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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Pathetic Bill
Abbreviation: Bill
Group Numbers: 7 Players
Leadership: Pathetic Bill
Goals: PKing
Recruitment Policy: You must be named Pathetic Bill

If you don't believe in the existence of evil - You have a lot to learn

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
Pathetic Bill has PKed 1505 people.

I'm a sick person. I know that. How could a normal guy do what I did? . . . It was like another person was inside me. William "Pathetic Bill" Lucas

The Story of William 'Pathetic Bill' Lucas

PatheticBillNewspaper02 copy.gif



Public Opinion

  • This Bill person probably wears a potatoe sack on his head and runs into walls while chasing someone. Smack, your head hits a wall. No wonder you're insane - thrash646
  • Pathetic Bill is a known serial killer and should be considered armed and dangerous. - Police warning
  • Pathetic Bill has been labelled 'a scumbag' and a 'sad man who needs a hobby'. Despite this, he is still incredibly dangerous. -Nominator 2
  • William "Pathetic Bill" Lucas is a spineless, gutless punk who terrorized Malton for months now. His frenzied murder spree of random targets are as senseless and pointless as his life. -Malton News
  • WarSeers recommend: Kill on Sight or inform your local authorities! - Warseer spokesman
  • I've heard him called a monster, well that he is, but a well placed shell between the eyes will still kill him sure as it will any man. The snag is you've got to catch him first. --Col.Gravis
  • Billy is a handsome devil **giggle** --SillyLillyPiIIy 17:15, 21 July 2006 (BST)
  • Bill is a surprisingly comical bloke. Great sense of humour and all that! Shame about the sadistic, burning obsession with killing his own people really. Recommended that you sit down with him, have a pint or two with the guy, then shoot him in the head... But then again, depending on your perspective, he's just a twisted individual who's a little down on his luck. --Chopper 15:39, 16 October 2006 (BST)
  • Most people believe that Pathetic Bill is a psychotic mass murdering animal. Fortunately though, I've gotten to know the real Bill................and have come to realize they're right.--Headless gunner 22:10, 12 November 2006 (UTC)
  • If I may pull a Yaznov (I feel dirty): "Murder is born of love, and love attains the greatest intensity in murder." Can no one else see? Bill loves us. --Adrian Jeshua 19:39, 3 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Bill is killing people, and you call him insane. You say zombies are rising. Who should I believe? -- Vigeous RHA 02:08, 2 April 2007 (BST)
  • Bill is GREAT in the sack. --DrBowman 17:57, 10 July 2007 (BST)
  • The only sack Bill is good for is a hessian one, securely tied and left on the outskirts of Ridleybank as a propitiatory offering. Then again, maybe he'd enjoy that: who knows how his sick, twisted mind works? --Dan Everyman 11:58, 29 August 2007 (BST).
  • In one point of view Pathetic Billy is crazy, and in the other point of view, he is insane. I'm a PKer like him and I know why PKers do this, so he's no evil. For fun! We don't want to spedn the whole time playing as a survivor in a barricaded mall! We want to kill people! Though, I think Bill's brain got hit by something hard, sharp, and metal that made him... well... go over the limit.(1,500+ PKs) --The Gecko PKer 15:51, 19 December 2007 (UTC)
  • "dont hate him but he did kill a group of people who were posibly maybe going to kill me but the only thing in common we have is were both insane or not.--Bb buckshot 03:31, 13 July 2008 (BST)Bb buckshot
Gavel.jpg War Crimes
Pathetic Bill has been accused of War Crimes

JEJ.jpg JEJ Winner
Pathetic Bill has won the Best PKer (Bad) Award.
  • I want YOU for the PWNZ0RD Army.--Shotstol 23:27, 5 December 2007 (UTC)


Known Personalities (original Bills) If you kill one of them you can come to the talk page and brag about it.

If you kill a cheap knock-off, we cannot confirm the kill and we simple don’t care.

Pathetic Bill

Pathetic BilI

Pathetic BiII

Pathetic' Bill

Pathetic' BiIl

Pathetic' BilI


Known Copycats (not original Bills and/or mocking characters)

These characters are NOT members of the group Pathetic Bill nor are they alts of players from this group.

