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This User doesn't really see how this is supposed to be the Ultimate temp- wait... I-I SEE THE... WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWW!?!?
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Zod Rhombus is a proud member of the Soldiers of Crossman.
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I will strive to serve the survivor cause to the best of my ability and justify the faith you have put in me. Thank you.

I am Zod Rhombus, a Malton survivor formerly aligned with Crossman Defense Force, one of the oldest continually operating survivor groups in Malton. I am currently in the service of Soldiers of Crossman.

I have fought at the second and thrid seiges of Caiger Mall as well as the Battle of Blackmore. I was one of the last to leave Darvall Heights after the fall of Caiger as well as one of the first to lead the charge back to Darvall as CDF became one of the first survivor groups to return to the area.

Zod has wearily fought a PK war against ASS and GANKBUS, groups specifically created for CDF's destruction. At this goal they have failed miserably, yet the senseless PKings continued for months. Zod also ran an unsuccessful bid for Liberation of Crossman Dept. leadership. Falsely accused as a zerger, a ban which was later rescinded, Zod continues to try and make Darvall Heights safer, much to his enemies' chagrin. He is not as nice or passive as he has been portrayed, turning a little more vengeful and evil, yet steadfastly sticking up for his allies and fellow survivors.

Crossman Defense Force has established cease-fires with A.S.S. and The Faggots and GANKBUS. All of the groups have disbanded. The PK wars are over and settled to the history books.

Zod has recently helped broker peace between two long-time enemies, CDF and LCD. The new Crossman Alliance is progressing nicely with defense capabilites doubling in all areas. Zod salutes the soliders of Liberation of Crossman Department and Crossman Defense Force.

Also, Zod works closely with MPD, Caiger Mall, Delta Green as well as others to keep the strategic area located halfway between Calvert and Caiger Malls safe and clear of organized zed manaces.

Zod has done the impossible - erasing the stigma of Amazing from CDF while converting the group from a loosely-organized, low-member trenchcoat corps known more for wiki drama than gameplay into a dedicated, effecient fighting machine that puts survivors first and helps all who wander into northern Darvall Heights.

  • This user is STILL a newspaper columnist.
  • This user is a Mac user. And a PC user. Linux sucks.
  • This user is 6' 5" tall.
  • This user has broken 9 bones (not at one time).
  • This user is an avid non-gamer. Only plays UD and Hell Rising online.
  • This user lives at the beach and surfs.
  • This user has self-published comics in the past.
  • This user drives a Toyota 4Runner and is looking for another BMW 318is track car.
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  • This user drinks Abita Turbodog ale regularly. For fiber.