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McZeds are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:41, 16 July 2010 (BST) Not Inactive?

This page refers to the original McZeds. For information regarding the newly-created group bearing the same name, please see McZeds (new).

Abbreviation: Mickey Z's - The Gangreen Arches
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Our beloved CEO
Goals: Provide tasty and fulfilling meals to the citzens of Malton. Create Zomburgers so fresh, you'll swear they said "Mrh?"
Recruitment Policy: We are always looking for fresh faces.
Contact: Stop by any location for an application.

Welcome to the Official McZed's™ Fast Food Restaurant Wiki page!

Amazing    CEO/FOUNDER



Restaurant Locator.


  1. Darvall Heights - The Henslow Arms. (29,25)
        Status: NOW OPEN.
        Manager: Glass Onion.
        Staff:      David Treanor.
  2. Ridleybank - On Hold.
        Status: Notifying next of kin.
        Manager: Missing.
        Staff: Presumed tasty.
  3. Judgewood - The Organ Arms. (14,14)
        Status: NOW OPEN.
        Manager: Burnin_Joe.
        Staff: Crystal Method Food Conglomerate
  4. Peppardville - Club Minchinton (75, 43)
        Status: NOW OPEN.
        Manager: Matt Spencer.
        Staff: The Creedy Defense Force.
  5. Peppardville - Saint Benedict's Hospital (Food Court) (77,49)
       Status: Being -- ahem -- "remodeled"
       Manager: Beverly Crusher.
       Staff: Expendable, but present. Y N Ovelt.
        Staff: Sons of Korhal
  6. Dulston - Nott Auto Repair (98,3)
        Status: Grand Reopening! Come get some RRF while it's "fresh!"
        Manager: GK Ryo.
        Staff: Dead vs Blue
  7. Dunningwood - Farr Library. (97,25)
        Status: NOW OPEN.
        Manager: Ivanchamarradepiel.
        Staff:      Not Yet.
  8. Wykewood - Chilcott Auto Repair (11,78)
        Status: Currently undergoing unplanned demolition by zed mobs swarming Wykewood - BUT STILL OPEN!
        Manager: --Klentis Maccabee .
        Staff:      Newton Egglbach.
  9. Kempsterbank - Ebbutt Road
        Status: NOW OPEN, and under new management! A free revive with every meal purchased!
        Manager: missing and brainrotted.
        Staff:       Knights Templar
  10. Vinetown - the Tynte Building(82,66)
        Status: Open for Business!
    Manager: -- 8 Bucks.
       staff: Those Dudes
  11. North Blythville - the Lovel Museum
        Status: Open!
        Manager: --McZedsRock2.
        Staff:       No-one
  12. Pegton - The Rowcliffe Building. (85, 52)
        Status: NOW OPEN.
        Manager: Jeremy Daniels
        Staff: Creedy Defense Force
  13. Tollyton - Collis Towers. (68, 65)
        Status: OPEN 24-7.
        NOW HIRING
  14. Pitneybank - the Schonlau Motel. (84,48)
        Manager: Buddy K.
        Staff: BM Face
  15. Lerwill Heights - the Morrish Motel. (22,52)
    Recently updated menu! Free Finger fries with every McZeds! *Limited time offer. May expire without notice.*
        Manager: Sebright Union .
        Staff: Now hiring!

McZeds™ is growing! Join our team today! We hope to have a franchise in every suburb in Malton! Let us know if you're interested!

13 JAN 2007 - On behalf of Ackland Mall in Havercroft, I'd like to invite you guys to set up a franchise inside our mall. We are expanding our food court, and right now the only thing we have close to a restaurant is The Lime Brigade. Thanks, a random mall cop, Ackland Mall Security

Can McZeds please set up a store in wittenside its got boring down here thanks ----- Received a request that i decided to pass down on locating a new McZeds in earletown. Thanks -

How about one down here in Tapton?