Pathetic BiIl

Pathetic Blll

Pathetic' PeteMonag


Pathetic Billy

Pathetic' Bill

Pathetic Bi

Pacific Bill

Pathetic Billie

if you like to join please contact us


There is no happiness without tears, no life without death. Beware! I am going to make you cry

William "Pathetic Bill" Lucas

Known Victims (unique):Cottondsp, Craige Daniels, Dragisoni, FazedDarth1, forceOfChaos, George, Steiner, Jean Paul Valley, Justin Osborn, Kilcin Seovis, Magnus the Awesome, Marchosias, Paraphilias, Scott Dixon, snek, Valefor, Wolf Hammer, jepus, NecroSlut, zima, Miketh, Terry Zarmov,johay, AAJ, Tiny Rob, Kaeda, Armisael, Jon Q Public, Jim Spirit, Julie98, NecroMech, Doctor Dorian, smilebj, Jacob Greyson, HMS Fearless, FooSpaz5, Llardorwyn, Mngo, kosora, Steinberger, Hurdie Gurdie, Asiloc, Crimson Dead, OuttaLuck, Boscko, zaru2, poopsie3, Sikkram, Carlos Oliveira, Technerd, Lust For Liver, viper3679, Michael L, Sydney Wright, Rachael Stark, Bat Lantern, Carnivean, Chicklet, kosora, Charlie Ecclest, Albert Murell, Jonn Doe, Tirik, Dr Raven, Wolfsbagger, Willyman, James C Heaphy, 180 Solutions, vt sgt ben disraeli, Alexander Nordmann, pistol935, Veyka, Norminator 2, smellypete, Gremore Dysart, Martin Dysart, Set Scott, Dr Coyote, Durrant, bluecheese, pusclot, Charl1e, gossard, BG, John Donson, Ellaron, frigga, Scott Sajovic, Fog of Fire, neXus6, Ad’Lan, Austin Edwards, Agent Jones, Bosonator, Bogomil, majorackland, Kittah, colgravis, Pete Haines, TWB, Tuba, Mercinus3, The Holy Fog, eskamennamenna, ShaZibby, Matt Walker, Ghod, Cameron Edwards, Nancy Morrigan, Gabriel Nox, justanotherguy, Metsu, Mr Reaper, Pvt Jedi, Heintze, Starbright, Fritze, cr0n1c, razorxs, shadow12, Kiro Vaas, Yuuichi, Rimoah, WavyDavy, Private Reeves, Kayvaan, Desmond O'Fara, Konrad Hellsturm, Angelus Blood, Mike The Mauler, Armand VanKoye, kyransr, Crynus, blacknut, SteveSlak, flyingspagmonster, Nissel, JayZed, StillNotBob5, Ross596, SonnyBonds, Ray McPherson, wolfmanm, bIuecheese (the clone), wingblade001, leshanti, RJ Blake, Clinician Carter, Mikkel Torsson, Ohdinn, alpha dawg, amanda1024, Bret Hitman Hart, AAerghabaegeck, JackStar, EmmaJane, Doomy, Xavier O'Grady, Arcam, Fernando Pescez, Trooper Schmoe, Bleemer, Imperial Arbiter, Dead Said Fred, D4vid, Killerdeath, Mooooosh, Arie, El Diablo, Cazador, P0ckyr, marco janton, Siegfried Deutscher, No Mercy, Reptileus, erikai, Franjik, Lalcan, Agent White, Thunter, ELite Raynor, Slider79, Jason Muir, Sgt Whiskey Swiper, Diaermot4, Eagle 4, JustinMullins, LadyAG, buddy7, Buster Piondexter, kating, zomhunter07, freedomfighter007, S A, SOS Spitfire1, Hoisting Jim, ZombieScientist, Klasnic, C Myo, Curain Sezenta, ElBarto, captain cheesy, von Lohengramm, Mr