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War Seers.jpg
Abbreviation: Ws
Group Numbers: =][=8-23=][=
Leadership: Meritocratic Oligarchy
Goals: Survival
Recruitment Policy: Stringent. Contact Frigga
Contact: No direct route

The Warseers have been sighted in Malton after a long absence. Their goals remain as always, uncertain, but they have declared themselves for survival, and apparently wish to distance themselves from their past wars. An unnamed spokesperson gave this statement: "We are willing to work with all legit survivor groups to ensure the safety of Eastonwood and surrounding suburbs."

The Warseers are a group of survivors which originated from the Warseer forums. They are currently believed to be fighting a guerilla war in the suburb of Eastonwood. They consist of a small to moderate sized group of highly organised survivors comprising of a number of moderate to high level characters. They are based in the central suburb of Eastonwood, though they frequently make forays out into the surrounding area. Most Activity is seen at the Oakes Arms, known as an entry point and friendly safe house for new players.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: Unclaimed MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: [30,23]

Current Activity

Former Warseer's have been sighted aiding the survivor effort in Eastonwood. The =][= Tag has been sighted further afield, but no blanket confirmation or denial was available from the group.


=][=The Founding of the Warseers=][=

The Warseers are formed, and take the suburb of Eastonwood. Pooll PD becomes their fortress and the group slowly begins to gain momentum.

=][=The Exodus=][=

Early on in the outbreaks, the many are the greatest threat to survivors. Eastonwood is directly in their path, and as a result is in great danger. Seeing the folly of holding against a swarm in their Hundreds, the order is given to retreat to small outposts previously set up in East Becktown and Darvall Heights. Caiger Mall becomes their Safe Haven.

=][=The Return=][=

After the Many have passed, the majority of the Warseers return to Eastonwood while others stay in both outposts and the Mall. Pooll PD and Caiger Mall become their two main Bastions against the terrors that stalk the night.

=][=The Dark Times=][=

Due to having all the skills available back then or from playing to much, many of the older Warseers stop playing or become Rambo styled players. Caiger Mall becomes popular as does the surrounding Suburbs, leaving Eastonwood in the hands of those that returned so long ago. This sees the end of the organised and efficient state of the Warseers guild. Darkness comes to Eastonwood.

=][=The Fall=][=

Gradually Eastonwood becomes dominated by a new unorganised generation of Warseers. The suburb falls into disrepair and ruin. The Warseers are no longer a single entity or powerful group, but are merely a name taken by a rag tag group of individuals, with little or no influence.

=][=The Invasion of the Church of the Resurrection=][=

In a single night, Eastonwood is invaded by a massive horde and her safe houses emptied of all life. The new and incompetent Warseers provide little resistance and by the morning after the assault, the Church of the Resurrection, the identity of the attackers, have moved on. However, rumours pass round Eastonwood and it is discovered that the good name of the Warseers has been sullied, with reams of insults towards them. Tensions begin to rise, with attacks being exchanged between the group. Eventually, although dying down, this is not forgotten, and many prominent warseers follow CotR members and attack them.

=][=The Return=][=

After the CotR have moved on towards new prey, it becomes apparent how weak and decandent the Warseers have become. The remaining original warseers, known to some as 'the old ones', return, and Warseer numbers reach alomst half a century. Although unconfirmed, it is reported that the warseers sent recruits to the Siege of Caiger Mall, using it as some form of a testing ground. The second age of the warseers is beginning.

=][=The LWS Incident=][=

As the Warseers begin to reform, sending crusades into nearby suburbs, a menace appears that could threaten the very heart of Eastonwood. A group of experienced players, known only as the 'LWS', begin PKing attacks in central Eastonwood, killing their victims before they can be reported. Luckily, the Warseers manage to discover the truth within a matter of days. Warnings are posted around Eastonwood, with the mysterious =][= stamp, and the PKers begin to suffer losses. The Warseers rapidly initiate a plan of counter-attack, allying with the Exterminites and PMS clans and sweeping the suburb. The LWS disappeare, no doubt to attack some other suburb, but weakened by the attack of the Warseers and her allies. This, the first true test of the second age of the Warseers, proved that they are a strong fighting force.

