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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

CDF Forums
Crossman Defense Force
Abbreviation: CDF / The Crossmen
Group Numbers: Stats
Leadership: Zod Rhombus.
Goals: To protect northern Darvall and resource buildings, as well as revive fallen survivors.
Recruitment Policy: We are looking for individuals with a fighting spirit and are willing to help combat the zed menace. Free Running is a good skill to have if you wish to join.
Contact: here


Founded in 2005, the CDF is one of the older survivor groups still active and are centered around Crossman PD, Darvall Heights [25,20]. Members of their leadership have been found controversial at times by a segment of players. The original CDF included members of what eventually became Liberation of Crossman Department. The previous CDF regime was centered around the leadership of controversial player Amazing with Exo2000 and gpf rounding out leadership in the form of a tribunal. The CDF were involved in a prolonged battle with the PKers groups ASS, The Faggots and GANKBUS who targeted the CDF in general and tribunal member Amazing specifically. Since that time, The Faggots have remained inactive, while A.S.S. and GANKBUS have officially disbanded. Zod Rhombus has consolidated leadership and continues to serve as current leader. The Crossman Defense Force continues to operate in Darvall Heights and the surrounding areas. While the original intent of the group was to secure Crossman PD, the group now acts as a mobile strike force that provides refuge and protection for survivors that cross their path.

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This user or group supports the MPDG in their attempt at restoring law and order in Malton.
Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.
Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.

Crossman Defense Force - Malton's Fighting Elite!

General NEWS - NEWS - NEWS
  • Leader:
Zod Rhombus

  • Tactical Advisors:
  • Emissary:
1 4
  • Halse Crescent Commander:

  • Core Members:
Roscoe Underbough, Roybot, Comat Heid, A Kamwo Mawar, bayas, St. Marie, Conacher, Steele Glovier, Necros Nastigast, Valcier, Boojamon, Nervous Harold, Eli Corte, Stabby McAxeforface, Daemon93, oldskoolcrx. Hazel Kelly, Mr Chaos, jacquelyn.

The Crossman Defense Force is based in the Police Department of the same name and consists of an unknown amount of survivors interested in holding the immediate area, as well as reviving fallen survivors.

The official Crossman Defense Force forum can be found here!

  • Welcome Liberation of Crossman Department members 05:04, 3 January 2008 (UTC)
    In one of the darkest hours for northern Darvall, our LCD brethren came to fight the good fight alongside us. Now it appears our sometimes enemies but longtime friends are disbanding. I welcome all proud LCD soldiers who wish to carry on as a member of CDF. Our long celebrated and shared history intertwined our fates for years. Our shared birthplace of Crossman PD continues to stand as a beacon of hope to those under siege. May we join together and fight the zombie hordes as children of Crossman! Never let them forget about Liberation of Crossman Dept. or Crossman Defense Force!! --Zod Rhombus 05:04, 3 January 2008 (UTC)

  • WAR! Rally Cry for all CDF and Allies 05:45, 27 September 2007 (BST)
    Friends and Allies, for far too long the East of Darvall has been plagued by the House of Wax. We WILL reopen Stoddard NT and Taylor Lane PD. We are coordinating via the forums of the LCD, DG, MPD, and CDF. Contact me for information if you're an ally or CDF member.--Steele Glovier 21:03, 27 September 2007 (BST)

  • Urgent message to Northeast Malton 05:45, 27 September 2007 (BST)
    Grim 1000 his profile is NOT a member of the Crossman Defense Force. It has come to my attention that this player is PKing in CDF's name. We are not - REPEAT - NOT a group of PKers. We do not and will not employ PKing as a way to achieve our goals. Consider this individual a person with no real ties to this group. Thank you. --Zod Rhombus 05:45, 27 September 2007 (BST)

  • New Operations being planned 05:45, 27 September 2007 (BST)
    All CDF be advised that there are new operations being planned for Darvall Heights and surrounding area. Steele is coordinating efforts for a new offensive against the ferals. Check the forums regularly for details. --Zod Rhombus 05:45, 27 September 2007 (BST)

  • Darvall Heights Operation 18:12, 18 August 2007 (BST)
    All CDF personnel check the forums regularly for up-to-date communication. All coordination is being done through there. Pick a defense team and report. Check in often and shout out locations. If you do not have 'War Room' access, PM me (BCK) for permissions review. --Zod Rhombus 18:12, 18 August 2007 (BST)