Hootington, lyndsaym, John Featherson, Treed Jimmy, Shubeck, Zeiren, Edorhn, Alex DeWitt, Voormas, serran, Defiant One, dan113, DJSMITH, howellro, Alex Danshib, Bob Cratchet, cyberbob240, Bevilr, Farmer Bob, OMFGWTFBBQ, Matthew Kings, Pierre Escargot, Ailton, ryank7, Jeremy Daniels, Harry Molloy, El Satanno, Matt Eversmann, Galliminus, Nick Royko, Drefus, Roydog, Verzombinator, UDkiller, AutoCannibal, Pbpro9988, Nicodemus Velazquez, Stilly1, I3raveheart, Wilard, Jacob Thorne, Dr Landax, Mymmeli, hashissiin, neonz, Way, le chef, Eden Man, Sarah Jamison, mazdiumdi, Dant, Polemarch, Christa McDougal, Shantzman, VVraith, Urbanater, Judge888, Alkasyn, Sl4rt1b4rtf4st, Wayne Dizzle, Arizhel, Maxiimo, Bobben, Zombiemanpants, Almar Zamasee, Deathshredder, RanDomino, Azsrieal, Dark Shogun, Gringoone, Officer Kahn, Alkasyn, nuvelle, Angulo del Castillo, Jim Callaway, Evaw, Harry Molloy, Aradan, Sumiyoshi, Haimayonnaise, Johnny Mepeino, ZBQW, kdogthearmyman, John Tate, DocWendigo, Olympus, Predater, grrrr face, MrBaja, Jonas Weaver, Goonerg, Brandon Heat, Johnthedrunk, Tanian, Beerhunter, protocolx619, rzar, Quentin Dunsmuir, Doctor Daring, Niels Istovick, Melcadrien, TheKnownBoarders, josh101, Enoch the Watcher, hk'h8, Lyndsay Castillo, Duo Cross, Colin Ballock, Mean Jean, Firingsquad, Papa Schultz, lotaaxa, siroth, jack rein, Hanover Fist, SuperTsar, Dont die jo, Anarak, Aco, WillC, Oats01, knight templar, Cult, Phil Leit, Rocky Minoma, Shwantz, Erados, Ayapoku, FallHollow, Shaun Chea, tadaskay, CuIt (the clone), Boba Fett, Kai Antilles, ShepChop, Deedra X, Aradan, Stan Teabags, Mad Scientist1134, Liam Kartheiser, Stillman, Akin, Doctor Pretorius, James Brick, Messiter, I Hunger, sick of death, Almar McMumbles, Mr Gib, E Schrodinger, Yggur, Ash TheKing Williams, Calcer, DarkDayz, Wasted247, blisters, Mobile Target, Ninja13, Alco Engineer IV, Alco Engineer I, Fred the Fireman, BobArctor, apoc51, delus, Sgt Smackdown, DoodlesSmack, Da Terminator, Ag3ntS, morpheus1983, Fishman, Gestaltdream, goggles, Nathan Callaway, Jim Callaway, JasAsian, vc zul, thebestsophist, Doctor Putzs, Azazel Aziz, mrpane911, Vamp X, whitedwaf, Sophia Peacecraft, Art Dodger, Miro Chalen, Jaquelyn , Kagata, Jarl Darkwolf, whitewolf3, whitewolf75860, Nooblah, Maefly2, Savan , Bystron, Rumpleteezer, Hateful1, ZombieCrack, BubbaBuoy, Bubba Pain, Keyita, Cobalt 60, William Holdin, DrTiru, fixson, Captain Combustible, Capt Kangaroo, dj917, TheWalkingNeedle, Makazaru, Mordagg, DDLU, Elsinthun, Revan19, Medicy, Dr Quack, Peter Steele, killimall, GeorgD, Brother Angst, Erdbeermund, TheTickTock, Jade Tsrugi, ChopperReid, Anton Slavik, kamajii, Marissai, Alex Ito, Winnan, Nighter, m3dc, Handyjq, Sonam Lharmo, Lieutenant