=][=The Runner=][=

The Warseers entered an offical runner into the Malton Iditarod. This entrant, 'Ad'lan' is believed to have enterd the race to prove himself to the group. This may be possibly to gain entrance to some sort of inner circle or gain simply greater honour in his clans eyes. The offical entrant placed 4th and managed this even after being Pk'd and set back at the start of the race.

=][=The Weathering of the Storm=][=

On the 2nd of January Warseer scouts informed the group of the RRF's ravaging of Richmond Hills, as already they were spilling over into the Warseer Territory. The Warseer's abandoned their safehouses in Richmond Hills and Braced for the invasion. However, Eastonwood was spared as the RFF turned south. But it was finally on January the 10th the RFF began to truly invade. The RFF ripped through their targets in no short order, but it is a testament to the Warseers' Organisation and determination that only 1 member died in the course of this siege, and that their safehouse was never breached. This may not have been a Victory for the Warseers, Poole, Harold, Nettleton, Stonnard, as all were breached and cleared by the horde. But it was not a defeat.

=][=The Sabbath of Screams=][=

Pking attacks on the Warseers were on the rise, Degenerates from all across the city were converging on Eastonwood due to the heretical scribblings of Animeguy, Zombie Spies were infiltrating the populace and Defamation of the Warseers were splashed across the suburb. It was time to retaliate. Quickly a Group of Warseers formed, dedicated for two days to kill those on 'The List'. Attacking first those targets inside Eastonwood, moving west then south east they attacked the enemy wherever they found them: The Gangsta Business gang were executed, and there safehouse reoccupied. Over a third of the Preacher Boys were Killed, and entire suburbs searched for them, though they remain elusive. Spies were slaughterd. Some Heretics were even put to the torture, subjected to trial by chicken-man.

=][=The War of the Liturgies =][=

The Preacher Boys Declared war on the warseers, at 07:30 on 13/2/05. Let the Battle rage, for we see war again. The Death Tolls on Both Sides have been high, but recent Warseer information is that the Preacher Boys have fled, leaving the Warseers Victorious Again.

=][=The Vision=][=

VanHal, Lord of Dreams, spake unto the Warseers, both in and out. Saying: "In the bank of Ridley a great force is stirring. A man thought lost ere return. The Harbinger of Death returns. He who is One shall once again rise. And with him he shall awaken the Ancient Ones. And the enemies of the Warseers shall perish." Much Consertnation has this wrought, for many do not understand, nor do they heed the ledgends.

=][=The Month of Storms=][=

It truly is dark times for the Warseers. Despite seeming to have pacified Eastonwood, an influx of enemies has led to battles raging all across the suburb. The Eastonwood Ferals routinely crack open safe houses, whilst any survivor Warseer defenders are cut down, stabbed in the back by PKers such as Pathetic Bill and Gangsta Business. Withdrawing into secrecy, there are dark portents of Warseers trying desperate measures to combat these new foes. Whispers speak of an 'Undying Justice', though at current it is unknown what this is. However, it is clear that something big is beginning, and once again the Warseers march to war.

=][= The Division (=][=)

Following disagreements in the interuptrations of his will almost a full third of the Warseers left the parents organisation to form the Neo-Warseers. While the Neo-Warseers ultimately appear to have the same goals as the Warseers, and bear no ill will towards the Warseers strong differences in opinion over methods employed by certain members of the Warseers and a general reluctance by the Warseers to take an oppourtunity presented by human enemies to let a cease fire break out and concentrate on the most dangerous foe - the zombie - left some members with no alternative.

=][= The Revivication =][=

Just before Samhain, 2012 a number of Warseers who had been in hiding, or dead, since late 2006 returned to Eastonwood and have apparently reoccupied the clan's old headquarters.

