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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Disciples of Zeko
Abbreviation: Zekoites
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: RedZek0: God of Murder
Goals: We, the Disciples of Zeko, believe shortly after the Valentine's Day Massacre (the murder of 17 people by a single person, RedZeko) Redzeko ascended to divinity. We wish to follow in his path and emulate his actions through mass slaughter. In the eyes of Zeko, murder is blessed, and every killing is a prayer in his name.
Recruitment Policy: Any who proclaims their kills in the name of RedZeko is a member of the church of Zeko
Contact: Anything said in the Whatmore building directly north of St. Swithin's church in Yagoton will reach the ears of RedZeko

The Valentine's day Massacre

The Valentine's Day Massacre that took place in the Whatmore Building in Yagoton at the hands of the great RedZeko is now legend. Seventeen scientists all met their doom within a matter of minutes for reasons only known to RedZeko himself. It is believed that shortly after RedZeko ascended into divinity and has not been heard from since. However, we, the seven diciples of Zeko (a.k.a. "The Seven"), have vowed to carry on his his work and commit all murders in his name. Amen.

The Prophecy

Of the seven diciples of Zeko, only one was a prophet: Rozozag. Three days after the ascention of RedZeko, Rozozag prophesied his return from the cemetary only two blocks south. RedZeko has not been seen or heard from yet, but one thing if for certain: his return can be expected to hailed with a wave of dead bodies.

Bombur's Defiance

Not long after Rozozag's prediction, RedZeko found a took over a mortal body in order to check on the building he so recently invaded. He was still somewhat unused to existing in this form, and a local hero took adavntage of this temporary weakness by taking his mortal body and proclaiming "God of murder my foot!". RedZeko's diciples, of course, took immediate revenge against this heretic, and RedZeko prepares to conquer another mortal body in order to continue his murderous work.

A Brief Return

For a brief but eventful period of RedZeko returned to his spot of ascention in order to strike down the enemies of his disciples. MickDansforth, Richeliu, And MelodyMorris who had all previously spoken against RedZeko were immediately crushed under our lord's might. Amen

The Fall of Paradox

Long before RedZeko ascended into divinty and became the God of Murder, he began a plan to bring down the most powerful survivor organization in Malton, Paradox. RedZeko noticed that Paradox was incredibly arrogant, and determined that this arrogance would be their downfall. RedZeko and Rozozag infiltrated the ranks of Paradox under secondary names and fed them a steady stream of false information in order to throw them off. In the mean time, RedZeko rallied the aide of the most powerful Zombie groups he was able to persuade, includeing the Undying Scourge, The Ridleybank Resistance Front, and the Minions of the Apocalypse. Some of them were less than willing to participate, but were unable to avoid playing into RedZeko's hands nontheless. The Paradoxians were easily fooled, and made all of the mistakes that RedZeko had expected them to. Their defeat was swift and brutal. Their once glorious home now nothing more than a ghost town. Their once vast numbers cut to a fraction of their formor strength. They serve as a shining example of what happens when one invokes the wrath of the God of Muder. All Hail Zeko. Amen.

The Seal

One fateful day, word of our lord's bloody work the only god whose powers surpass his, Kevan. After discorvering how much of this vast murder was being committed, and in such quantities, Kevan immediately Sealed RedZeko and and most of The Seven away, leaving them immoble and powerless. The remaining members of The Seven began work to restore their comrades to their former glory.

The Rebirth of the Dedicated

It has been rumored that though the seal remains unbroken, Zeko's minions walk again. For their might and dedication to the holy work that is murder, Rozozag, Warren Phage, and Mr Winters have been reincarnated in new bodies to continue their bloody offerings to the the Red God. The have also been canonized as saints and go by their new titles of Saint Rozozag, Saint Phage, and Saint Winters. Did The Red One himself not say "All those who die in my glory in the midst of the holiest of actions, murder, shall rise again, made anew by my power"?. Praise be to the Red One! Amen.

Writing of the Red Bible

The born anew prophet, Rozozag, has begun the writing of The Red Bible, a collection of parables, prayers, rites, and beliefes of the Faithful and chosen people, the Disciples of Zeko. Praise be to the Red One! Amen.