Cullinane, Peter Cop, DashX, robnsher, Alitrader, Police Guy, tonyay163, zarathrustra daemon, accurrent, Father MacGruder, spoogeman, Vince Rhymes, It'sLasher, WombatChicago, Torgamous, Francois T Dangin, DarkOps, Jezter V3, JohnnyHatchet, criss redfield, boycrieswolf, STARS'Leon, Shadowstar, Roydal, ST Fine, Edward Gass, KristiOTD, Hatchet Job, Gregnoid Rogers, Kiki Lottaboobs, Davinos, BriAnna Blackmoor, Nathan Maiorana, Deltor, Sazerac, Malzan, Panzer88, HVLD, Mssr Snow, spike109u, Shaynah, ChihuahuaLyme, crocop, Revolverkiller, Pvt Perkins, Marcus Reid, Token Black Man, Hockeydude, Milroy, Swiftfoot, jediknight114, Calwinn Delacroix, Mishenka, BlackPanther, Vincent Price, markelause, Doc Barnard, Officer Fox, Garrett Fisher, Andrew Aaron, DragonClaws, Gehn1, Yaznov, Slickevilus, Mark Williams, Zach Ward, icenine, Uri Petrof, Buffa Maloo, Seamus MacNasty, Capt Prophet, EthanGod, bufla, Scott Dixon, bkmf, RWXSM, Mithra, Butterdove, DanGuan, Alexis Adelphi, Pie Slayer, likeitslikeme, helen cooper, Big Vic, DaneHaakon, Shamblin' Joe, DaneHaakon, keepinittidy, SudsMcDuff, bryan damage, Sergei Stephanovich, Klick, OmarBradley, Agatha Clay, TheLostProphet, Flesh Beacon, Frank Macon, Trooper Smith, blue viper, Ryan Perima, death ninja McSex, Doctor Mengele, Max, Cola, BIGCORPSE, Sidney Kingston, kknow, coiI snake (the clone), headIess gunner (the clone), EnglishMuffin, S Hadow, BladeHand, Mike Cronis, Henry Wilcox, Hofmann, 4040, Stuart Borthwick, Mean Jean, Ed64, Italiansaputo, BlackCatXIII, six7, DocJ, DReaper, WaheedAbdul Cowboy from Hell, Sange , Elayne Lanfear, Lawrence the Second, IVZA Prophet, GrayGhost, DocJ, Jacob Thorne, Matthias Flat, PrivateBeaver, Leiden, J Diddly Happypants, outlined, C'l'a'd'e, shopping guy, Havey, Auer, Matthew Bright, An Innocent Old Man, Chimerix, Mean Gene 357, Kincaide, Lasair Theiles, John Farra, Officer Betty, tassellhoff burfoot, Yanyuedao, Severous, Michael McInlay, Officer Joey, Xylem, pULsEd13, John Farra, dammit24, GrayGhost, farm3rb0b, h h, HAND OF ZEUS, Jarlian, Romero Z, FVZA Prophet, Sgt Prophet, brian mercat, michael' scofield, Tuffers, Stamen47, Jack Klane, Dwayne T Robison, Capt Baker, FVZA Emery, John Kiss, JuiceForJesus, brian mercat, Jarlaxle, Agent Hunter, Nicky Hilton, Fiery Exorcist, Lakisan, Knol Ven'nar, BarricadeEnforcer, Halcerion, mindripper3, Angelusblood6, zim 2006, MrMontag, Limbs A Poppin, Sludge Vohaul, Lucas Cleary, Dag00, Doc Tinsley, 742, Carrie Cutter, omgimonfyre, Pbhead, Cowboy Trevor, Cowboy Jim, AC Dave, John Loveless, Ray Falado, KingDoncho, mindripper3, Wayne, Enders, TheForkOfJustice, Plorzapp, Lt Bale, Vin Weasel, Barry McKenzie, Taji, General Kronic, Wednesday Wise, Harlequin1, Steamboat