a while now, acting as more of a safe haven for survivors. This has resulted in Eastonwood gaining more residents as it is becoming a safer suburb. Scouts were deployed into southern Shuttlebank and Yagoton on hearing that the EF had sent a small force there in an attempt to occupy the triangle between the three 'burbs. From the recon gathered, it is clearly portrayed that the NE of the 'Wood is more than relatively safe as combined forces of The Abandoned and The Sun Org declared a barricade run successful. Buildings that were cleared and 'caded under the blanket of darkness include The Cheeke NT Building, the Lewarn Arms, Symmons Towers, Attrell Road and Rut Square Fire Stations and finally Brabner Row School.

All suburbs around Eastonwood have tightened their patrols on their borders as to make sure no EF member can run, the bulk of our undead advesaries remain confined to the midlands of the war zone known as Eastonwood. Shuttlebank however is the only suburb who's border needs rebuilding, as recent PKer and Zed attacks have left several safehouses there ransacked and unoccupied.

On an odd and final note to this entry, it appears that over the past week or so, PKers have picked off more survivors than Zombes themselves have, are the EF losing more of their grip over their homeland? Although this PK inconvenience is becoming a slight annoyance, their feeble attemps hold no negative effect over the mentality of the EC, more so rather acting as encouragement to overcome two entirely different breeds of advesary, both as deadly as each other, at the same time... --Chopper 02:52, 11 October 2006 (BST)

EDIT: On a side note; Relentless, confident cheers can be heard over the Western border in Darvall Heights. What indeed is being planned?

  • It appears that Eastonwood has become more so divided over recent days, as in which parts of the 'wood are held by whom. The Northern border recently saw a squad of survivors move in to resecure it, though afer successfuly doing so, they were somehow sniffed out by the EF and dispatched. This leavs the north devided into Buildings that are ransacked and EHB by ever vigilant survivors. The border to Brooke Hills is a permanent safe zone where it seems the EF are afraid to tread as they're forced back to the midlands of the 'wood almost instantly. The Southern border that's shared with Richmond Hills is more than clearly in breatherist control, as every building is at EHB or slightly less. News on the Darvall Heights border is yet to be received as scouts have not yet returned, hopfully ferals haven't sunk their teeth into them. Unfortunately the midlands of the 'wood are still in Zombah' hands, although this is the only section of the suburb that the undead have a fim grip over.

Saying this though, whilst the Reavers moved into the Zed controlled area last night in an organized move that saw a handful of buildngs restored to their former glory and two handfulls of EF loose their heads, other members of TSO slipped into the North to obliterate several of the undead that were occupying some of the safehouses. But without assisstance in keeping these buildings in such a pristine state, the EF will surely attempt to take them back. --Chopper 11:09, 9 October 2006 (BST)

  • Almost a week has passed since the last update, and there has been one simple reason for this; progress of the EF and EC has been so great on each side that the balance of Eastonwood has become a 'see-saw', if you will. In the space of a single night, EC forces have been able to claim Pooll Crescent along with every building within a two or even three block radius, depending on the number of active survivors. Although a day or so later, warriors of the EF have reclaimed what they call 'their' land.

On a brighter note though, until yesterday, Pooll Crescent Police Dept had been held by brave and battle hardened survivors of the EC for almost 50 hours. Although to some this may seem a small feat, it took a suicidal amount of courage and a copious number of bullets to pull this off as the EF are notoriously known to be one of the few Zombie groups that have such a high level of organization. Organization which usually allows them to claim buildings over night, yet it took two days for the brave occupants of Pooll to have their number called.

As, it seems, per usual, the West and Eastern borders of the 'Wood lie in the EC's hands, yet it is the midlands, the heart perhaps, of Eastonwood that is under EF control. With the see-saw like balance of Eastonwood continuing to rise and fall to both sides, it appears that a little extra weight on either side could make a great difference. So with re-enforcements arriving to aid the EC, will the EF be able to stand their ground under further pressure, or will they buckle? --Chopper 19:22, 4 October 2006 (BST)

  • Despite aggressive, organized EF forces moving in to reap havoc in Eastonwood's NecroTech facilities, their groan like cheers were short lived; as The Reavers of TSO, along with the DHPD acted swiftly without any mercy in taking back the Cheeke Building, the Nettleton Building, the Tryme Building and the Harold Building; all of which are NT residences. The Hosken Building was almost liberated aswell, and in fact will be in a handful of hours, but after such a productive run, Ap would not allow the last Zombah' to receive a headshot. All Hospitals in the 'Wood saw barricades restored as those without ammunition put thir Action Point to valuable use. And finally, Sleeman Towers and the Stitson Library were restored to their glory just so we could sit down to enjoy a little literature. Word is yet to be heard from other sections of the EC though...