Massing of the Faithful

It has become apparent to the Red One that his children have grown in size and number since his ascension into divinity. He is pleased in the mass amounts of his blessed work, murder, being undertaken in his name throughout the whole of Malton. Now the Bloody God has issued a call to all of his faithful to mass in Whatmore, to take back the holy ground that he spilt the blood of the heretic scientist and rose to godhood. When a child arrives to the outside of Whatmore they are to proclaim "Praise be to the Red One!" to the body strewn ground and their words will reach the ears of Zeko. When the Crimson King deems that a sizeable amount of the faitful have gathered he will call forth a purging of all interlopers from the holiest site in Malton. May the blood of the unbelievers be spilt! Amen.

The Eyes of Zeko

Though the Red Eye was blinded, the servants of Zeko still watch Whatmore. They appear to be as other heretics within the holy ground, slaying zombies (after they have done their damage) and mingling with the filthy children of sin, but infact venerate the Red One. They report your words within Whatmore to the Blood Stained Deity with great haste, and there is not a single utterance that escapes his holy ears. Insults will be met with vengance to those daring enough to remain within the holy ground.

Priests of Zeko

A calling for dedicated Priests, specificly Preachers, has been uttred from the Red One's divine lips. Those wishing to preach the ways of the Red God to the masses of heretics within Whatmore are to contact Saint Prophet Rozozag or any of the other Church of Zeko officals. After the prospective priest has been identified they must participate in a ritual of anointment (in the blood of a heretic) and then is to establish another form of outside contact to be given material for the creation of sermons. May your bloody words strike fear into the hearts of those who would defy the Red God. Amen. UPDATE: A brother has been called to the office of Red Priest of Zeko, from now on his shall expound to the heretics of Whatmore the holy gospel of RedZeko.

Church of Zeko

For long the Children of Zeko have stalked the suburb of Malton, taking lives in and around Whatmore, and yet.. they have had no home to call their own. The holy land still remains tainted by the heretical YRC and the buffoons of The Abandoned, and as such open followers of the Red God are killed there frequently. As such RedZeko has declared the taking of St. Alexander's Church as the first Church of Zeko, at least until the holy ground of Whatmore is taken. Regular sermons will be given by Red Priests of Zeko and members are encouraged to gather there. Though strikes against us will be expected, they are encouraged. Nothing delights the Red God more than conflict and the spilling of human blood and for this to happen within his own home makes it only more the pleasure. These attacks are to be considered worship from the heretics, though it is still acceptable to take revenge against the heretics for these strikes.

A Former Foe, Our New Friend

For his constant unbiased dedication and honor towards his enemies, as well as the creation of the Valentine's Day Massacre page RedZeko bestows upon the heretic scientist and YRC member MorthBabid the immunity from murder by any Disciple of Zeko as well as well as his protection from the faithful. This protection entails the tracking down and slaying of any living player who would dare harm this man. We must all eventually slay every last human who is not a Disciple of Zeko, so to make his immunity permanent we hereby adopt him as a Child of Zeko, a member of the Faithful. Though it is a commandent to slay if you are not hidden and are capable..MorthBabid slays zombies on a regular basis. For what is not revivification but the murder of undeath? The plague reverses death, revivification is merely the act of slaying unlife. MorthBabid is to be honored by all faithful, even if his actions seem contrary to ours, for it is THE WILL OF THE RED ONE! May our new member take many unlives in the honor of the Bloody God. Praise be to Zeko! Amen.

I Am Become Death

It has come to the attention of the holiest of the Seven that there is talk of our destruction... Lies of heretics and nothing more. The Disciples are as strong as ever, thriving across Malton as we always have. Because we show no force in Yagoton, they in their eternal hubris, think us defeated? The mere idea is laughable. If it were only so easy, Children of Sin, if it were only so easy. It seems the squatters and profainers grow fat and lazy in this ersatz peace.. well, no more! This day the Blessed strike out a new call for murder. A new show of force within the holy land. We make a calling to all active Children of Zeko, rise up and quash the heretic hordes! Show them our lord's might! Show them we are not vanquished. We shall continue the blessed work of the Red God! We shall deliver them the Lord's judgement from on high! May the lives of many be claimed to prove our existence. Praise be to Zeko! Amen.

The End

The Disciples of Zeko are no more. We'd like to thank all you who killed in RedZeko's name all the time. We couldn't have done it without you. The fact is that we have college and relationships to deal with, and we just don't have the time to be doing this. Once again, thank you. Please check out the Confessions of Zeko. Our new page on the real actions of the two players who founded and were worshipped by this group.

Praise be to Zeko, amen.