Willy, Raff85, Justin The Wolf, RomanTotale, Alex Tru, Zane The Cleaner, Ledbetter, beef riprock, FiReaNG3L, The Chemist, Sammy L, SilkStone, Polka Bob, DoomPatrol, Barskruru, bullettooth'tony, bullettoothtony18, Boffington, Greg Jackson, Bryan Watson, Vect, Catanya, Methlab Assistance, Sohee, Marc Jones, asshole doctor, QLegacy, paulssj8, Karen Howard, CatEar Alucard, Dickhole guy, Father Thompson, Aurolas, Necrominator, matt a, whistlerr, Extra153, Medicy, Dyn, Jaume Ramon Mercader, Nibiletz, Stepha, smellytoes, Matthew Myers, cool sean, sfwejfish, Urbanlord, Taregan, WarThongs, Meek man, Fosi, Mistress of Darkness, Moro, al duck, DoubleXdragoN, miraiya, Cheiron, xensyria, Duke Vox, pkworld, cdextra3, Don Huevos, BigRob, WildKart84, mike pepper, Nazzier, Biggie123, CaptainGunney, Tokosan, Turkey Jerky, Warhog Goa, Dolph Carter, CrimsonRavange, Sarppa Qpakko, Nirth, DefNes, Pharlik, Radical Ransacker, Heero Uly, Bashta Ti, Alex Grey, Xeno The Morph, modom, al ducky, cowbellofshame, Tim Henson, John Leggitt, Gameplayer3131, ZombieMD, ZombieGonzo, BobbyBird, TheDavibob, Philthe25th, Sgt Ender, DrThorndike, Spadalicious, Dr Chocobo, trb3h7, Ynek, Rose McKenzie, Theodor Bagwell, Noidea90. Lack of bread, SatansWarLord, Wafer's a ladyboy, wilddingo, gzusfrk89, Biggsr6, Gaius Iulius Caesar, social service Worke, The Red Star, RPD Scout, Waivuxaan, Captain key, Muzhlan, Norris, McSpurter, He12, Rampant Rodney, enniskillen, Burny le Chrches, dj917, Capt Yossarian, skeep, Claus Kinski, tuffcunz, 'Klimakaze', Darkl0rd, Hazel the flying cat, Jackson Gabriel, Jack Alexander, nickolay, Indian Larry, Death's Embrace, Stan Frankenstein, arlekino, Cross Fergusson, idevil, Spajudge1, palo ukko, Stuape27, MadAxman, Ark Delgato, Goth Hicks, MasterWood, XFilter, KraaZa, Ryan Thompson, Huk Gwai, Hotwox, Alienvibe, Survivor Slayer, Telal, tuveye, Tommunist, NickAnderson, The Chives, MarioKartPrime, kiddznitch, Rump Ranger, 830503, ragingstorm, Joe Parsec, CharlesBrown, LicketyFlick420, CommuneChris, HorthyCicclos, neocubism, binoculars, Cap Black, Al Proverson, Arno Makedonskii, GenCop, afifan, DrIgon, Pr Vorik, Job McGanis, Sgt Stedenko, Manhunt, Justin Farren, DarkenedSky, Taxman1977,Gianfranco Fini, Jaume Ramon Mercader, Bill Laimbeer, leemoe, Elton Rainer, DrStuart, Trumpeter, Huron, Patrick Ferris,, Abulafia, Kai Tan Sying, Afghan Detainee, Razer the Blade, skwirrel, Fergus Nash, sporked, RedBalfour, calvor, jamsies, GhosteOfSpectar, Cleatus Stinkbottom, Ireviveyou, Wironth, Maniacus, Bubba Johnsson, Alexander McNuir, Clint Steele, Clive Newy, G'Po, Forgery, HeLacks, Jackson Gabriel, Abel Kane , Mighty George , Captain Scout, Ronski Saukko2, Denver Doc, Porta Potty, SPECTER77, Roland Thomson,