A trigger happy soldier in Full Metal Jacket once claimed 'War Is Hell', though in this case I beg to differ. Eastonwood hasn't seen this much action since the day the EF moved in, and I'm loving it all... We've made a world of difference in the 'Wood so keep it up! --Chopper 18:07, 28 September 2006 (BST)

In an update to this morning and yesterday's work, the EF have proved to be the great adversary we always knew them to be; the Tryme, Harold and Nettleton NecroTech Buildings are wide open once again in due to a counter attack on EC forces.
  • What can be said? Eastonwood officially belongs to Survivors right now... Whilst members of the EC divided to make sure both the West and Eastern borders were under control and 'caded, which reports say they were, squads were sent out into the heart of Eastonwood to claim the EF's own HQ of Pooll Crescent PD! It was also seen to that every NecroTech building in the suburb was securely in Survivor's grasp, this included the Stonnard Building which had been faught over so tediously in recent days, not forgetting the Hosken and Ellicot Buildings were also claimed in the name of 'breatherists'. The past twenty four hours has seen much bloodshed and carnage, but it clearly appears now that the Eastonwood Confederation are on the verge of making Eastonwood a safer place for Survivors! --Chopper 14:34, 24 September 2006 (BST)
  • TSO with help from their valued allies have secured the majority of the Eastern border of the 'Wood. The revive point at the Kryps Monument is fully functional and has had it's que cleared, although someone has felt the need to remove the spray paint from the block alerting survivors that it is in fact a RP. Re-enforcements are being rallied to be sent in to aid the CMS/CMS-Meta and the DHPD in their struggle for the Stonnard Building. It seems both the EC and the EF are more than willing to let this war go down to the wire, but who'll be triumphant? On a side note, the Reavers took a days rest from the bloodshed in Eastonwood to launch a reclamation attack on St. Luke's Cathedral that had been selfy proclaimed 'owned' by the Church of the Ressurection... Every Zombie in the 4 block vacinity received a headshot and a harsh dumping outside. Uprising quelled. --Chopper 18:45, 22 September 2006 (BST)
  • 9-21-06: CMS/CMS-Meta and the DHPD remain engaged in vicious struggle for the Stonnard NT building (30,22)after a coordinated raid by the Eastonwood Ferals on 9-20-06. The barricades have been breached at least twice, but Stonnard remains contested.--Peter Steele 04:28, 22 September 2006 (BST)
  • After a short debate between the Reavers on how to benefit Eastonwood without any ammunition, the extermination squad showed why they're TSO's elite forces by unsheathing their axes and claiming three NT Buildings simultaneously; Harold, Nettleton and Tryme. A now permanent revive point was also set up at the Kryps Monument in the NE where a Zombified inspector, For D, was the first to receive revivification. --Chopper 00:36, 21 September 2006 (BST)
  • Despite a single attack on the singular target of Twitt Row PD, a squad of inspired survivors from 9/11 barricaded up the entire Eastern border, three blocks into the 'Wood. As the EC continue to pressurise the EF, more Survivors enter Eastonwood, having heard of the feats the Eastonwood Confederation have already accomplished. The Dunell Hills Police Department have also sent a strike team into Eastonwood to hand out their own share of the headshots... As the odds continue to stack up against the Eastonwood Ferals, one can only ask how long it will be before our undead friends buckle... --Chopper 01:23, 17 September 2006 (BST)
  • 16. sept: A dedicated survivor force rebuffed the EFs attack on Twitt Row Police Department. Members of the Confederation that were killed in the fight were promptly revived. For d 10:50, 16 September 2006 (BST)
  • Although substancial progress was made beforehand, we feel the best place to start would be on the day the Eastonwood Confederation let their name be known all over Malton; 9/11. A day of retribution for Survivors, the Eastonwood Ferals were made to pay for their actions. After private talks were made in the days leading up to this momentus attack, the number of Survivors that had thrown their name into the hat mounted up to 65. With such an astonishing force gathered in such a short period of time, the EC and their allies enevitably and effortlessly laid waste to the EF. Unless the Eastonwood Ferals had members outside of their homeland, the entire group was undoubtedly demolished.

The very HQ of the EF; Pooll Crescent Police Department was snatched away from them with ease by combined forces. Every NecroTech Building in the 'Wood was claimed for the good of humanity, just as the Ellicot Building, Sleeman Towers, Elers Auto Repair and the Hosken Building (Power Mast and old home of the EF) were also taken back. Although this was a great day for Survivors everywhere, it was only a portion of what the EC were capable of doing... Round one of the 'guerilla war' against the livingly challenged of Eastonwood has been won. --Chopper 01:23, 17 September 2006 (BST)