Hey can McZeds please put a restaurant in Roftwood? We are getting tired of the same old Rations and wine. We would certainly enjoy some delicious Zomburgers!

Yes, we have a few large groups here that are pretty hungery.

hey McZeds, can ya put a McZeds in Greentown? Just wondering!

Can we have a McZeds here at the St. Spyridon hospital in santlerville? -Dudeaga

McZed's™ Menu.

Have them your way!
Item Description Price
» Entrees
Zomburger A delicious undead patty with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on a warm sesame seed bun. 99¢
Fillet O' Flesh The finest catch of the dead with mayo and special sauce. $1.99
Royale with Bra!nz™ Here in Malton, we use the metric system, we don't know what the barhah a quarter-pounder is. The rest is an obscure joke. $2.29
The Rotter™ A huge all-green patty, "Special Sauce", lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun! $2.49
Chick O' Zed™ Zombie chicken grown right here in Malton. Oozing with juicy undead chickenness. $2.99
» Beverages
Small Croke Cola™, Diet Croke Cola™, Dr. Revver™, Mello Hellspew™, Hi-Z™ Green Punch, Malton Dew™ (new!) or Iced Tea. 99¢
Medium $1.29
Large $1.49
» Side Orders
Finger Fries Simply the best, thickest zombie digits, deep fried and golden brown. 99¢
Chili A steaming hot bowl of spicy chili. Rich and hardy with flavorful chunks of ghoul in every bite. 99¢
Onion Rings Hand cut Gourmet Onions breaded and fried with our special beer batter. 99¢
» Kid's Menu
Malty Meal A Zomburger, small fries, and small drink in a fun box with one (1) free toy! $1.99
FreezyZed™ An ice cold treat that you can enjoy with a spoon or straw. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, or Sangria. 99¢
I-Scream! Treats™ Available in vanilla, chocolate, mulato, and other flavors (depending on availibility). Topped with your choice of S&M's, Shrapnel Sprinkles, or Chunky Strawberry Sauce. 99¢, $1.25, and $1.49
Survivor-Size any Value Meal for only $1 extra!

Company Info.

Founded in late 2005, McZed's™ is Malton's oldest and best fast food chain. Dedicated to quality food and service, McZed's™ hopes to be your family's favorite restaurant. We use only the best prime cuts of meat from the most lively and hardy undead fiends. Now the Aunt Gladys you thought was forever lost can be a part of you for eternity!

  • Commitment to Quality -- At McZed's, we care about quality. We take great pride in serving only the freshest corpses. Since our first restaurant was built, we took great pains -- <giggle> -- and harvested only the sturdiest undead, unlike our competitors. We purchase only from trusted, survivor-leading brands. Every day, in every one of our restaurants, we promise to serve a quality meal every time to you and your surviving family. That's our promise to you.

    1. We promise to use only fresh, wholesome rotters when serving you and your family.
    2. We promise to support zombicide and to ensure the return of economic growth in your community.
    3. We promise to partner with leading survivor/suppliers and trusted brands.
    4. We promise that our hunting safety standards meet, or exceed, regulatory requirements.
    5. We promise to monitor, measure and inspect the quality of our cadavers, from roadkill to table, to assure deadness, quality and safety.

  • Fruits and veggies -- We know our customers are concerned about variety and balance in their diet. Therefore we take care to note which corpses sport feather boas, or are dragging along medical charts noting "persistent vegetative state." Fruits and veggies are part of a well-balanced diet, after all...

  • Dairy -- An important source of calcium. We purchase only the finest quality "cows," and the best "cheeses"; Our yogurt is made from former Dannon employees, and our I-Scream Treats are made from only the finest howlers. You're welcome.

  • Drinks -- Cool your thirst! Our "iced" beverages are to die for, and with good reason! Did you know that our Die-sanni shakes (not available at all locations) are made from *real* DaSani stiffs? Our Croake-Cola drinks are also "the real deal." And our Minute Made™ drinks are really made from maids, in under a minute!

