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Mick Dansforth Level 35 member of The Abandoned.

Came to Malton with the Army as a green as hell medic. When he heard Malton was in trouble, he volunteered for the mission as he had two brothers who lived in Malton, Nathan and Manny.

On the ground, Mick's Unit quickly found themselves in deeper than they could imagine. The order was given to retreat. The remainder of the unit made it to the Helicopter. Safety was in their grasp; however, mid-flight, the pilot turned zombie and crashed the helicopter. Mick was able to jump out before the crash.

Mick later awoke in Paynterton. Lost he aimlessly wandered into Dunningwood. Here he got word that a pretty scientist he had met, Anna Bavel, was in Raines Hills. So he found a map posted on a wall, and made his way there. He arrived at Orders Crescent Police Dept, to find Anna had left with out a forwarding address. He fell in with the crew there, in a wallflower kind of way. Splitting his time between Dunstan General Hospital, Southall Library, and the PD, Mick spent a lot of time with his head buried in books. But with defender greats in residence like Reavance and Rev Zombie Killer, it only took Mick a couple of weeks to get the hang of using weapons, and he started giving the odd collection of zombies that filtered through a good beating.

A week into November, and a horde or 18 zombies was spotted outside Dungey Alley Police Dept. It was re-barricaded over and over to stall the horde. After killing the horde, all in Orders Crescent felt they were strong enough to repel any assault. On the 9th the Minions of the Apocalypse proved them all wrong. Dead Wrong. With the shattering of the only home he had known in Malton, Mick once again started searching for Anna Bavel. At the same time he founded the intel organization, the North Malton Defense Force. He learned to track zombie movements and reported zombie locations to all large gatherings of humans he found. While searching for Anna, he found himself in Yagoton. But MotA had found their way there too. So Mick Returned to Orders Crescent, only to find it a play place for zombies. So Mick spent days barricading the PD and sleeping in a near by Junkyard. But it was not to last. The zombies grew tired of opening up the PD to find it empty, and eventually raided the Junkyard.

So Mick ran to Millen Hills, and devoted himself to the defense of this ramshackle burb. And it was going swimmingly until The Gray decided to join the party. With in days The Gray owned all of Central Millen, and Mick fell back to Powlett Road Police Dept where one of the Crossamn Groups (either CDF of LCD) were helming a last stand. Around this time Mick learned to recognize difference between individual zombies. He started keep notes on the characteristics of them and assigning them names.

The PD eventually fell, and Mick returned again to Yagoton, with The Gray hot on his heals. Mick moved around from building to building, expecting the entire burb to fall to The Gray, the way he had seen Raines Hills and Millen Hills fall before. But something amazing happened. The Gray could not own Yagoton. And they tried for a couple of months or more. So filled with courage and new found hope, Mick searched out the masterminds of Yagoton’s defense, and pledged his service to them, leaving the NMDF to his brother Nathan. He turned over all of his notes to his new group, The Abandoned.

It has been months since he joined, but all actions and incidents since that point, remain CLASSIFIED.

But know that he still compiles notes, lists, and documentation on all individuals detrimental to the defense of Yagoton, his new home, be they hordes the like of MotA and The Gray, or mental despots, like RedZeko and his band of thugs.

To his final dying breath, he will defend Yagoton.