  • Malton Hospitals Group 18:06, 29 July 2007 (BST)
    I registered CDF with Malton Hospitals Group (see template above) since we are actively persuing the well-being of Saint's Row, as we have been for a time. While we usually take a more defensive position in the hospitals - shooting zeds and cading, there usually is a CDF doctor or reviver splitting time between the three hospitals at any given time, hence my decision in joining the Malton resource group listing. --Zod Rhombus 18:06, 29 July 2007 (BST)

  • New Tactical Groups Forming 09:02, 04 June 2007 (BST)
    Notice to all CDF personnel. New Tac Teams are forming as CDF grows its area of influence. Zod Rhombus is coordinating operations around Halse Crescent PD. Bayas, Tiffany WIllows, and Daemon93 are coordinating the relief efforts around Taylor Lane PD. Steele Glovier is coordinating Saint's Row and Frappell NT defense along with Delta Green from the Crossman Police Station. All CDF members are advised to assist in these new efforts.


The Crossman Defense Force welcomes like-minded players who wish to provide a safe haven for those who travel through Darvall Heights and surrounding areas. We strive to help newer arrivals level up quickly while giving seasoned veterans a good fight and times to remember. While leadership is consolidated into a single commander and advisory board, CDF operates on democratic principles and encourages input from all members. We are fiercely loyal to our allies and stand alongside them with pride. We draw strength from our controversial past and look toward the future with the hope of eradicating the zombie menace and seeing Malton's quarantine lifted.


Here, CDF operatives clear out and prepare to cade an undisclosed location in Darvall Heights
CDF fighters form a defensive line to help curb the advancing zeds into the suburb.
During a lull in zed activity, two CDF operatives pose for a promotional recruiting poster.
A Crossman Strike Team prepares for the journey to Ridleybank to participate in the Battle of Blackmore in late 2006.
The CDF evaluates all threats entering Darvall Heights, even seemingly trivial ones.

Darvall Heights Events

Dealing with House of Wax and Eastonwood Feral attacks. No major coordination at the moment. --Zod Rhombus 18:36, 6 January 2008 (UTC)

The Chronicle of the Crossman Defense Force

This is a sketchy retelling of the CDF story by Zod. (what he can remember)....

Crossman Defense Force is created in Summer 2005 by a few dedicated souls in Darvall Heights shortly after the outbreaks. This ragtag bunch of like-minded people carve a foothold out of the suburb and provide a safe haven for travelers.

Minions of the Apocalypse and Church of the Resurrection tear through Darvall laying waste to everything in their path. CDF is forced to flee north, only a few remain in Darvall and are systematically wiped out by the zed forces.

Nearby survivors descend on Darvall to help battle the undead. They join one of the remaining CDF, Exo2000 in reclaiming Crossman. Amazing joins up and the zeds are finally booted out. The exiled CDF members form as the Liberation of Crossman Department(LCD) and battle through Shuttlebank and Yagoton. Zod wanders around the Yagoton Revivication Clinic and meets members of LCD for the first time.

The 'new' CDF finally brings stability to the area around Crossman as the hordes move on. LCD soon returns and orders everyone out in order to reclaim their base. The 'new' CDF refuses and tempers flare. Soon, a truce is called and both sides agree to coexist. LCD sets up shop in Goodson Motel.

Amazing rises to power in a CDF tribunal consisting of himself, Exo2000 and gpf. Zod, then a scout, is appointed emissary and sets up to bring the groups closer together. Zod accompanies LCD on missions to Ridleybank and as LCD transforms into a mobile fighting force. A crushing defeat by the Ridleybank Resistance Front sends Zod home and he resumes his role as emissary. The LCD returns to Goodson.

The CDF allies itself with McZeds, a new fast food joint in mid-Darvall. Many CDF are spotted trekking east from Caiger to check out this new eatery in the Henslow Arms.

Soon, the wiki becomes a battlefield for the two groups as LCD leader Cortonna and members MaulMachine and Jorge Bermudez along with Amazing wage war as never seen before on talk and group pages. The groups grow further apart and LCD moves to Judgewood.