  • Condiments -- We believe that all customers should be entitled to Safe Eating. Therefore, we're generous in our supply of condiments. One can never be too careful...

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McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

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AntiMcZeds.JPG Anti McZeds™
This Zombie or Human does not eat at McZeds™, the patty flipping harmanz bra!nz are full of grease.

Affiliates, Sponsors and Sister Organizations

  1. Ultimex Corp.
  2. Malton Boy Scouts
  3. Dirty Dozen


Don't just take our word for it, see what these folks had to say!

  • "I was a strict Vegetarian until I sprinted into the local McZed's™ to escape an undead horde. I always had a problem with eating defenseless creatures - but since these delicious items are made of human beings, there's no problem!" -- Terrance Buckwhite, Copy Editor
  • "When I've just fended off a horde of brain-sucking ghouls, the last thing I want to do is cook! That's when I take the whole (remaining) family out to McZed's™ for a good meal that's easy on the pocketbook!" - Molinda Battysnipe, Home-Maker
  • "Before McZed's™, bodies were littering the streets and causing all sorts of health issues.. not to mention the fact that they kept standing up.. Now that Mickey Z's is here, you can finally walk the streets relatively unhindered. I stroll down to our local restaurant all the time!" - Rupert Himbinkendap, Law Clerk
  • "Something as distasteful as the Undead should never be considered fit for human consumption. - That's what I thought before I tried the new Rotter™ sandwich! Them's good eatin'!" - Allen Gropensmith, PHD
  • Harmanhambargaz makz zambahz hambargarz?Waht dah fahk?--ZOMBI KEMAL 23:48, 14 December 2006 (UTC)
  • "Graaagh! GRRAAAAGGHH! BARHAH -- grrraAARRKKKkkk.." - The late Mr. Smummins, Future Value Meal
  • "Hey! There's no solution for that maze! My kid spent days working on it, used up 17 pencil erasers, until I took it away from him so he'd shut the hell up, and looked at it myself! NO SOLUTION! Just what the hell do you think you're trying to pull here?!?!" - Mr. Koch, Extremely pissed off mall guard
  • "McZed's is, figuratively speaking, brain food (and quite possibly literally). I took my class on a field trip to one, and all of them had your Malty Meals. When I had a test next day, 90% of all the students got A's! The other 10% were missing since the field trip." Mr. Joseph Armins, Teacher
  • "Someone revived me and I descovered most of my body to be missing, couple limbs, some more private parts... Anyways I walked over and found McZed's™ and ordered some food. I found myself eating my own !@#$. MMM! Gotta go kill more people so McZeds has some fresh meat!" Mr. Zoza, former zombie
  • "Sometimes, there's nothing the boys of the CDF like better than a trip out after a long day of fending off the hordes - so I do what anyone else would - I take 'em to the nearest McZeds! Sometimes we even bring goodie-bags back to the dept. for later!" Mr. Exo2000, Police Officer
  • "I've lived on a steady diet of McZed burgers and Croke Colas for days now, and I've never felt better! There's nothing like feasting on your own enemies flesh on a bun with some ketchup and cheese!" - Mr. Alex Danshib, Necrotech Scientist
  • "While I personally am against eating the undead, some days you just can't bother getting up the energy to spend two hours scouring the mall for a decent meal. So then I head over to McZed's for a fast meal that can definitely be said to be, if not appealing on sight, filling and tasty in the end! Thanks, McZed's!" --Colin Anderson, synth player and electrician for the ELT
  • "You fools, SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!" - Charlton Heston
  • "What the F**K is McZeds?!?!" - "Mattiator"
  • "This s*** is a lot better than sushi! You simply MUST try it! - Rena Ryugu
  • "You know, nothing compares to a Big ol' Rotter™ and a nice, cool, refreshing Croke Cola to keep me up when I'm hungry. This is the tastiest apocalypse I've had in awhile. In fact, as I write this, I'm Eating at McZed's™." - User:Tobomac 18:39, 10 July 2010 (BST)

Kid's Kompound

Hey, kids! Here's a chance to play with your food without being punished!