animal cruelty: a Crocodile, a chimpanzee, a baby harp seal

Bodycount (because of multiple kills): 1505

Most frequent victims:DJSMITH (x27), cyberbob240 (x14), ryank7 (x13), Way (x11), Fog of Fire (x11), Cowboy Up (x11), Sgt Whiskey Swiper (x9), Durrant (x9), , Dickhole guy (x8), Nominator 2 (x8), Farmer Bob (x8), Bob Cratchet (x8), Harry Molloy (x8), Yaznov (x7), Sl4rt1b4rtf4st (x7), Scott Sajovic (x7), FVZA Prophet (x6), Capt Prophet (x6), Dr Coyote (x6), pistol935 (x6), Polemarch (x6), El Satanno (x6), Goonerg (x6), Hanover Fist (x5), TheKnownBoarders (x5), HMS Fearless (x5), Bogomil (x5), frigga (x5), Alexander Nordmann (x5), majorackland (x5), Ghod (x5), Klasnic (x5), neonz (x5), Quinn Inuit (x4), Johnthedrunk (x4), Beerhunter (x4), Ad’Lan (x4), Sumiyoshi (x4), Firingsquad (x4), Sgt Smackdown (x4), MrBaja (x4, Ash The King Williams (x4), Officer Joey (x4), Jackson Gabriel (x4), Jack Alexander (x4), Abel Kane (x4), Mighty George (x4), Captain Scout (x4), Indian Larry (x4)

Warseers killed: 148

The Shuttlebank Militia killed: 30

Army Control Corps killed: 25

Creedy Defense Force killed: 355

Malton Civil Defense Unit killed: 45

The 4-H killed: 55

Malton Rangers killed: 23

Celebrities killed: Amazing (Drama), Ron Burgundy (Comedy), Cowboy Up [1] (Drama), Roflcopter (Legend)

Notable Kills

Waytriplekillboya.gif he dead now?

St Valentine's Day '07

St Valentine’s Day, love is in the Air. On February the 14th Bill visit Ball Mall to spread the spirit of Love

Cherub.gif I was a St. Valentine's Cherub
This user or group has been celebrating St. Valentine's Day at Bale Mall.

Happy Birthday, voice in Bill's head


Kills for the voice in Bills Head: Maeflys, Savan, Bystron, Rumpleteezer, ZombieCrack, JustinMullins, LadyAG, Buster Piondexter, Hateful1, Way --Pathetic BiII 04:14, 19 September 2006 (BST) Happy Birthday Sirens

The Competition

The Godfather of Eastonwood has arranged a little competition to kill two birds with one stone to eliminate the Warseers that have opposed and affront him and to test the efficiency and ruthlessness of his hit men. By manipulating the psychopath Pathetic Bill into killing as many Warseers as possible, he got what he wanted, a bloodbath beyond imagination, but in addition he’s got to compare his best gunmen with his deranged puppet, the most dangerous killer of the suburb, to know if they are worthy of his grace.

Will it be the inhuman filth, called Pathetic Bill, who kills the most targets or the elite gunmen of Eastonwood's underworld? Only one thing is sure: Whoever wins, the Warseers lose!

The Outcome The competition is over, the Godfather is pleased, 20 of his enemies lie gutted on the streets. He made his point! Solely the fact that his best gunmen didn’t surpass the performance of the twisted creature called Bill tarnishes his contentment. But since he loves the four like his own sons it will go without consequence. Maybe they won’t get their new sports car next winter...

PB list: - Agent Jones, gossard, Bogomil, Tuba, Veyka, pistol935, nexus6, Nancy Morrigan, Ghod, Fog of Fire, Dr Coyote, Kiro Vaas, Alexander Nordman

GB list: Ad'Lan, Durrant, Austin Edwards, Bogomil, col gravis, Scott Sajovic, 180 Solutions.

We like to thank GB for the competition they organized, it was a barrel of fun and we all can be content with the outcome. All contestants did a very good job hunting their prey, thanks to you too.

Highlights during the hunt:

On his way from Caiger, Bill takes his time to kill two, to the competition entirely unrelated, people solely because they where badly injured. Now you two know at least the reason why.

Most of the Warseers were found by Bill in solitude; reclusively hide in barricaded basements without light in prayers waiting for the inevitable to come. They where slaughtered in their uneasy sleep, dreaming of a better tomorrow.

The wounded Fog of Fire escapes from Club Vagg into an ongoing battle between raging zombies and survivors at Felix Hospital. First, Bill had to rescue "the man afire" from the zombie hordes, only to torture him to death afterwards.

Agent Jones and gossard never saw it coming. Bill captured and slowly killed them both, oddly nobody in the madhouse, once called the glorious stronghold Caiger, gives a damn about the screams of two men in pain and agony.