CDF sends soldiers to fight in the first and second sieges of Caiger Mall. The survivors are victorious.

CDF adds Halse Crescent PD as a base of operations and appoints LokiJester as commander. Gpf leaves Malton and Zod is appointed to the tribunal. Some beef between some newer CDF/LCD members result in a couple of PKings. Both CDF and LCD have "Kill on Sight" orders for the other group's members. Zod travels to Judgewood to start talks and broker peace between the groups.

As Zod is welcomed by Johnny Rico and Cortonna, an imposter of Omar Bradley (A MaulMachine alt) kills Zod. Zod calls the troops and 12 CDF respond to Judgewood. With tensions at an all-time high, and everyone from both groups in the same building with guns drawn, it is learned that the imposter was from the A-Button Zombiee Kill Krew, an LCD enemy. CDF returns home. The talks are cancelled.

MaulMachine (or his alt - I can't remember) is PKed near Halse Crescent, now a staffed CDF Outpost. Zod continues diplomacy through the wiki and a shaky truce is hammered out. CDF Black Ops Team is formed. There are 6 members with a single spade to show their identity in their profile. CDF 1 4 joins. There are two members from other groups as well. A CDF infiltrates RRF.

Tensions rise again and the Black Ops Team (with CDF removed from their profiles) is dispatched to Judgewood and above to scout strike launching locations in a surgical strike plan against LCD. The team moves into place, staging from the north, waiting to synchronize.

....then GANKBUS happens and the PK wars start.

All CDF pull back to protect the homefront and the CDF stationed there. The whole CDF/LCD situation is reconsidered. Exo2000 gets busted for zerging and wonders off. Griefers attack daily and Assault on Stupid Survivors joins in along with The Faggots. The PKers have a field day, killing CDF green recruits for no apparent reason other than to grief Amazing.

Soon after, Amazing is ejected from the wiki and soon begins work on Scroll Wars and Hell Rising. He leaves Malton. Zod assumes sole leadership of CDF in the late Summer of 2006. While still living under constant attack from griefers, he starts reorganizing CDF objectives. Zod gets rid of all Black Ops and spies. LCD and CDF are once again friends as MaulMachine leaves Malton.

Dragon Noodle Protection Agency helps in protecting Halse Crescent PD, as CDF fights constant PKing.

Zod brokers deals with A.S.S. in return for the safety of what few CDF remain - as numbers dwindled from 45 to 11. Steele Glovier and Tiffany Willows join. War against Scinfaxi and Co. of the Faggots continues. The reviled players form many unsuccessful plans to smear Crossman PD as well as the CDF. A 'white pride' rally among other controversial events are planned for Crossman and are never held. CDF retains control of Crossman.

CDF allies with TechCom, a revivifying and medic outfit in southern Malton. CDF's ties with Caiger Mall Survivors, through CMS-Meta, become stronger.

The new bond between LCD and CDF solidifies as both groups heed the call at the Battle of Blackmore. Cortonna leaves LCD to become a 'death cultist' but later returns. Even Amazing returns in a battle reprise to enjoy the zombie slaughter. LCD/CDF relations continue to be the best in years as the groups find more common bonds, the past battles and ill will a distant memory. LCD reorganizes as one of the core groups of the SSZ (Survivor Security Zone) in central Malton.

CDF returns to Darvall to witness the fall of Caiger - multiple times. CDF members are some of the last to leave Caiger as Shacknews tears through its defenses. New members join (most in the current roster) and CDF rebuilds in Gatcombeton and Eastonwood. CDF is one of the first groups (along with Delta Green ) to reclaim Darvall after hordes laid waste to the area. Zod recharters CDF to protect Crossman, Tayler Lane PD, Halse Crescent PD and Saint's Row, hoping to take the focus off of controversial Crossman PD. The CDF stations members throughout the new protection area to help suriviors returning to the Darvall suburb.

With Caiger and its two NTs compromised, CDF starts staging and protecting Stonnard and Frappell NTs in Eastonwood and Shuttlebank respectively. This is rationalized by giving fighting Caiger forces a fallback revive point during the crisis. Soon, the focus of ops becomes Taylor Lane PD, Warrne Cinema and the NTs. After these are secure, a new zombie threat emerges from Eastonwood - The House of Wax. These 'wax figures' of prominent UD players are well-coordinated and strike with tenacity, eventually taking the 'Four Corners' (Stonnard, Warrne, Tayler Lane) area. The HoW forces eventually reach Crossman, and the battle with them continues today, with a few Eastonwood Ferals joining in.