Hey, little Survivors! Help tasty Uncle Malty navigate the streets of Malton without being accosted by Harmanz or the CDF! Watch out for Barricades as well as you guide him to the closest McZed's™ Restaurant kitchen! Be careful! Hit more than one obstacle and you won't make it to McZed's™ before closing time!!


(Crayons are available for younger customers, ask your server!)

Uncle Malty ™ & © McZed's™ Inc.

Check out this hot game available at all quality retailers!


Be sure to ask your parents to buy McZed's Land™ for the Super Pretendo Entertainment System! Help Myron Hero™ find the Foodlooter™ before he sells the special McZed's™ recipes to the competition! You'll have to hack your way through 63 levels of intense action, converting undead ghouls into tasty treats along the way! You have to get McZed's Land™ for the Super Pretendo Entertainment System!

Employee Info.

Join today!

A McZed's™ employee should always be cheerful and helpful while serving customers. Attention to detail is key! Did you smile? Did you greet the customer the moment they entered the restaurant? Did you tell them about the nutritional benefits of human flesh?

We here at McZed's™ applaud a good work ethic and a positive attitude. Our employees are expected to keep their uniforms sharp and their demeanor pleasant. Serve others as you would wish to be served!

Some key points to remember are as follows:

  1. Attend to your uniform as if it is the only outfit you will ever own. Treat it with care!
  2. Treat every customer with the utmost respect and attention.
  3. If a customer has a question about McZed's™ products, refer them to our handy pamphlet entitled "It's not so wrong!"
  4. Do not, under any circumstances, allow the undead to leave the preperation area.
  5. If a customer has a complaint, apologize for the inconvenience and refer them to a Manager immediately.
  6. Do not let any non-employees behind the counter for any reason.
  7. When handling the zombified human meat, remember to wear a hair-net.

Prospective Managers

So you've visited the McZed's™ page. You've eaten McZed's™ food. Now you want to open your very own location!

Here are the steps you should follow as a prospective member of the McZed's™ franchise:

  1. Select a Suburb. This should be fairly easy. Pick one you're familiar with.
  2. Select a Location. Preferrably a building with good traffic, but no large amount of squatters that will make renovations difficult.
  3. Hire your staff. Existing groups can staff any given location, but in some cases you may need to start handing out applications.
  4. Harvest some undead meat. 'Nuff said.
  5. Add your location to the guide above. If you're lost on how to do this, simply ask for help on the Talk page and a representitive can help out.
  6. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise! Tag your suburb with the location of your McZed's™ whenever you can. Make sure to edit the Wiki page for your location to proudly display your changes.*
  7. ???
  8. Profit!

* Don't forget to add {{McLocations}} to the top of your location's page. (For example, if you have claimed the Bogmyer Building, you'd place this on that building's wiki page)

McZeds.png McZeds™
This location has a McZeds™ restaurant.
Now Open! Serving you 24 hours every day through the apocalypse.

Class Action Lawsuit

Our attorneys have informed us that we are legally required to inform all customers of a pending class action lawsuit. If you dined at our Darvall Heights location between Sept. 21st, 2005 and Sept. 24th, 2005, you may have inadvertantly ingested a narcoleptic. We apologize for this inconvenience and assure you that McZed's™ takes quality control very seriously.


Solutions to the maze below. Note: Zom solution utilizes a barricade break and targets our customers/feedstock, thus compromising a corporate trade secret.

McZeds maze solution1.jpg McZeds Zom Maze Solution.jpg

Click either image to Enlarge.

UD Profile Information

If you are a member of the McZed's™ family, you are not required to put "McZeds" in your group affiliation for your UD Profile. If you DO want to do this, however, Please put McZeds with no apostrophe and no ™ symbol, as it will create a link directly to this page if McZed's™ happens to get onto the UD stats list.