From the GB-Hitmen badly beaten and only walking because MKII was pumping in his veins, Bogomil was found mumbling and disoriented at Caiger. His last words were: "The meaning of fear …the meaning of fear." Bill showed mercy and finished him off with his axe.

pistol935 didn’t see it necessary to hide. He waited calmly and prepared in the workshop of Tyson auto repair for Bill to take his life. His corpse looked so peacefully that Bill watched him for hours.

Resting in a Church, Bill bumped in the ever-annoying 180 Solutions, the newest addition to the suicide Club called Warseers. He luckily escapes Bill, only to run into GB finest Hitmen. Serves him well!

GB highlights can be found on their wiki, Gangsta Business

WarseerHunt.gif Warseer Hunt
This user or group participated in the Warseer-Hunt-Competition.

The Shrine Of Murder

Bill aimlessly roams the streets of Yagoton, when suddenly many whispering voices lure him to a building nearby. After his arrival, a strange force takes over his body and he begins to kill the people that were gathered there to wait for help and supplies.

Shrine of Murder

Get out of my head! I'm William Lucas, not Zeko! SHUT UP!

Q&A with Bill

Q What inspired you to come up with the name Pathetic Bill?

A good question

Q What is the point of playing a zombie survival game when the biggest threat comes from fellow survivors, as Pathetic Bill in example?

A Interesting Question indeed, but who asked that never saw the movies I suppose. In many zombie flicks zombies aren't the major threat, but the fellow survivors are. Watch the classics: “Dawn of the Dead�?, “Day of the Dead�? or newer ones like "28 Days Later" and "Land of the Dead". The Zombies are dangerous without any doubt, but the real threats are the survivors themselves. Like my favourite Channel 4 news-reporter said: “It’s all a mind-game.�? Do enjoy this valuable sub-plot of the zombie genre, survivors vs. survivors!

More about the Survivor vs Survivor theme and the art of Pking here, a collection of very good Articles, collected an writen by members of Red Rum and friends.

Q Do you guys drown puppies for fun?

A Why does everybody ask this? Look at the disclaimer!

Q Is it possible to meet with Bill without him killing me?

A Kid, nothing is impossible... yet very unlikely.

Q It is clear to me that all Pathetic Bill characters are completly seperate people. But who are the people behind the Bills?

A It’s really hard to answer who the people behind Pathetic Bill are. The people behind Bill (PBB) have a large variety of personalities ranging from a reasonable fair person who likes killing to someone people might call a dickhead who likes killing; a person who actually isn’t that much into griefing (but likes killing a lot); we have even someone who doesn’t like killing at all (but got a taste for killing lately). So you see it’s a really tough question.

Q Pathetic' Bill. Two days ago Dan113, thats me, killed you. Now what I want to know is what are you going to do about it, eh? evidence

A Well dan113, you really have to ask yourself what happened to dan1 to dan112, but if you still don’t get the picture, let us surprise you. I’m looking forward killing you again!

Q You killed me, and yet i´m not in the list of victims. How can this be?

A Unfortunally, not all players file their crimes orderly. Perhaps this is a problem with psychopaths. Please be so kind and add your name to the list.

Q I hate you!!!1! You should be banned and beaten up in real life! Or at least get run over by a truck!

A That´s not a question. Please frame your insults and threats in the form of a question.

Q Where you at this time?

A Definitely not in Kansas anymore. It's a place called Malton.

Feel free to send any further questions to Bill's mailbox, maybe we answer, maybe we just laugh at them. Please never edit the main section of a wiki, use discussion or contact.


Jonn Doe (the Hunter) Evidence


PK & Bounty Report

PatheticBill Group Pic.jpg






Every Personality of Pathetic Bill is played by another player, as the rules demand it! So stop bugging us with your imputations and zerg-whining!

And by the way we don´t roll with GB, we just dig their style..

Wow, some guys... no Pathetic Bill has no armies of zerkspies, stop sending emails with screens confirming kills of some poor buggers you killed, because you are way too paranoid.

No, none of our players drowns puppies for fun!

No, we are no members of the Disciples of Zeko, nor has any player of us an alt there. We just like it to play with other players and their creations of the urban dead metaversum.


Pkdaythumb.jpg PK-Day
Remember that 6/6/6 was Pk-day!

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