CDF forges an alliance with The Abandoned.

LCD returned to Darvall to fight once again alongside their family, CDF. It was made known this was its last hurrah, this pilgrimage to its homeland. The CDF/LCD bond is a strong as ever and that brings us to today......

CDF continues to fight the good fight. We never seem to give up and will help any survivor that crosses our path. Darvall Heights has been one of the most active suburbs in the game and CDF is proud to protect and serve its citizens.

-Zod Rhombus, Crossman Defense Forces Leader

Allies of CDF

  1. Malton Police Department
  2. Delta Green
  3. Liberation of Crossman Department
  4. Caiger Mall Survivors
  5. CMS-Meta
  6. McZed's
  7. Warseers
  8. Tactical Strike Force
  9. TechCom
  10. Channel 4 News Team

Enemies of the CDF

Problem players, problem groups. Contact us for more info.

PKers & Griefers Nurten Killers Zombies
  1. Cantaloupe for PKing Saint Marie
  2. More Violence for PKing Tiffany Willows
  3. Calito for GKing
  4. Teont for GKing in the hosptials.
  5. Gimili for PKing Tiffany Willows and aiding zombies attacking the CPD

list any new violators of Nurten Policy here Valichen666

Anyone listed on the Nurten Violation list may request their name be removed on the Discussion page if they made a mistake or did not know this was a Rev Area.

  1. House of Wax
  2. Eastonwood Ferals
  3. Ridleybank Resistance Front
  4. Minions of the Apocalypse
  5. Church of the Resurrection
  6. Feral Undead
  7. Tiffany WiIIows, for impersonating Tiffany Willows while not being nearly so cute

Please list names only once, and reserve this space for CDF member or affiliate posting only. Please link names to their Wiki page if applicable and post profile links if you have them.

For Nurten Killers:

(Anyone who kills Zombies on Nurten Avenue, a protected and clearly labelled Revification Zone.)

Warn profusely, terminate if they continue to PK those who are simply looking for Revification. Termination only recommended if they are hanging around in surrounding area of Nurten farming XP for a free ride.

Make note if violator uses Headshot. Please make note if you are adding or editing the listing for a repeat offender. Repeat offenders are open to executing on sight.

See also Persons of Interest.

Nurten Avenue Revification Point

CDF members can request revivifications here:

Those who violate the "Do not kill" rule on Nurten Avenue should be advised not to make a habit of it. If you are caught violating this rule more than once there will be consiquences. (an allowance for mistakes)

NURTEN IS A PLACE FOR SURVIVORS TO REQUEST REVIFICATION - Killing Zombies waiting there is considered PKing. If we hear of it, expect a "visit".

CDF Policies

This is the area in which you may read about certain CDF policies you may need to know about. This will grow larger over time.

Black Ops, etc.

While in the past CDF has employed questionable means to leverage advantage on enemies during the PK Wars - including the use of spies, misinformation and third party targeted PK campaigns -the current game climate does not neccessitate the use of such measures.

CDF does not employ these tactics to achieve its goals are we are strongly against PKing. We strive to achieve our goals through diplomacy and strong bonds with our allies.

CDF leadership and advisory board welcomes dialogue with other groups, zombie and survivor alike.

However, CDF reserves the right to eliminate any threat thought to be detrimental to the group as a whole or to nearby survivors under our charge and protection, including unwarranted smear campaigns and suspicious known Pker activity in our operational area.

Zombie Spies

We don't care if your group claims not to use spies. A zombie player who is human and sitting in Crossman Grove PD will be asked to leave or killed if they refuse/ignore the request.

The notion that a revived zombie player is harmless does not hold water. There is no reason for you to be alive if you want to play a zombie, and you should be asking us to kill you if you actually want to play a zed and aren't spying.

Think about it. If you choose to be a zombie - then you wouldn't be alive for more than a few minutes. You could easily stand among your kind and be torn apart until killed. Instead you're sitting in our HQ, very much alive and not doing anything to rejoin the undead.