Motivation and Organisation

The Warseers, although politically neutral in Malton at the moment, historically send out 'crusades' into surrounding suburbs to destroy the zombie menace. These small, highly orginised crusades operated secretly, delivering crippling blows behind enemy lines, or bringing vital aid to beleaguered survivors.

The group on the whole exhibited a pronounced paranoia regarding zombie spies and PKers, it was not unknown for large groups to mobilise to hunt down PKers, and even other survivors are not spared scrutiny. From this shared group paranoia two different philosophies have arisen -- 'puritans' who are comparable to zealous witch hunters (usually lower level characters) and 'radicals', maxed out survivors who actually commit suicide so they might level up Zombie skills allowing them better ability to enact revenge if killed. Radicals are looked upon with suspicion by the majority of the group despite the rumour that many radicals hold high positions within the warseer hierarchy.

The current attitude of the group is unknown, not paying your bar tab is not advised.


There are many mysteries, legends and rumours surrounding the Warseers. Most are undoubtably fabrications, either spread by enemies or other survivors who have only seen Warseers in passing. However, as with all legends, some are based on truth.

The Fallen

Among the lesser heard tales of the Warseers, there is one which is seldom told. This legend speaks of a group of fallen warriors who have turned their backs on their comrades, and forsaken all which the Warseers hold dear. Chief among these traitors is a vile heretic known only as "The Chaos Bringer". For these damned souls, who have commited the most greivous of betrayals, there can be no forgiveness and no respite.

The Guardians

In Warseer mythos, it is spoken of one great man, who towers above all others, and is known as Master of the Skinks, or Skink Master. In the first golden age he walked amongst his peers, smiting all the zombie menace and ruling over his group with a benevolent wisdom. There is no documentation of this; only rumours spread by word of mouth. He is said to have disappeared, though how or why is not known. However, amongst the Warseers it is prophesised the following:

'And when the end times come, and the end is nigh, a flaming figure shall appear from the darkness. He shalt only be known only as 'Skink' and he shalt smite all before him...'

In the Warseer mythos he is aided by an unknown number of great warriors, each the equal of ten other men. They are known as the Eternal Champions. They are equally powerful whether dead or alive, always loyal to the Warseers and, most of all, loyal to 'Skink Master'.

Although this story is doubted by most, there are still scattered reports of terrified survivors being saved from the jaws of the undead by hunters and zombies alike, bearing the Warseer symbol.

--Update - There have been unconfirmed sightings of an angelic figure, who claims to be the great Master of the Skinks himself, patrolling Eastonwood. Many Warseers have proclaimed it as a miracle, especially following the vision by VanHal, Lord of Dreams. It seems that, in these dark times, Eastonwood may be saved. -- Norminator 2 11:32, 15 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Finally there has been growing concern and rumour regarding a specific symbol =][= which has appeared in certain areas of Malton. Not much is known about this symbol but insiders suggest it is related to the Warseers. This group is speculated to control and organise access to the many of the legitimate and dummy Warseer forums on the web, hunting down potential infiltrators both in and out of game. Some have noticed that this symbol is a crude ASCII interpretation of the Inquisitorial Seal from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, which lends further credit to the belief that it may represent some kind of secret police or inquisition within the Warseers themselves.

Many announcements from the warseers are marked with the =][= symbol.

Historical Policies

During the height of Warseer power, it was not uncommon for them to attempt to bring their own brand of justice to the suburb. This ultimately resulted in various PK wars. Though it is not known if =][= Expunged =][=, or if the Warseers maintain even a semblance of their judiciary:

Charges and Executions =][= INFORMATION RESTRICTED =][= Consult the Inquisitorial Historical Archive

+++ Thought for the Day: The Past is Dead, Only in the Present can we Serve +++

+++Inq Record WS3779.472 (Ref: EW5869.476, UD3482.518)+++


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This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.